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Students, Alumni Present Ambar Tom Reid Petition

Students, Alumni Present Ambar Tom Reid Petition

November 9, 2018

Nearly 40 students, alumni, faculty, and community members crowded into President Carmen Ambar’s office Monday afternoon as part of a delegation meant to show support for former Associate Director of the Student Union Tom Reid, OC ’80. Reid — who had worked at Oberlin since graduating — was let go over the summer as part of a wave of staff reductions due to budget problems. His elimination was met with disapproval by students and community members who valued Reid’s contributions to the C...

Tom Reid Must Be Reinstated as Associate Director of Student Union

Johnnie Kallas, OC ’14

September 28, 2018

We, the undersigned group of students and alumni, created and distributed a petition on Sept.13, 2018, calling for the reinstatement of Tom Reid, OC ’80, in his position as associate director of the Student Union. In less than one week, 1,100 current students, alumni, and community members signed in support of that demand. Nearly 500 individuals also wrote testimonials sharing stories about Tom and his value to the Oberlin experience and College-town relations. One can tell from the outpouring of support that Tom influenced student life in a unique and deeply significant way. Based on last week’s Review article titled “Alumni, Students Try Reversing Staff Cuts With Petition,” it is clear that there is a fundamenta...

After Years of Growth, MRC Revamps Office Space

After Years of Growth, MRC Revamps Office Space

September 12, 2014

The College renovated and expanded the Multicultural Resource Center this summer, providing more meeting spaces and individual offices in a response to the Center’s increased use over the past several years. “In general, we’re hoping we’re able to use it as a meeting space in a more efficient way,” said Alison Williams, associate dean for academic diversity and director of the MRC. The MRC, which serves as a collaborative hub for historically underrepresented communities,...

Cat Introduces Changes to Enforce Occupancy Limit

Tom Reid

September 28, 2012

Thanks for bringing attention to issues associated with the large crowd that attended the Anis Mojgani performance at the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse on Sept. 15. We take the occupancy limit seriously, and in response to managing editor Alice McAdams’s published account we have established the following safeguards in order to avoid overcrowding during shows for which we anticipate a large audience, beginning with the Mirah concert this coming Saturday: Tables will be removed in order to maximize room for people. Aisles will be taped off from the front entrance to the counter and across the room to the north doors. These aisles will be “no parking” zones. When doors open at 7:30 p.m., staff will be stationed at...

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