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Russian PED Scandal Poses Ethics Challenge for 2018 Olympics

Julie Schreiber, Sports Editor

September 22, 2017

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea are just months away, and it remains to be seen whether athletes from team Russia will be allowed to compete. As the February start date approaches, many Russian athletes are still caught in the crossfire of a major years-long doping scandal that involved both the usage of performance-enhancing drugs and the tampering with of urine samples for drug tests. Although final decisions from the International Olympic Committee remain to be delivered, it is in the best interests of the IOC to ban all of the Russian team from the 2018 Olympics in order to preserve the standards and integrity of the Olympic Games. The issue of Russian doping first came to light after...

Doping Ruins Trust

Sarena Malsin, Sports Editor

November 20, 2015

Call me a biased athlete and sports editor, but sports competitions are one of the last bastions of positive and wholesome interaction be­tween countries. They pro­vide this incredible escape for everybody to care about something within a smaller scope than global politics. They serve as a funnel for visceral energy and national pride — all in an environ­ment influenced by the basic positive values that athletic participation and competi­tion impart on people. They occur on a national stage, so people internalize these val­ues to show respect to their international counterparts and represent their own countries well. At least, these values are usually internalized. If they aren’t, there are many regulatory...

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