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Feminized Gun Marketing Exacerbates Rape Culture

Editorial Board

February 27, 2015

Many women learn early on how to defend themselves in dangerous situations: hold their keys between their knuckles in dark parking garages; keep mini-canisters of pepper spray in their purses. From a young age, just as everyone learns to look both ways before crossing the street, women are taught not to walk home alone if they can help it, not to put their drinks down at parties, not to show too much skin — all for fear of inviting sexual assault. It’s a similar, if violently escalated, vein of logic that Second Amendment activists employ when they tell women on college campuses that the best way to protect themselves against sexual assault is to up the ante: Carry a gun. The argument, which briefly caught the...

Ray Rice Coverage Blames Victims of Domestic Violence

Maggie Menditto, Columnist

September 26, 2014

Accompanied by his wife Janay Palmer at a May 23 press conference, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice spoke to reporters about a violent physical altercation that had transpired between the two in an Atlantic City casino. Apologizing for what he called the couple’s “situation,” Rice took the opportunity to thank his fans, his coaches and his family for sticking by him throughout the ordeal. He was “still the same Ray,” he said, still the same guy that “you know or used to know or [have] grown to love.” In a poorly chosen metaphor, he said, “Failure is not getting knocked down; it’s not getting up.” The incident in question occurred on Feb. 15 of this year, when the 206-pound NFL player struck...

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