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Established 1874.

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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

High Administrative Turnover in The Division of Student Life Is Cause For Concern
Editorial Board June 11, 2021

Like all institutions of higher education, Oberlin has a plethora of different offices and organizational structures with many people working behind the scenes to keep our lives — both personal and academic — running smoothly. The Division of Student Life, for example, oversees eleven different offices...

I Wanted to Study Abroad, They Couldn’t Accommodate My Disability
Liam St. John June 11, 2021

When I got accepted into a study abroad program last year, I was excited to leave the United States. In this program, I would spend a full academic year overseas with an internship in between semesters. I didn’t realize at the time that leaving Oberlin College also meant leaving behind the Disability...

A Bit of Credit to Oberlin College
Reginald Goudeau, Columnist • June 11, 2021

My column has admittedly not painted Oberlin College in the most favorable light. Whether writing about mental health, my former work on Student Senate, or my general experience here, I have rarely pulled my punches. Today, I’m going to give this school a fair amount of credit. Oberlin College has...

As College Students, Where Do We Belong?
Sydney Rosensaft, Columnist • June 11, 2021

After a year of living in a dorm room, you start to consider it a home. Moving off-campus for a summer — or a semester, depending on which class you are in — feels like leaving that home for good. As college students, we are not meant to find one home on campus; we are constantly moving from building...

What is the True Cost of Campus Dining?
Desmond Hearne Morrey, Columnist • June 11, 2021

It’s no secret that campus dining at Oberlin College has changed a lot over the past few years. It’s easy to get frustrated with the downsizing of the Oberlin co-ops, the often inconsistent quality of food available through AVI Foodsystems, and the constant additions of Flex upcharges at dining venues...

Pride Month Begins, Celebrations Absent in Oberlin
Editorial Board June 4, 2021

For the first time in the College’s history, students are studying during a summer semester, making this a momentous first as we celebrate Pride Month on campus. We are, however, four days into June, and we’ve heard little talk from student organizations, faculty, or the College about events to mark...

Emerging from the Pandemic
Desmond Hearne Morrey, Columnist • June 4, 2021

Something that my aunt told me on the journey to Oberlin for the summer semester is that there is a difference between simply being okay and working hard to be okay. I’m a second-year here at Oberlin, so I was on campus during the fall semester, and I was lucky to be okay. Many of my peers during the...

The matryoshka doll typically depicts white peasant women and their families which epitomizes a falsified image of Russian culture as essentially white or socially conservative in nature.
Moving beyond Matryoshki: Supporting LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Students in the Russian Department
Annika Krafcik, OC ’20 • June 4, 2021

Editor’s note: This author graduated from Oberlin in May 2020 and helped organize the Russian Symposium student workshop, which took place on April 17, 2021. This article addresses homophobia, transphobia, and racism. Five years ago, I was sitting in my second-year Russian class studying wedding...

Securing Palestinian Rights Without the Cost of Anti-Semitism
Havi Carrillo-Klein June 4, 2021

Scrolling through Instagram these past few weeks, my feed filled up with photographs and infographics on what was happening in Israel. With words like Sheikh Jarrah. Al-Aqsa Mosque. Jerusalem. Zionism. Free Palestine. People scrambling to make something of it all. Palestinians are entitled to self-determination,...

The Violation of Human Rights is Not Complicated
Maya Pearl June 4, 2021

At roughly 2 a.m. on May 21, a truce between Israel and Hamas came into effect after 11 days of fighting. The death toll was striking — at least 242 people were killed in Gaza and 13 people in Israel. This most recent bout of violence erupted as a result of recent events and long-term trends, which...

I Bite — One Student’s Security Report Narrative
I Bite — One Student’s Security Report Narrative
Nico Vickers, Managing Editor • June 4, 2021

Three white Campus Safety officers approached me and six friends while we were laughing, recounting an exhilarating board game experience on a Friday night at 11 p.m. We were in the common space on the first floor of a dorm, but they came from upstairs. I could hear the squeak of the radio, their boots...

Appreciating What We Have, Trying to Live Better Than We Did
Editorial Board May 29, 2021

Some of the students who arrived on campus this week had not set foot in Oberlin in months. Others had just completed spring semester and had only been away for nine days. But everyone arrived on a very different campus from the one that we left. On May 17, during the break between spring and summer...

