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Mental Health Initiatives Reveal Where Student Opinion Heard Loudest

Editorial Board

September 4, 2015

Laundry prices and ObieID password changes notwithstanding, few things at Oberlin are as widely maligned as the College’s mental health resource infrastructure. While Student Health Services as a whole receives a significant amount of criticism from students year after year and while the College makes regular efforts to respond in due course, the way Oberlin handles mental health issues seems to consistently receive low marks. These resources are understandingly in high demand, since any environment in which academic pressure and personal stresses collide necessitates an effective outlet for seeking help. In line with the issue’s persistence, Dean of Students Eric Estes’ Aug. 25 email to students — which foc...

From left to right: College senior Peter Arden, College sophomore Emma Snape, and College juniors Aaron Appel, Machmud Makhmudov and Mimi Stern attend a Senate plenary. After last spring’s referendum failed, Senate lost funding for stipends and only one senator returned.

As Elections Begin, 14 of 15 Senate Seats Vacant

September 19, 2014

After an acrimonious spring semester and a failed referendum, Student Senate has lost its stipend funding and 14 of its 15 members, marking the upcoming school year as the first in decades that student senators will not receive pay. A referendum held last spring, in which students were asked in an anonymous email whether or not they believed student senators should retain their funding, failed to attract enough voters. While about 80 percent of the votes cast were in favor of hourly ...

Green Referendum Falls Short of Quorum After Seven Weeks

Fajer Saeed

December 11, 2009

Each year, Oberlin’s Student Senate is required to put together a referendum to gather student opinions and amend the Student Constitution if necessary. Although the Student Senate has tried unsuccessfully to reach quorum for its Green Referendum since mid-October, the student body appears uninterested in voting. According to former Student Finance Committee Co-Chair and College sophomore Reshard el-Shair, this year’s referendum is different from previous referendums in that it is the first to specifically address environmental concerns, such as the green theme and mandatory Sustainability Pledge of the new first-year dorm on North Professor Street, the movement away from disposable take-out containers in Dascomb...

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