Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Ukraine Should Not be Forgotten
Zachary Stout February 23, 2024

The war in Ukraine continues and should not be forgotten as other world events decrease international focus on it. It seems to have lost focus, attention, and support from...

Entrance to the Financial Aid Office.
Despite New FAFSA, College Must Factor Siblings into Aid
Selena Frantz, Columnist • February 23, 2024

Over the past two years, the start of my winters have been marked not by snow or low temperatures, but rather by a new signifier: the Free Application for Federal Student...

Vote “No” on Issue Nine in Oberlin Primaries
Kevin Weidenbaum February 23, 2024

For those of you planning to vote in Oberlin in the primary election in March, be aware that the Oberlin City Council has put seven charter amendments on the ballot. While...

A Letter Regarding Israel-Palestine
Richard Sherman February 23, 2024

Pelham Curtis, Maya Miller, Jonas Nelson, and Olivia Wohlgemuth should study the controlling international law concerning Israel: Article 80 of the United Nations Charter,...

Audre Lorde.
Alumni Statement to the President
February 16, 2024

Dear President Carmen Twillie Ambar and Board of Trustees,  Audre Lorde advised the Oberlin College 1989 graduating class in her commencement address: “We are citizens of the most powerful country...

Oberlin City Charter Forum Set to Convene
Linda Slocum February 16, 2024

The League of Women Voters of Lorain County — formerly known as the LWV of the Oberlin Area — invites Oberlin residents to join a forum on the proposed Oberlin City Charter amendments on the March...

Students sit in Wilder Bowl.
Statement on Israel-Palestine at Oberlin
Paul Van Doorn February 9, 2024

I graduated from Oberlin in 1977 and I am concerned that the current students have lost their ability to use reason and logic. Let’s get the basics out of the way... Israel, in 1948, stole Palestine...

Shoebox Donations Arrive on Campus
Dolores Brown February 9, 2024

Dear Editor, Generosity throughout Oberlin​​​​​​​ contributed to a successful shoebox gift collection season at drop-off locations for the Samaritan’s Purse project Operation Christmas...

Scensibles dispensers are found in many restrooms.
Scensibles Bags Not So Sensible
Celeste Wicks, Columnist • February 16, 2024

Most people who menstruate are familiar with the small metal waste receptacles attached to stall walls in most public restrooms in America. Until coming to Oberlin, I took for granted the convenience and...

Beverages available at DeCafé.
Winter Term Dining Lacks Nutritious Options
Avery Russell, Columnist • February 16, 2024

I, like many Oberlin students, spent my Winter Term at the College, training on the women’s track team and learning how to drive. Except for the week when the weather was in the negative degrees and...

Inconvenient Mobile Ordering Impacts AVI, Students
Ariel Papas, Columnist • February 9, 2024

Azariah’s Café, like many other fast dining places on-campus, is officially fully mobile. The cafe transitioned during Winter Term with limited options like 12-ounce cups for drinks and no bakery items....

Upcoming De-Stress Fest Aims to Manage Stress During Finals
Avery Russell, Columnist • December 1, 2023

Post-Thanksgiving break, you can feel the anxiety and dread within the walls of Oberlin College. The event that we all anticipate yet hate is dawning on us: finals. Like most colleges and universities...

Oberlin Neutrality on Israel–Palestine is Ineffective
Cecily Miles, Columnist • December 1, 2023

During a student protest three weeks ago in response to Oberlin’s tepid statements of compassion and neutrality in light of the ongoing Israel–Palestine conflict and the College’s ongoing entanglement...

Investment in Tenure-Track Professors Should Extend to Current Faculty
Cecily Miles, Columnist • November 3, 2023

Oberlin’s faculty has been characterized recently by an increasing proportion of visiting, part-time, and adjunct professors that mimics nationwide trends in higher education. However, 25 tenure-track...

Oberlin Students Should Read News
Avery Russell, Columnist • October 27, 2023

I grew up in a household where The New York Times was read every Sunday and family dinners mostly consisted of conversations on the mayoral race, recent worldwide injustices, or an interesting op-ed. Having...

Oberlin’s Should Continue Supporting Freedom of Speech
Selena Frantz, Columnist • October 6, 2023

Around a month ago, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression released their 2024 College Free Speech Rankings. Students were surveyed through a mobile app/web portal about their “experiences...

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