ObieSafe Policy Enforcement Harms Black and Brown Students
Reginald Goudeau, Columnist • May 28, 2021

It’s no secret that I’ve been very critical of Oberlin throughout my time writing for the Review. From the College’s failure to prioritize student mental health to its half-hearted apologies for repeated mistakes, I’ve been pretty diligent in pointing out the injustice I see here. Despite this,...

Teaching Through Personal Trauma and a Pandemic
Angie Roles, Associate Professor of Biology • May 28, 2021

Now that I’ve finished two semesters of remote teaching — hopefully never to be repeated — I think it’s worth reflecting on the experience. The pandemic arrived during an already transitional period for me, both with respect to my teaching and also personally. About a decade ago, I experienced...

More than 800 predominantly second-year and third-year students are currently attending in-person summer classes on Oberlin’s campus.
Oberlin Admissions, Enrollment Strong Despite COVID-19 Uncertainty
Ella Moxley, News Editor • June 11, 2021

The pandemic impacted colleges’ admissions strategies across the country, with more and more college students taking leave and high school seniors opting for a gap year. However, for Oberlin, both enrollment and admissions outcomes look positive; few current students took leave this summer, and the...

This week the College redistributed many of the items left on campus during the rushed move-out in spring of 2020.
College Gives Away Student Belongings
Gigi Ewing, News Editor • June 11, 2021

After a 10-month process of returning the belongings students left on campus in March 2020, the College opened access to students and community members to take unclaimed items on Wednesday. The College had previously kept students’ belongings in 13 trailers located behind Kander Theater.  When...

Over the last few weeks, nearly 100 trees have been cut down on campus to complete the Sustainable Infrastructure Program. As part of the plan, all trees will be replaced with trees native to northeast Ohio.
Sustainable Infrastructure Project Requires Removal of Nearly 100 Trees
Kush Bulmer, Production Editor • June 11, 2021

As students began their first few weeks of summer classes, 97 trees were cut down in Wilder Bowl, along West College Street, and at the intersection of North Professor and Elm Street. The trees needed to be removed in order to implement the College’s four-year sustainable energy project, which will...

The quick turnover between the spring and summer semesters resulted in a challenging move-in. Several students arrived on campus to find their accommodations were not yet cleaned or prepared for new residents.
After Chaotic Move-in Process, College Compensates Students Living in Temporary Housing
Aaron Morales Dolich , Writer • June 11, 2021

When students arrived on campus on May 20 for summer move-in, some found that their new accommodations were unclean or previous occupants had not yet left. The College has since compensated the returning students by arranging temporary housing and giving them extra Flex points. Because of the rapid...

The Rathskeller, which traditionally serves burgers and sandwiches, will be closed this summer alongside Umami, Lord-Saunders Dining Hall, and McGregor Skybar.
Four Dining Halls Close for Summer Semester, Others Operate with Reduced Hours
Walter Thomas-Patterson, Senior Staff Writer • June 11, 2021

Students returned to campus for the summer semester to find several new changes to the College’s dining halls. The College has negotiated a modified dining plan with AVI Foodsystems that leaves three dining halls closed for the semester: Lord-Saunders Dining Hall, the Rathskeller, Umami, and McGregor...

Security Notebook
June 11, 2021

Thursday, June 3, 2021 9:20 a.m. Campus Safety officers were requested at a Goldsmith Village Housing Unit to assist with a Life Safety inspection. In plain view on a coffee table was a large glass pipe and a purple grinder containing marijuana residue. The items were collected and turned over to...

Security Report
June 4, 2021

Friday, May 28, 2021 8:28 p.m. A student reported that she found her bicycle, which had been put in storage, outside on the south side of Burton Hall, unlocked. The student reported that the bicycle had several damaged areas. The serial number could not be confirmed and the bicycle was transported...

The Weekly
WOBC News is proud to present The Weekly. Our team leads a diverse array of campus journalists and other guests through illuminating discussions of campus issues and a broad range of other topics relevant to the Oberlin community. The show was co-created by Johan Cavert '20 and Daniel Markus '19 in 2017. Season 2 featured producers Roman Broszkowski '19 and Sarah Dalgleish '19. The team expanded in Season 3 with the addition of Katie Lucey '20, Anisa Curry-Vietze '22, and Ella Murray '20. Season 4 features Jaimie Yue '22 and Owen Anderson '23.
Comic inspired by Katherine MacPhail
Fall Comic
Anisa Curry Vietze, Editor-in-Chief
Summer Housing Plan Compromises Identity Safe Residential Spaces
Summer Housing Plan Compromises Identity Safe Residential Spaces
Casey Troost, Senior Staff Writer • June 11, 2021

With the pandemic in its rearview mirror, Oberlin has ventured into a blisteringly hot summer semester with a uniquely disorganized housing system. Some students have been placed in identity-based program...

