The Oberlin Review

Cool or Drool: Space Jam II

Dan Bisno, Columnist

May 6, 2016

Filed under SPORTS, Sports Column

Film sequels are often met with criticism, because how can the sequel be any better than the original? Critics call rare, improved sequels such as The Godfather: Part II or The Dark Knight anomalies. Despite the knowledge that a Space Jam sequel can almost certainly not hold up to the original, it has been one of the most anticipated sports films of the last two decades. For those of you who forgot about Space Jam, it is a 1996 film starring basketball legend Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters. Jordan saves the characters from being kidnapped by aliens who want to hold them captive at an amusement park on the aliens’ home planet. Over the years, Space Jam has become an icon of sports entertainment, immo...

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