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The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Homecoming: Oberlin football competing against The College of Wooster in 2019.
Oberlin Hosts Successful Homecoming Weekend for First Time in Two Years
Zoe Kuzbari, Sports Editor • October 22, 2021

Last weekend, the class of 2020 was welcomed back to campus for a delayed commencement after they were sent home in their final semester of college. Many athletes never got to say goodbye to their teammates, so the graduation celebration also served as a long-awaited reunion. For student-athletes who got sent home without their last collegiate season or proper fourth-year semester, it was refreshing to be back on campus this past weekend, where they felt welcomed and at home. “It actually felt more normal to be on campus with my teammates and classmates than it feels to live in the post-college...

Oberlin Black Student Athlete Group.
Athletics Department Partakes in NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign
Zoë Martin del Campo, Contributing Sports Editor • October 22, 2021

This week is the NCAA’s Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign, with colleges all across the country using social media as a platform to reflect on what diversity and representation means in athletics. At Oberlin, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee worked alongside the Black Student-Athlete Group to implement the NCAA’s campaign. Fourth-year and men’s track and field player Kofi Asare believes that the NCAA campaign is necessary because it highlights the unique backgrounds of Oberlin’s community and who individuals are — not only as student-athletes, but also as people.  “NCAA...

As Astros Compete for Spot in World Series, 2017 Sign Stealing Scandal Still Looms
John Elrod, Contributing Sports Editor • October 22, 2021

In January 2020, the MLB confirmed that the Houston Astros had engaged in an illegal form of sign stealing during the 2017 season — the postseason in which they secured a World Series championship — and portions of the 2018 season. The team was found to have used outfield cameras in their home ballpark to film opposing catchers’ signs and relay them to the batter using audio cues such as banging on trash cans.  After the scandal made headlines, the baseball community across the United States called for accountability for the players involved in the illegal sign stealing. However, the...

Oberlin volleyball team, 2021.
Oberlin Volleyball Makes Program History After Beating DePauw on Homecoming
River Schiff, Senior Staff Writer • October 22, 2021

Despite the disappointment Oberlin volleyball has faced in conference in recent years, the team has proven this year that it is a force to be reckoned with. After beating their rival Kenyon College on Sept. 23 for the first time since 2015, the Yeowomen have entered conference games with a new ferocity. This Homecoming weekend they secured a win to take down the reigning North Coast Atlantic Conference champions, the DePauw University Tigers, on Oct. 16.  This win marks the first time in program history that the Yeowomen have taken down DePauw. Fourth-year captain Natasha Radic reminisces on...

The Puke Patrol” at last weekends annual Inter-Regional Rumble.
Cross Country Receives Finish Line Support from Track Team’s Puke Patrol
Gigi Ewing, Managing Editor • October 22, 2021

This past weekend, members of the track and field team supported their teammates by working what they affectionately nicknamed “the Puke Patrol” — a group of track athletes who donned ponchos and gloves to protect themselves from the bodily fluids exhausted runners can emit when they finish a race. Last weekend’s meet was the annual Inter-Regional Rumble, where Oberlin’s cross country team competed against 44 other schools. After finishing a race, cross country runners are often too physically exhausted and overwhelmed to step away from the finish line once they cross it. Stopping...

John Heisman poses in his iconic stance back in the day.
Flashback to the John Heisman Era
John Elrod, Contributing Sports Editor • October 15, 2021

Without the contributions of professional and college football programs in Ohio, the game would look much different than it does today. Around the turn of the 20th century, Oberlin College football helped shape the sport into what it is now, and its innovative role was sparked by one of the game’s most famous names. One of the most coveted awards in all of American sports, the Heisman Memorial Trophy, is awarded to the most outstanding player in NCAA football every year. The award is known to all college football fans, but few people know about the trophy’s namesake, John Heisman, and his...

Field hockey captain Bonnie Wileman looking fierce.
In the Locker Room with Bonnie Wileman, Field Hockey Captain
Kushagra Kar, Editor-in-Chief • October 15, 2021

College fourth-year Bonnie Wileman has been playing field hockey for the last 10 years, and has been a starting player since her first year at Oberlin. This will be her last season at the College, but it is also her first as team captain and midfielder. While she has created many memories on the field, she also values her team’s traditions off the field, which have drawn her close to her teammates. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.    You’ve been playing field hockey for 10 years now, and I’m curious how the game has impacted your life and how it has helped...

Oberlins club fencing team.
The Return of Club Sports
Zoe Kuzbari, Sports Editor • June 18, 2021

This past year, Oberlin’s club sports faced many of the same challenges that varsity sports teams had to conquer but with even fewer resources at their disposal. Recruiting new members, finding a safe way to practice, and working with a smaller roster were issues that all sports teams had to face but the club soccer team, ultimate Frisbee team, and fencing team have all managed to handle the issues COVID-19 brought on.  Conservatory rising fourth-year Oved Rico joined the club soccer team his first year at Oberlin and has been playing since he was eight years old.  “My experience has...

The Preying Manti, Oberlin’s women and trans ultimate Frisbee team.
Lacking Support, Club Sports Adapt to the Pandemic
Arman Luczkow, Opinions Editor • October 2, 2020

While many of Oberlin’s varsity teams began new COVID-safe practices during the first week of classes, club sports have struggled to create new routines. Oberlin is now five weeks into classes, but many club sports have yet to begin practicing as a result of pandemic-related challenges. Club sports requiring person-to-person contact, as well as those that practice off-campus, have been cancelled. “There are some club sports whose activities were deemed to be too high risk to operate in our current campus predicament,” Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach David Wilson wrote in an email to the...

WNBAs Washington Mystics kneeling and wearing T-shirts printed with seven bullet holes to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake.  Courtesy of
The WNBA Won't Be Ignored
Zoë Martin del Campo and Zoe Kuzbari September 4, 2020

When the Washington Mystics came to their Aug. 26 game each wearing shirts with seven bullet holes in the back, viewers were reminded that the Black Lives Matter Movement is not something that can be ignored or forgotten, even on the basketball court. The Mystics announced they would not be playing that day in honor of Jacob Blake, the Wisconsin Black man who was shot seven times by police.  By this point, social media was abuzz as the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks said they were striking, just hours before the Mystics’ protest. Soon after, the NBA bubble games were halted for three days across...

Club Sport Teams Plan Antiracism Programming in Response to Criticism
Zoë Martin del Campo, Contributing Sports Editor • August 17, 2020

Some of Oberlin’s club sport teams are working to address racism in their communities and create safe spaces for Black, Indigenous, and students of color — particularly for Black athletes on predominantly white teams. These efforts come after nationwide Black Lives Matter protests and conversations surrounding racism rejuvenating mainstream focus on racial injustice. Zoe Hecht, College fourth-year and captain of the Oberlin Preying Manti women and trans Ultimate Frisbee team, has worked this past summer with her co-captains and the College to prepare for conversations surrounding race and...

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