Camp Obie: Facilitating a Post-Pandemic First-Year Experience
Maeve Woltring , Arts and Culture Editor • June 11, 2021

This past Memorial Day, a group of first-year students gathered on the lawn outside of the Cat in the Cream to bask in Oberlin’s summer sunshine and partake in a beloved American tradition: a cookout....

Welcoming Challenges New and Old in New Mainstage Production Twilight Bowl
Welcoming Challenges New and Old in New Mainstage Production Twilight Bowl
Katie Kunka, Production Editor • June 4, 2021

After a two-week delay and much anticipation, this past weekend the Oberlin College Theater Department debuted its first-ever pre-recorded mainstage production: Twilight Bowl, directed by Professor of...

College second-year Havi Saltz sports a classic Obie
The Many Fabrics of Oberlin Fashion
Casey Troost , Senior Staff Writer • June 4, 2021

If you’re walking down the hallway of King Building, you’ll likely become enveloped in a clashing cacophony of vibrant prints and crunchy Carhartt neutrals. Oberlin’s fashion scene has long been...

Masks Off and Condoms On: A Look at Post-Pandemic SIC
Masks Off and Condoms On: A Look at Post-Pandemic SIC
Maeve Woltring, Arts & Culture Editor • May 28, 2021

COVID-19 may have discouraged campus hookup culture, but with approximately 81 percent of the student body vaccinated, and ObieSafe guidelines becoming less restrictive, the campus is loosening up. Throughout...

Obies Envision the Return of College Parties
Obies Envision the Return of College Parties
Casey Troost, Senior Staff Writer • May 28, 2021

Before the pandemic, a typical Friday night at Oberlin included a multitude of options for Obies to gather in a sweaty crowd, dance, chat, and party. On south campus, you could stumble onto a jazz party,...

Obies Recommend: How To Recover From A Semester In 11 Days
Obies Recommend: How To Recover From A Semester In 11 Days
Casey Troost, Senior Staff Writer • April 30, 2021

As part of Oberlin’s COVID-19 semester planning, the majority of College second- and third-year students will only have from May 13 to 24 to rest before beginning another full semester. Typically semesters...

Oberlin Doula Collective has been operating since 2017, providing necessary support and community to those undergoing abortions.
Oberlin Doula Collective Trains Student Advocates
BellaClare Baily , Staff Writer • April 30, 2021

As Oberlin students, we are constantly striving to deepen the ways we care for our community — both at school and beyond. In 2017, this mindset led to the creation of the Oberlin Doula Collective: a...

Anna Farber, OC
Anna Farber, OC '21, Arts & Culture Editor
L. Joshua Jackson, Arts & Culture Editor • May 15, 2021

Anna Farber worked as the Art & Culture Editor of the Review from fall 2020 to spring 2021. Farber graduated with high honors in Art History for her thesis on Mary Magdalene and the Neapolitan Angevin...

College fourth-year Matthew Sato
Matthew Sato, Oberlin’s Most Prolific ExCo Instructor
Daniel Fleischer, Staff Writer • March 17, 2021

College fourth-year Matthew Sato started his journey through Oberlin’s Experimental College as a student in ToadsCo. Sato has been a ToadsCo instructor for the three years since, and last semester he...

Performing Across Media: Theater, Dance Seniors on Their Culminating Shows
Performing Across Media: Theater, Dance Seniors on Their Culminating Shows
Kate Fishman, Managing Editor • February 12, 2021

In a Zoom conversation punctuated by laughs, co-op knocks, and vigorous nods, College fourth-years Evelyn Morrison, Anna Aubry, and Lauren Elwood gathered to speak on their forthcoming senior performance...

Harris will be stepping into the role of OSCA board chair.
Off the Cuff with Miranda Harris, Incoming OSCA Board Chair
May 28, 2021

College third-year Miranda Harris will be stepping into the role of OSCA board chair as the nonprofit officially reopens this fall. After three semesters of absence from the campus community and a brand-new...

