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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Advancement of AI Can Complement, Compete with Human Creativity
Editorial Board February 3, 2023

ChatGPT by OpenAI, a chatbot that replicates human conversation based on a given prompt, is a game changer for creators everywhere. The currently free-to-use program employs artificial intelligence to locate and composite relevant information to produce written responses to most prompts users can imagine....

Students Question Hazing on Campus in Advance of New Anti-Hazing Training
Nikki Keating, News Editor • February 3, 2023

The Ohio state legislature passed the Anti-Hazing Act in October 2021. In accordance with that act, it is now mandatory for Ohio institutions to hold anti-hazing training. “Each institution shall provide students with an educational program on hazing, which shall include information regarding hazing...

Photo of Oberlins Cooper International Learning Center.
Accessible Language Software Provides Alternative to Traditional Classes
Sahil Novetzke, Columnist • February 3, 2023

It may seem irrelevant, but online language-learning softwares have begun to take over, with user statistics increasing rapidly. Cision PR Newswire suggests the industry will grow to $10.5 billion by 2025. It’s become clear: People are done with in-person language courses. Online softwares offer...

College Should Pay Student Workers Higher Wages
Cecily Miles, Columnist • February 3, 2023

Oberlin College asserts on its website that it has a “commitment to inclusion and academic excellence,” of which its financial aid policies are supposedly a reflection. These policies include student loans and money earned through student employment, in addition to grants. They are intended to...

Arrival of Aldi has Opportunity, Drawbacks
Hanna Alwine, Opinions Editor • February 3, 2023

A new semester has started at Oberlin College and with it has arrived a new addition to the Oberlin community. ALDI — with its strange deposit-based shopping carts and bulk produce — has set up shop right across the road from the Walmart in Oberlin. But does Oberlin need another big-box store? The...

Contract Grading Democratizes Writing
Sampad Ghosh February 3, 2023

I recently saw an opinion in the Review (“Contract Grading Detrimental to Oberlin Academics, Student Success,” The Oberlin Review, Dec. 9, 2022) that critiqued the use of contract grading in certain courses. Having had the opportunity to take "Re-envisioning Writing: Connection, Negotiation, and...

The Sonny Rollins Jazz Ensemble played a double set at Dizzys Jazz Club in New York City over Winter Term.
Oberlin Jazz Musicians Take on Manhattan
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • February 3, 2023

This January, Oberlin traveled to New York City to perform at some of the most famous musical venues in the country. The Oberlin Orchestra and...

Vocal Performance students perform within a makeshift archaeological dig site on the set of Alice Tierney in Finney Chapel.
Oberlin Opera Theater Excavates History in World Premiere of Alice Tierney
Stephanie Manning February 3, 2023

Archaeology provides little in the way of instant gratification. The work is slow, meticulous, and complicated — even as it builds to an eventual...

Students pose for a group photo at a rest stop in Pennsylvania on their way back to Oberlin from Carnegie Hall.
Performers Reflect on United Nations Gala Concert
Delaney Fox, Conservatory Editor • December 9, 2022

Zach Wuorinen, third-year Double Bass Performance major:   As a classical double bassist, there are many rites of passage that our community...

Director Raphael Jiménez conducts the Oberlin Orchestra and Choir at Carnegie Hall.
Oberlin Performs at Carnegie Hall for U.N. General Assembly
Kushagra Kar and Emma Benardete December 9, 2022

Anticipating Greatness After months of anticipation, Oberlin students took to the Ronald O. Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall and performed live...

Sending Gratitude to McGregor Skybar
Sending Gratitude to McGregor Skybar
Delaney Fox, Conservatory Editor • December 2, 2022

Maybe it’s the lingering spirit of Thanksgiving, but I’m really feeling thankful this week. As a student in the Conservatory, there are so...

The Office of Student Leadership and Involvement worked to create an
Oberlin chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success.
Oberlin Forms NSLS Chapter, Nominates Students
Alexa Stevens, News Editor • February 3, 2023

In January of this year, the College launched its chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. NSLS worked with the College to nominate students for membership, and nominated students can choose to become a member for a fee of $95. Per the Oberlin College chapter page on the NSLS website,...

The classroom features toys, crafting supplies, and other activities for visitors.
OberlinKids to Create Playspace in Prospect Building Classroom
Cal Ransom, This Week Editor • February 3, 2023

OberlinKids, a newly-established nonprofit collaborative that supports early childhood education for Oberlin residents, is opening a community playspace in a classroom in the Prospect Building this spring. The classroom is intended as a space for young children and their caregivers to engage in play...

World Headlines
February 3, 2023

Starting this week, the Review is launching a series where it collects and publishes brief overviews of significant world news events. For more information about any of these topics and to visit the sources used, readers can click the hyperlinks in the online edition of this piece published on Russia...

Small packages and mail delievered to the student mailroom can be picked up via the new electronic locker system.
Student Mail Delivered to Electronic Lockers Amid Renovations
Celia Perks, Senior Staff Writer • February 3, 2023

As part of the ongoing renovations in Wilder Hall, the student mailroom package distribution system now includes a set of electronic lockers from which students can retrieve and sign for packages without staff assistance. The system allows students to collect their packages at any time during Wilder...

