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Administration, Senate Try to Ease Textbook Costs

Administration, Senate Try to Ease Textbook Costs

February 13, 2015

President Krislov doubled the emergency textbook fund after student senators appealed to Krislov about the burden that high textbook prices inflict on low-income students. According to Krislov, the fund is meant to supplement students’ overall financial aid package. “There may be individuals who have even more needs because of either the subjects they take or because certain things happen, medical problems or something like that. That’s why these emergency funds are so valuable and important,”...

Steering Committee Adds 6 Student Positions

Louis Krauss, Staff Writer

February 6, 2015

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Student Senate announced the introduction of six new student positions on the College Strategic Planning Steering Committee this Thursday — a change which the administration and Senate hope will provide better representation for the student body during the Committee’s long-term planning process, which determines the trajectory of the College for the next several years. After demonstrators last semester challenged the administration’s lack of transparency, Student Senate began working with President Marvin Krislov, Diane Yu and the other trustees to add six spots for current students to the Committee. Student Senate pushed for this change at the end of last semester when it realized students needed more of...

Student Senate December Update

Machmud Makhmudov, Student Senator

December 5, 2014

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Last month, Student Senate engaged in a variety of unique projects in addition to its regular duties. On Nov. 19, Senate hosted a forum discussion to explore the issue of student hunger during term breaks. Given that many students do not have the resources to return home during fall, winter or spring break, a sizable portion instead stays on campus. Dining halls are not open during these periods, which can make it difficult to feed oneself. Furthermore, not all co-ops are fully functional during this time period either. Students and community members came together during the forum to discuss possible ways to make food accessible to all students who remain on campus during breaks. A few students mentioned the possibility...

Student Senators Call for Financial Aid Transparency, Engagement

Jordan Ecker and Ty Wagner

November 21, 2014

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Oberlin College Student Senate is committed to investigating Oberlin’s finances by gathering as much information as possible, synthesizing this information so that students can engage with it, creating discussions about Oberlin’s financial direction particularly involving financial aid and making the Steering Committee more accessible to the Senate and to students themselves. Here’s why. Over and over again, when asking questions about the school’s financial situation, we as Student Senators have been told: “Oberlin College needs more revenue to remain a prestigious institution.” “Changes must be made.” “We are spending too much money on financial aid.” Yet students across campus feel nickel-and-dimed...

General Faculty Committees Need Students

Ben Libbey, Student Senator

November 14, 2014

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To the Editors: One of the most significant ways in which Oberlin students can have an impact on College governance and policy is through General Faculty committees. These committees focus on specific topics and consist of faculty, administration and student members. The purpose of these committees is to assist and collaborate in the internal governance of the College and to formulate and propose policy. Most committees have a number of seats reserved for students. Unfortunately, a large number of these seats remain unfilled due to lack of applicants and interest from students. The following committees have openings for students: Academic Calendar Admissions and Financial Aid Advising Assessment Athletics Community-Based...

Senate Working Groups Continue Improvements

Machmud Makhmudov

November 7, 2014

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Student Senate has seen a busy semester thus far, electing 15 senators and pursuing a variety of diverse projects. With only two of these 15 new senators having previously served on Senate, the group collectively provides a fresh perspective on improving the student experience at Oberlin. We are dedicated to maintaining a higher level of visibility on campus this semester and into the future, particularly through our working groups. The majority of Student Senate’s work occurs through General Faculty committees and working groups. Students, faculty and community members are all eligible to join our working groups. If you’d like to join a working group, please see the Student Senate website for a listing of meeting...

As Elections Begin, 14 of 15 Senate Seats Vacant

As Elections Begin, 14 of 15 Senate Seats Vacant

September 19, 2014

After an acrimonious spring semester and a failed referendum, Student Senate has lost its stipend funding and 14 of its 15 members, marking the upcoming school year as the first in decades that student senators will not receive pay. A referendum held last spring, in which students were asked in an anonymous email whether or not they believed student senators should retain their funding, failed to attract enough voters. While about 80 percent of the votes cast were in favor of hourly ...

Retiring Student Senator Offers Advice

Aaron Appel, College senior

September 12, 2014

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To the Editors: Welcome/welcome back, Obies! Hope you’re getting (back) into the swing of things. I’m Aaron (or Appel), and since last fall, I’ve been one of your student senators. Before I start rambling about Senate, I want to say that I’m not speaking on behalf of the group itself, but just telling you how I feel — after all, by the end of the month, I’ll be retired anyway. I’m writing here in the hopes of convincing you to run for Student Senate by giving you my two cents about the job. As a bit of background, senators have an array of responsibilities. Aside from weekly plenaries and office hours, we each hold one or more office positions. These include running outreach to students, planning...

Students Lament Senate Election Procedures

Elizabeth Kuhr

October 4, 2013

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The Student Senate election polls closed last Friday at noon, a mere three and a half days after they opened for this fall’s senator election, drawing attention to the representative body’s voting rules and regulations. According to the Oberlin College Student Senate By-Laws, updated May 6, 2013, bylaw I.B.iii.c states, “A general election shall last five days or until the election reaches quorum.” As printed in the document, 20 percent of the student body constitutes a quorum, which was incorporated due to Oberlin student’s propensity to ignore the polls. However, when the list of newly elected senators arrived in student emails on September 30, the short-lived poll — which comprised 22.5 percent of...

Senate Liaison Encourages Participation

Machmud Makhmudov

October 4, 2013

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To the Editors: First, I would like to thank every Oberlin student who either voted or ran as a candidate in the recent Student Senate election. The election began last Tuesday, and ended Friday at noon, with 22.5 percent of the student body participating. The timing and brevity of the election has caused some confusion, and I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify the situation. Article I, Section B, Part iii, Clause C of our bylaws, which are available on our website, states, “A general election shall last five days or until the election reaches quorum [20 percent of the student body].” However, our Constitution states in Article II, Section 5, Clause C that “the elections [must] last for five days or u...

Student Senate Liaison Resigns Amid Compensation Controversy

Rosemary Boeglin, News Editor

May 10, 2013

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Student Senate officially announced the resignation of Liaison Eliza Diop, College junior and senior class vice president-elect, on Sunday after weeks of investigation and discussion regarding a series of unprecedentedly high pay periods for the two-time senator. Following an audit of all senator timecards conducted by the Office of the Student Treasurer, Senate has requested that Diop return the funds for inappropriately billed hours for which she has already received compensation, amounting to $700. Diop, who served as senate secretary last year and assumed her position as liaison at the beginning of this semester, maintains that her timecard discrepancies are the result of ambiguous guidelines regarding which activities...

Senate Response to Diop’s Resignation

Student Senate

May 10, 2013

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We are writing to provide an update on the issues of compensation on Student Senate. Following recent events, College junior Eli Diop has resigned from Student Senate. In the past week, we have completed our audit of all senators’ timecards and have passed a measure to deduct any wrongly paid hours from future timecards, have passed five bylaw changes pertaining to the amount and oversight of senator pay and have published e-mails, minutes and documents pertaining to the issues of senator compensation on the Senate website ( We want to take the opportunity to respond to the letter “Clarifying the Recent Compensation Issue on Student Senate” from former senator Eli Diop in the May 3 issue...

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