The Oberlin Review

Voting by Mail Removes Barriers to Polls

Nathan Carpenter, Contributing Writer

December 2, 2016

November’s election gave Republicans control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives for the first time since 2007. On the state level, Republican governors and legislators across the country have enacted voting restrictions, such as strict voter ID laws and restricting early voting. Now, President-elect Donald Trump’s administration will have the opportunity to make that platform national. Any action, legislative or otherwise, that seeks to disenfranchise voters must be met by vigorous resistance. In the coming years, it will be especially important to be aware of attempts to discourage democratic participation on a national level, particularly as important legislation like the Voting Rights Ac...

Republican Legislation Undermines Voting Rights

Editorial Board

November 4, 2016

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a final plea from the Ohio Democratic Party and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless on Monday for a stay on voting provisions that disproportionately disenfranchise low-income, racial minority and disabled voters. The laws, created by the state’s Republican-led legislature in 2014, come into effect for the first time in a presidential election this year. The legislation permits zero wiggle room for otherwise inconsequential mistakes, allowing battleground counties to discard provisional ballots if a voter fails to fill out the form perfectly. Disqualifying errors include writing a birthdate or Social Security number incorrectly, omitting a middle name or zip code or signing in ...

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