Class of 2021 Production Staff
Class of 2021 Production Staff
May 15, 2021

We are so lucky to have had so many amazing seniors on Production staff this year! Click below to hear from all of them.

Mallika Pandey, OC
Mallika Pandey, OC '21, Photo Editor
May 15, 2021

College fourth-year Mallika Pandey, a Anthropology major, has served as The Oberlin Review’s photo editor since 2018. Photo Editors are responsible for taking pictures and creating graphics for the paper. This...

College second-year Iyanna Lewis.
In The Locker Room With Dual-Athlete and Student Senator Iyanna Lewis
David Strunk June 11, 2021

College second-year Iyanna Lewis is back on campus and ready to tackle the summer semester. Lewis, a member of both the volleyball team and the track and field team, also finds the time to be vice chair...

College second-years and best friends David Strunk and Bear Broyles.
In The Locker Room With The Holder Squad
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • June 4, 2021

College second-years and football players David Strunk and Bear Broyles are inseparable, supporting each other both on and off the field. From playing football together to having matching portraits, there...

Sports: A Year Like No Other In “Review”
Sports: A Year Like No Other In “Review”
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • May 15, 2021

Editor’s note: This article appears as part of a series where the Review’s graduating editors reflect on how their sections have evolved, the biggest stories of the year, and their time at the paper...

Oberlin Football Team.
Oberlin Football Welcomes 34 New Yeomen
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • June 11, 2021

Despite the challenges of this past year, Oberlin’s football recruitment flourished through the dedicated work of coaches, staff, and current student-athletes: The team is adding 34 new student-athletes...

Naomi Osaka, the highest-paid female athlete in the world.
Naomi Osaka: Prioritizing Mental Health for Athletes
Zoe Kuzbari, Senior Staff Writer • June 11, 2021

Naomi Osaka, the highest-paid female athlete in the world, is setting the standard for a new generation of athletes as she sparks conversations about mental health and racism. Osaka has been known for...

Emma Hayes, manager and coach of the Chelsea Football Club women
Emma Hayes, Making History in Women’s Championship League
Zoe Kuzbari, Senior Staff Writer • June 4, 2021

Emma Hayes, manager and coach of the Chelsea Football Club women's team, is widely credited for evolving the team throughout her years with the club and getting the best out of her players. The Chelsea...

Athletes Push For Greater Accountability Through PRSM Trainings
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • May 28, 2021

A workshop for student-athletes about sexual assault and harrassment prevention, titled Consent in Athletics was organized in April by the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct project. The program...

Athletics Welcome New ObieSafe Guidelines
Zoe Kuzbari, Senior Staff Writer • May 28, 2021

Now that ObieSafe guidelines have changed for the summer semester, sports practices and team culture will look a little different. With no masks, no pods, and the majority of students vaccinated, second...

Khalid McCalla, We Love You
Khalid McCalla, We Love You
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • May 15, 2021

Every time someone talks about Khalid McCalla, their eyes light up as they describe moments where McCalla was there for them, as a friend, partner, brother, and son.  College fourth-year Malachi Clemons...

Failed European Super League a Symptom of Greedy Ownership
John Elrod, Staff Writer • April 30, 2021

For 72 hours last week, European professional soccer was flipped upside down. On April 18, twelve of the richest soccer clubs in Europe formed the European Super League to the shock and disappointment...

Something to Count On: The Importance of Jersey Numbers in Sports
Zach Bayfield, Staff Writer • April 30, 2021

The NFL approved a proposal this past Wednesday to loosen the restrictions on players’ jersey numbers. The approval will give all players the opportunity to wear single-digit numbers, which had previously...

College fourth-year men’s track and field sprinter Malachi Clemons.
Senior Athletes Finding Closure After Roller Coaster Year
Abby Cannon April 23, 2021

When College fourth-year and goalie on the women’s lacrosse team Maranda Phillips started her Oberlin athletic career, she had no idea it would end in stops, starts, and restarts. Despite all of the...

Athletics Department Prepares for the Fall Season
Zoe Kuzbari, Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

Now that the General Faculty Council has approved the 2021–22 academic calendar, Oberlin College Athletics has, in collaboration with the Office of Student Life, announced the full return of athletics...

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