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Preying Manti Captain Abby Cheng, OC ’20.

Preying Manti Captain Abby Cheng, OC ’20, Wins Donovan Award

June 25, 2020

Despite the disappointment of seeing their 2020 season cut short, the Preying Manti, Oberlin’s women and trans Ultimate Frisbee team, celebrated good news last month when fifth-year captain Abby Cheng was awarded the prestigious Donovan Award on May 19. The award is presented annually by Ultiworld to Ultimate Frisbee players nominated and chosen by their peers for exceptional athleticism, sportsmanship, and leadership on and off the field. Cheng is the recipient of the fourth annual Donovan...

Oberlin Fencing Club hosting United States Fencing Association tournament in Hales Gym.

Oberlin’s Oldest Club Sport Sees Arrival of New Members

December 13, 2019

The Oberlin Fencing Club, also known as the Oberlin College Flaming Blades, is the oldest club sport at Oberlin. Since its founding in 1929, the club has attracted fencers of all skill levels to join its growing community. Several members grew up fencing, while others were introduced to the sport through the fencing ExCo. In addition to traveling around Ohio to compete, the team hosts United States Fencing Association tournaments in Hales Gym every semester. College second-year and vice president of th...

College fourth-year Charlie Rinehart-Jones in the middle of a Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Competition. Photo Courtesy of Charlie Reinhart-Jones

Oberlin’s Magic: The Gathering Team Ranked Within U.S. Top 10

December 6, 2019

One of Oberlin College’s most successful sports teams does not practice at the gymnasium. They do not need sneakers, cleats, or any special attire to compete. Their sport does not require physical contact with anything inanimate or living, except with a deck of cards or a computer. Oberlin’s unofficial Magic: The Gathering team was recently ranked the fourth-best collegiate Magic team out of over 70 colleges or universities competing in the Collegiate StarLeague’s first ever Magic ...

Oberlin Welcomes Trustee-Student 5k Fun Run Tradition

Maranda Phillips

October 4, 2019

This weekend, Obie alum will make their way back to campus for Homecoming weekend, a tradition centered around the Oberlin community com- ing together to celebrate varsity sports. With the arrival of alumni from various class years, Oberlin students have the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new connections. Additionally, the Board of Trustees gathered this week for one of their four annual meetings. Currently, the board comprises 30 members with different professions and skills. However, they are not only meeting to discuss the future and welfare of Oberlin — on Friday morning, students had the opportunity to participate in a jog with two trustees: David E. Shipley, OC ’72, and Sea...

The Most Intense Club Sport You Probably Have Never Heard Of: Oberlin Cycling

Zoë Martin del Campo, Contributing Sports Editor

September 13, 2019

It is common to see students cycling casually around campus, but there are also some students who take this traditionally-viewed leisure activity one step further. The Oberlin Cycling Club has built a strong intramural presence over the past four years, introducing Obies of all skill levels to the world of collegiate bike racing. While the Oberlin Cycling Club has existed for many years, it was College fourth-years Eamonn Schnell and Adam Fulcher, who serve as the club treasurer and president, respectively, who revamped the team. “[The club] was a little bit more disorganized in the past,” said Schnell. “Adam [and I], our [first] year — I guess we’re pretty big racers, [so we] got together and started up a...

Preying Manti Win National Title

Preying Manti Win National Title

May 24, 2019

The Preying Manti, Oberlin’s women and trans Ultimate Frisbee team, won the 2019 national championship title in College Station, TX, with a 13–7 win over the No. 1-seeded Bates College on May 18. Oberlin overcame the odds, as they entered the game as the sixth overall seed. They returned to campus to a surprise celebration organized by the Flying Horsecows — the men’s team — and the Preying Manti’s B team. “The Preying Manti symbolize Oberlin’s mission of learning and l...

The intramural softball league provides an opportunity for non-varsity athletes to stay active and engage in a low-commitment afternoon activity, but many varsity athletes and retired student-athletes also take advantage of the relaxed yet competitive atmosphere this spring.

IM Softball Builds Community and Competitive Spirit

May 3, 2019

Every year shortly after spring break, students emerge from their dorm rooms and fill Wilder Bowl, Tappan Square, and the Arb with hammocks, frisbees, and picnic blankets. However, for intramural softball enthusiasts from all corners of campus, the surest sign that spring has sprung is the crack of a bat and loud cheers coming from North Fields, where the intramural league plays its games. The league, which kicks its season off at the start of spring second module, brings together varsity...

College first-years Mars Quintero and Caroline Polito practice in Hales Gymnasium. The club has fostered a tight-knit community on campus for 45 years.

Over Four Decades of Oberlin’s Club Aikido

April 12, 2019

In the basement of Hales Gymnasium, just below the basketball court, Club Aikido members can be found rolling and falling on mats for a couple of hours every weekend. While most know only of its takedowns and classic all-white uniforms, Aikido — often translated as “the way of harmonious spirit” — is a Japanese martial art centered around conflict resolution. The club has fostered a tight-knit community at Oberlin for nearly 50 years. “It tends to be a very all-inclusive marti...

Senior President Sam Paul is the only senior and four-year player for the Gruffs, the men’s club rugby team. The team plays its final matches of the season tomorrow in a tournament with Kenyon College, Tiffin University, and Taylor University.

Gruffs Gear-Up For Fall Tournament

November 9, 2018

The North Fields are not a pleasant place to be on an early autumn afternoon. They’re hot, sticky, and full of bugs. Somehow, this is exactly where the Gruffs — Oberlin College’s men’s club rugby team — find themselves every Tuesday and Thursday. By mid-September, most club rugby teams will be working on rucks — situations where when a tackled player goes to ground, they must release the ball immediately and each team fights for possession of the ball — advanced line-out maneuvers...

The club golf team is open to anyone who loves to golf or wants to learn the sport. The team brings together athletes from a variety of backgrounds, such as men’s lacrosse, baseball, and swimming and diving, as well as non-athletes with a passion for golf.

From Varsity to Club: A Tale in Three Tees

September 21, 2018

Three years ago, two guys with a little too much free time and a passion for golf had an idea. In fall 2016, Jay Messina — College senior and varsity men’s lacrosse player — and John Sutherland, OC ’18, started Oberlin’s co-ed club golf team. Many of the founding members were teammates from the men’s lacrosse team, but as word spread throughout campus, others joined as well. What began with two students is now at over 20, with six new players coming in this year. While the te...

Seniors Tess Jewell (left) and Emma Schechter.

In the Locker Room with Tess Jewell and Emma Schechter, OCET, OCDT Captains

November 17, 2017

This week, the Review sat down with seniors Tess Jewell and Emma Schechter, captains of Oberlin’s Dressage and Equestrian teams, respectively. As they near the end of their four-year careers, they reflected on how the program has flourished in their time here, as well as the hectic schedule that comes with riding at Oberlin. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. How did you end up joining the Dressage and Equestrian teams? Tess Jewell: I’m the captain of the Dressage team, b...

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