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28th Amendment Would Separate Money, Politics

Ellen Greene Bush, American Promise Ohio

September 7, 2018

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To the Editors: Many Americans feel strongly about getting big and dark money out of politics. A recent survey by The Democracy Project found that 77 percent agreed that “the laws enacted by our national government these days mostly reflect what powerful special interests and their lobbyists want.” Only 17 percent chose the alternative statement: “The laws enacted by our national government these days mostly reflect what the people want.” The American Promise Ohio group asked the two candidates for the U.S. House, Ohio District 4, to support the goal of a 28th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution to “1) secure fair, free elections by limiting the undue influence of money in politics; 2) protect the rights of al...

American Apathy Perpetuates Gun Violence

Sam Schaffer, Contributing Writer

November 10, 2017

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Editor’s Note: This article contains mentions of violent imagery. America is truly an exceptional place. One exceptional aspect of American life is the possibility for an American to go to a concert and leave with wounds similar to those suffered by soldiers in wartime. Here’s another: An American can to go to church on Sunday and leave in a blood-soaked body bag. Here’s one more: Any American can be assured that, if an indiscriminately fired bullet puts them or their friend, sibling, parent, or spouse on the mortician’s table, the same is bound to happen to another person somewhere in America, without warning and with the guarantee that it will happen again. We all heard that it will happen again, after San...

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