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Community Members Debate Next Steps for NEXUS

Roman Broszkowski, Staff Writer

September 7, 2018

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After failing to stop construction of the NEXUS pipeline, protesters and environmental activists are regrouping and planning for what comes next. Some are looking specifically at how to protect Oberlin, some argue that the way forward lies in regional coalitions, and others believe that only radical restructuring, such as creating a landfill gas pipeline, can produce a desired outcome. Pipeline construction was completed over the summer. On July 25, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected a request for a rehearing of the construction approval. The request was filed by multiple groups, including the City of Oberlin and Communities for Safe and Sustainable Energy. Reverends Steve Hammond and John Elder founded CSSE in 2012...

Off The Cuff: John Elder and Steve Hammond

Off The Cuff: John Elder and Steve Hammond

April 6, 2018

John Elder and Steve Hammond are co-founders of the group Citizens for Safe and Sustainable Energy, an environmental group that has been working to fight the NEXUS pipeline and advocate for Oberlin’s Community Bill of Rights. Hammond is also the Pastor for Oberlin’s Peace Community Church. The group has been fighting the NEXUS pipeline since 2013, pursuing lawsuits, engaging community members, and advocating with City Council. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. How did y...

Voters Can Correct City Council’s Mistakes

Steve Hammond and John Elder

September 22, 2017

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To the Editors: Two issues related to the use of Oberlin’s renewable energy credits (RECs) will be on the ballot this November. Why? Because voters need the opportunity to correct two Oberlin City Council actions. In 2004 Oberlin College began seeking renewable energy, and in 2007 the City Council established by ordinance, with the College’s encouragement, a Sustainable Reserve Program “for the sole purpose” of depositing the revenue from the sale of what are now known as RECs for a Sustainable Reserve Fund “to provide funding opportunities for community-based, utility-related, environmentally-friendly initiatives demonstrating energy efficiency, energy conservation, greenhouse gas reductions and/or dev...

CPB Deepens Commitment to Justice

Rev. Steve Hammond, Al Carroll

February 3, 2017

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To the Editors: A Statement from Community Peace Builders of Oberlin: As the United States recently inaugurated a new president, Community Peace Builders of Oberlin and like-minded groups and movements around the world are concerned at the ways in which actions of the incoming administration may negatively impact individuals living in our communities, our efforts to build a just and peaceful world and the work underway to save the planet. In January, Community Peace Builders, along with others around the world, have been more keenly focused on inaugurating movements of hope, renewal and non-violent resistance. We will be deepening our commitment and strengthening our efforts for peace, justice and the prevention of env...

Peace Church Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Peace Church Celebrates 150th Anniversary

April 8, 2016

Peace Community Church officially kicked off the festivities for its 150th anniversary with an organ recital last week featuring Ian Tomesch, OC ’10, and will continue with more celebratory events in the coming months. The celebrations commemorate the congregation’s establishment as the First Baptist Church of Oberlin on July 30, 1866, along with the 100th anniversary of the placement of the cornerstone for its current building on Jan. 1, 1916. The congregation changed its name to Peace...

Established 1874.