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Create-A-Club with Nathan Taubkin, College fourth-year

Create-A-Club with DJ Peppa Pig airs Saturdays 9–10 p.m. on WOBC.

What is your show about, and how did you choose your content?

Each week I create my own club —hence the name — and play music that I think you would hear at said club. For example, my first show I named the club “Diggin’ for Gold” and only played songs that had the word “boogie” in the title. Coming up, I have some shows featuring Scandanavian and Korean house artists, Studio 54 hits, lounge club music. I like to be all over the map and keep listeners on their toes.


Is there a particular format you follow? What is your recording process like?

Like a club, I try not to have too many gaps between the songs. Rather, I let the music run continuously and will lower the volume every so often to do station IDs, announcements, or let people know what they’ve just heard and are about to hear, much like a real-life DJ would.


What has been a challenge you faced while broadcasting this semester? A success?

One of the toughest things about the pandemic, for most people I think, is feeling more isolated than normal, especially from those who are closest to you. My radio show gives me a way to communicate to people from a distance. I love getting texts from family and friends who are tuned in; it makes the experience so much more holistic and rewarding.


How long have you been doing your show? How have you noticed things change with the pandemic? 

This is my first semester hosting this show, but I’ve had shows prior. The biggest difference this year is not being able to have guests or cohosts by your side during a show. One of my favorite activities to do pre-COVID was to pop in on some of my friends’ shows and just vibe in the studio.


Can you provide us a taste of Create-A-Club ?

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