Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

East Asian Studies Program Needs Reform
Kayla Kim, Production Editor • May 20, 2022

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is underway, and I’ve taken some time to reflect on what it means to be Asian-American at Oberlin. There have been some...

Looking Back at Oberlin Students’ Campus Activism One Year Later
Julian Mitchell-Israel, OC '21 • May 20, 2022

It has been almost one year since I graduated from Oberlin. The Memorial Arch in Tappan Square still looms in my mind, as do the words of many of my professors. The Oberlin...

Failure to Release Title IX Survey Results Silences Survivors
Catherine Lee May 20, 2022

An article titled “Oberlin Completes 2022 Campus Climate Survey” published in the Review on April 22 reports on the recent completion of Oberlin’s fourth Higher Education...

Leaked SCOTUS Draft Highlights Dangers of Voter Abstention
Leaked SCOTUS Draft Highlights Dangers of Voter Abstention
Oliver Niehaus May 13, 2022

In the 98-page initial draft of the Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaked by POLITICO May 2, Justice Samuel Alito writes, “We hold that Roe and Casey must...

Division, Social Isolation To Blame for Lack of Campus Political Activity
Myranda Montoye May 13, 2022

To the editors, Recently, The Oberlin Review published an article titled “Lack of Local Political Opportunity May Disenchant Prospective Students,” which discussed the political atmosphere of Oberlin...

Middlebury AAUP Writes in Solidarity for Oberlin Faculty Compensation
Jason Mittell March 25, 2022

To the Oberlin College community, Life at a small liberal arts college is often referred to as being “in the bubble,” as it is easy to lose touch with the larger world around you while you focus on...

Anti-Mahallati Protests Lack Context
Ray English, Director of Libraries Emeritus, Oberlin College • March 11, 2022

My thanks to the Review for its most recent story about the controversy involving Professor of Religion Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, as reported by Managing Editor Gigi Ewing. As the story noted, I have done...

Dear President Ambar: Matthew Lahey’s Appointment is Shameful
David Arnow, OC '73 February 25, 2022

Dear President Ambar, I am a 1973 Oberlin graduate, and I am now a professor of Computer and Information Science at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. I have been on the faculty there...

Reflections From a Mildly Terrified First-Year
Emma Benardete, Opinions Editor • May 20, 2022

When we think about the end of the year, we often think about the graduating seniors. We think about how they will have their last class, last exam, last party, last walk in Tappan Square, and last DeCafé...

Accommodations Process Complicated, Inaccessible
Elle Giannandrea, Columnist • May 13, 2022

With the semester coming to a close and final assignments ramping up, I’ve started reflecting on what will now be my first full year of college-level work. As someone who struggles with learning difficulties,...

Creative Writing Majors Should Be Taken Seriously
Zoey Birdsong, Columnist • May 13, 2022

When I tell people that I’m a Creative Writing major, I’m often met with skepticism. People, especially older people, often ask how I plan to find a successful career with a Creative Writing degree....

Failures of Democratic Party Evident In Wake Of Roe v. Wade Decision Leak
Emily Vaughan, Opinions Editor • May 6, 2022

On Monday night, POLITICO published a leaked Supreme Court draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito indicating that the majority-conservative court has voted to strike down Roe v. Wade. The...

Oberlin Residents vote in Phillips Gym in 2017. (Reprinted from April 26, 2019.)
Students’ Election Education Must Be Improved
Phoebe McChesney, Columnist • May 6, 2022

By May 3, the day of the Ohio primary elections, I had only received two easily overlooked reminders about the election date: a text message from an unknown number asking me to vote Democrat and an email...

Ohio’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Highlights Ideological Tensions
Elle Giannandrea, Columnist • April 29, 2022

Earlier this month, Ohio Republican representatives Mike Loychik and Jean Schmidt introduced House Bill 616, broadly known as Ohio’s own version of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. The bill would...

Nan Whaley Should Be Ohio’s Next Governor
Emma Benardete, Opinions Editor • April 29, 2022

Editors’ Note: The author of this op-ed completed an internship for Nan Whaley’s Gubernatorial Campaign over Winter Term.  With Ohio’s open senatorial and gubernatorial primaries imminently approaching...

Oberlin’s Mask Policy Out of Touch, Losing Authority
Zoey Birdsong, Columnist • April 29, 2022

Leaving Oberlin can often feel like entering another dimension. In the rest of the world, most people don’t introduce themselves with their pronouns or use phrases like “aural skills” and “head...

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