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The Oberlin Review is one of the oldest continuously-published college newspapers in the country. From its first edition in 1874, the Review has published weekly (and, during some periods, twice-weekly) to cover news in the College, city and wider world.

Legend holds it that the Review was the second paper in the world to break the news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination; according to the 1974 100th-anniversary edition, the news staff of WOBC called the Review office just before the finished issue went to print, forcing editors to cut apart and redesign the front page to accommodate the headline. While we cannot confirm that claim to fame, it remains that the event occurred at 1:30 EST and was published in the Review the same day — a feat even our current digital layout process would be unable to match. Oberlin perspectives on and reactions to other historic events — among them the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Kent State shootingsMartin Luther King, Jr.’s 1965 visit to campus, and 9/11 — can be accessed digitally through the resources below.

Contact the College library research help desk or the managing editor for assistance locating specific stories or historic editions of the Review.


The Five Colleges of Ohio Digital Collections has digitalized, searchable copies of the Review back to the very first issue. To access a specific edition or article, search only within the collection Student Newspapers at the Five Colleges of Ohio–OH5. Within that collection, use the advanced search function with Oberlin Review as one of the search terms. These settings are applied in the above link; just add a search term or date range.

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Established 1874.