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Established 1874.

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Established 1874.

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Kayla Kim poses with a statue of Brutus Buckeye at The Ohio State University
in October 2020.
Sports Journalism As Told By Editor on Autism Spectrum
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • December 9, 2022

Two months ago, I was formally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, concluding years of questions, tests, consultations, and confusion about who I was and why I had always felt so different. My reflections on my new diagnosis helped me answer a question that I’ve had since I started contributing to the Review: There are so many wonderful sections, so why do I love writing for Sports the most? After all, sports was not something I always enjoyed. Throughout most of my childhood, I was unathletic, had difficulty working with others, and absolutely hated watching sports. For instance, whenever...

Several students watched the Japan vs. Croatia World Cup game.
FIFA World Cup Builds Community, Connections
Juliana Gaspar, Arts & Culture Editor • December 9, 2022

The FIFA World Cup soccer tournament kicked off year 22 on Nov. 20 and has brought unlikely connections and community to Oberlin’s campus. Walking through the Science Center in the last few weeks, one might see jerseys plastered on open laptops, hear an isolated cheer echo through the mostly silent atrium, or witness a heated argument about which team should win. As a Brazilian international student, I didn’t know what to expect watching the World Cup in the U.S., where soccer — or football, as it’s known to most of the world — feels less culturally relevant than in my home country,...

Graduating Athlete Reflects on Life at Oberlin
Zoe Kuzbari, Contributing Sports Editor • December 9, 2022

If it’s your first — or maybe second — year of college, you might be wondering about all the dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, and ins and outs you should know about Oberlin Athletics. As you navigate your new home here in Ohio, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned along my way as a fifth-year student-athlete at Oberlin. The most important advice I would share is to not be afraid to take rest days and listen to your body. Only you know how you are truly feeling, and your coach should always want what is best for you. If you are getting sick, feeling an injury coming on, or mentally...

Jack Povilaitis and Max Anastasio commentate from the press box.
Oberlin’s Student Commentators Talk Reviewing Games
Andrea Nguyen and James Foster December 9, 2022

Maybe you’ve seen them in the press box, dressed up in berets and suits for soccer games, or maybe you’ve recognized their voices on livestreams. For whatever the occasion, you’re watching fourth-years Jack Povilaitis, Max Anastasio, Oliver Ripps, and John Schooner in action as student commentators for Oberlin games. This past Saturday, YeoCast, a commentating livestream on YouTube, debuted for the men’s basketball away game against Wabash College. The idea behind YeoCast comes from the Manning brothers’ commentary on Monday Night Football games that started during the pandemic. Assistant...

A vigil was held Nov. 14 after a shooting at the University of Virginia.
Victims Reduced to Statistics in UVA Tragedy Reports
Kayla Kim and Zoe Kuzbari December 2, 2022

On Nov. 13, a shooting occurred on a charter bus at the University of Virginia. Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D’Sean Perry, three varsity football players, were killed. Additionally, Mike Hollins, another football player, and Marlee Morgan, a second-year student, were injured. In the weeks following, the Charlottesville community has taken time to process the event, commemorate the victims, and support the survivors. Football was undoubtedly a significant part of Chandler, Davis Jr., and Perry’s lives, especially at UVA, a Division I school. However, it took much longer for the public...

John Elrod poses at a Newcastle United FC game.
Experiencing Power of Soccer in My Semester Abroad
John Elrod, Contributing Sports Editor • December 2, 2022

During a November trip to England, I saw a soccer match of my favorite English club, Newcastle United FC, and experienced the power of a single goal. For 66 minutes, Newcastle battled hard with Chelsea FC before midfielder Joe Willock put the home team in front with a rocket of a goal from the edge of the box. The earthquake that took place when the ball touched the back of the net was unlike anything I’ve experienced. The roof covering the stands sent the noise from the fans right back where it came from, and I could feel it reverberate through my bones. When I watched the NBC clip of the goal...

Maggie Balderstone at a game against Penn State Behrend.
In the Locker Room with Maggie Balderstone, Basketball Captain, Student Photographer
Andrea Nguyen and Delaney Fox December 9, 2022

Third-year Sociology and History major Maggie Balderstone is captain of the women's basketball team. When they’re not on the court, they’re working as a student photographer for Oberlin Athletics. Their photos can be seen on, as well as their Instagram account: @mmbphotography15. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. When did you start playing basketball, and what made you decide to play in college? I think the first organized basketball I did was when I was five. I was in kindergarten, and my church had a girls’ league, so it was with my neighbors....

Oberlin Equestrian Team Competes in Hunt Seat Show
Andrea Nguyen, Sports Editor • November 11, 2022

Before COVID-19 restrictions severely limited its activities, the Equestrian Team was one of the largest intercollegiate club sports on campus, hosting approximately 30 members. After a two-year hiatus from competing, the team is back up and galloping. Oberlin competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (Zone 6 Region 1), which includes some schools from the North Coast Athletic Conference as well as other schools in Ohio. The commitment that Oberlin riders make to their sport is extraordinary. Hunt shows take around two days, often requiring riders to commit to the whole weekend, and...

First-year Kai Kashey competed in the Intramural Doubles Pickleball League Monday night.
Yeofit and Rec Organize Intramural Doubles Pickleball
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • November 4, 2022

While the brief window of time between fall and winter sports seasons means fewer opportunities to watch the Yeowomen and Yeomen right now, there’s still a sport for avid Oberlin fans to attend that’s currently in full swing. On Mondays and Tuesdays, faculty and students alike serve, dodge, and volley against each other in friendly matches, competing as part of the Intramural Doubles Pickleball League. As previously reported in the Review, pickleball’s popularity experienced a 650-percent surge of interested players in the past six years, and especially skyrocketed during pandemic restrictions...

Preying Manti members face Miami University’s defense.
Frisbee Teams Compete in First Home Competition
Chris Stoneman, Senior Staff Writer • September 30, 2022

Last weekend, Oberlin College hosted its 22nd annual Force Freedom Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Both of Oberlin’s teams, the women’s and trans Preying Manti and the Flying Horsecows, participated in the action. To begin the day, the Flying Horsecows were divided randomly into two smaller teams, X and Y, for the tournament. Team X chose the name Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG while Team Y chose to call themselves the Battle of the Sandwich. Both teams faced the same opponents, though in a different order. The Horsecows and the Manti lost 11 seniors last year, leaving many holes for first-years and...

Magnus Carlsen competes in a chess tournament.
Chess World Unpacks Carlsen, Niemann Scandal
Andrea Nguyen and Zach Marshall September 23, 2022

Imagine Naomi Osaka hitting the ball once and walking off the court, or Tom Brady throwing a football to a teammate and leaving with no explanation. This is exactly what happened in the chess world recently, creating its largest scandal in years. On Sept. 5, 31-year-old Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, MO after losing a game against 19-year-old Hans Niemann, giving up the chance to win $100,000. According to the International Chess Federation, Carlsen has held the highest chess ranking for the past 11 years. He is known for his unbeaten streaks —...

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