Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Running: A Meaningful Way to Explore Oberlin

Zoë Martin del Campo, Contributing Sports Editor March 5, 2021

On any given day, rain or shine, you will see people running along the streets of Oberlin. I still remember my first Oberlin run freshman year, cursing at the humidity and swatting away gnats en route...

AAPI Athletes Speak On Discrimination, Representation In Athletics

Zoe Kuzbari, Sports Editor March 5, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a rise in discrimination against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. NBA player Jeremy Lin spoke out about anti-Asian sentiment in a recent...

Con Kids: Your Favorite Athlete’s Favorite Athlete

BellaClare Baily March 3, 2021

Conservatory students at Oberlin are on their own sort of team — they deal with injuries, find a way to manage classes and practice, and compete. Unlike athletes, though,  figuring out just how much...

College fourth-year and softball player Gianna Volonte demonstrates technique for the virtual Play Like a Girl event.

Virtual “Play Like a Girl” Keeps The Ball Rolling

Khalid McCalla, Sports Editor February 28, 2021

Every year, the Oberlin College Athletics department hosts “Play Like a Girl,” an event that brings together coaches and players from numerous teams to instruct girls ages 5–18 on different aspects...

Role Models and Their Importance to Black Athletes

Khalid McCalla, Sports Editor February 26, 2021

Growing up, many aspiring young athletes look up to the stars of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and other leagues for guidance. They dream of reaching the same heights as their favorite players. Many college athletes...

College first-year and field hockey player River Schiff.

In The Locker Room With River Schiff, Dual-Sport Athlete and Trans Advocate

Zoe Kuzbari, Sports Editor February 26, 2021

College first-year and dual-sport athlete River Schiff can often be found getting in an extra round of field hockey and wall ball for lacrosse between their actual practices. They have been playing field...

WNBA: A Full Court Press for Social Change.

Reflections on a Conversation with Essence Carson and Awvee Storey

Zoe Kuzbari, Sports Editor February 20, 2021

In a year that saw activism for racial justice across the national sports community, Oberlin’s Athletics department has been inspired by the impact of professional sports leagues in advocating for meaningful...

College fourth-years Luke Buck and Maddie Paladino.

We Found Love in a Sporty Place

Zoë Martin del Campo, Contributing Sports Editor February 19, 2021

“I’m the competitive one,” insisted College fourth-year and football player Luke Buck.  “That’s not true,” Maddie Paladino, a College fourth-year on the softball team, quickly cut in as...

New Coaches Bring Energy to the Athletic Department

Khalid McCalla, John Elrod, and Cat Moruzzi February 19, 2021

Earlier this month, the College’s athletic department announced that it filled open coaching positions on the men’s lacrosse, women’s soccer, and softball teams. All three of these new coaches are...

Women Carry Football Toward Equality

Zoe Kuzbari, Sports Editor February 12, 2021

In the last six months, we have witnessed monumental change for women in football. This past weekend, we saw Sarah Thomas become the first woman to down judge and officiate at the Super Bowl. And for the...

College third-year Darien Knowles.

In The Locker Room with Darien Knowles, Two-Sport Athlete and Poker Player

Khalid McCalla, Sports Editor February 12, 2021

College third-year and varsity baseball and basketball player Darien Knowles has bounced around a lot. Since graduating high school, he has been enrolled at four different schools. His winding academic...

The Queen’s Gambit Ushers Newcomers in to a Modern Chess Era

Zach Bayfield February 10, 2021

After Netflix released its miniseries The Queen’s Gambit this fall, a buzz began to grow around chess, exciting people who had never before been interested in the game. But the perception of what a competitive...

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