Recycling bins will be used for mixed recycling in Spring 2023.
College Reinstates Recycling, Composting in Dorms
Walter Thomas-Patterson, Conservatory Editor • February 3, 2023

The Office of Environmental Sustainability is working to reintroduce a commingled recycling program for most buildings on campus. Slated for an official rollout at the end of February, the program will also introduce specific locations for glass waste and personal hygiene products, which must be kept...

Electric Vehicles will be available at the AJLC for college and community use.
Two Electric Cars Added to City-College Fleet for Resident, Student Rental
Alexa Stevens and Cal Ransom February 3, 2023

The Office of Environmental Sustainability will be making two new electric vehicles available to students and community members on Monday. The City of Oberlin has offered two vehicles for use by City residents and College students since April 1, 2021. During the first year, 280 students and 59 residents...

A 17-year-old Tyre Nichols skates at a Sacramento park.
Tyre Nichols
February 3, 2023

June 5, 1993 – January 10, 2023 He was 29, a dad to a four-year-old son, and loved skateboarding and photography. May he rest in peace, and may justice be achieved in his memory.

Student Groups Reconstruct Campus Traditions, Revive Institutional Memory
Student Groups Reconstruct Campus Traditions, Revive Institutional Memory
Eloise Rich, This Week Editor
Latest Episode
This week's show is a special episode about Juneteenth, made up of segments by The Weekly team: Nina Auslander-Padgham, Eric Schank, and Casey Troost. First, Nina and Eric present a segment on the Oberlin Juneteenth festival, how it is different this year, and address potential town and gown tensions as more students participate in the parade. Afterwards, Nina Auslander-Padgham interviews Annessa Wyman, an Administrative Assistant at the College, about her personal involvement in planning Juneteenth festivities for the last decade. Finally, Casey Troost's segment is on the history and meaning of Juneteenth with interviews with African American locals: Ms. Margaret Christian, honoary Juneteenth board member and local historian; featured poet LaTonya Fenderson Warren; Valerie Lawson, chairperson of the Juneteenth executive board; Adenike Sharpley, professor of Dance at Oberlin; and Shelley Shepard. This episode originally aired on WOBC Oberlin, 91.5 FM, Oberlin College and Community radio at 3:00 pm EST on August 2nd, 2021.
Two Types of Obies
Two Types of Obies
Molly Chapin, Layout Editor
Comic: Batten Down The Hatches
Comic: Batten Down The Hatches
Holly Yelton, Illustrator
The Apollo Theater screened Everything Everywhere All At Once this weekend.
Embrace Weirdness To Fully Enjoy Everything Everwhere All At Once
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • February 3, 2023

I first watched Everything Everywhere All At Once the night of the citywide power outage last October. Though the movie was released eight months prior, I had miraculously avoided nearly all spoilers and summaries, only hearing glowing reviews and something about rocks. Naturally, I came in with high...

Mainstage Production Ophelia: A Prism Expands on Femininity, Grief, Love in Hamlet
Nikki Keating and Managing Editor February 3, 2023

Editors’ note: This article contains mention of suicide, racism, and misogyny. I’ve seen many different versions of Hamlet performed — from Hamlet set in a nuclear bunker to a Hamlet that debuted inside a food court. I’ve always loved the story, watching Hamlet’s facade of madness and need...

Latest AMAM Exhibition Examines Ableist Barriers to Museum Access
Maeve Woltring, Senior Staff Writer • February 3, 2023

To sit or not to sit — or rather, who is allowed to sit and who the chair excludes — is the question extant at the heart of the Allen Memorial Art Museum’s new exhibition, titled Like a Good Armchair: Getting Uncomfortable with Modern and Contemporary Art. This title, though rife with multilayered...

A model makes her way down the runway in a gleaming silver top and poses.
Vogue Defines Fashion in Nordic Countries, Inspires Students
Andrea Nguyen, Sports Editor • February 3, 2023

There’s a tendency for students studying abroad to change their wardrobe in order to adapt to their new environment. Crowds of influencers attending international programs will often create a lookbook for everyday clothes. Living in the U.S. I do not often have the opportunity to attend fashion shows...

Students Explore Intersests, Develop Artistic Projects for Winter Term
Yasu Shinozaki February 3, 2023

For many Obies, Winter Term is the perfect chance to finally sit down and get to work on that novel, screenplay, or short film they have been itching to create. While Oberlin’s Cinema Studies, Creative Writing, and Studio Art departments provide students with new ideas, skills, and inspiration, it...

Oberlin Theater Presents Or, Brings Hilarity to Campus
Eloise Rich December 9, 2022

The intricate set, characterized by contrasting blues and oranges, pillows, rugs, and a candelabra, as well as dramatic lighting that casts dark shadows on the floor, is almost enough on its own to make Or, a worthwhile way to spend this weekend. However, the fast-paced and witty play of espionage...

Obies Answer Your Love and Dating Questions
Obies Answer Your Love and Dating Questions
Juliana Gaspar, Arts & Culture Editor • December 9, 2022

Tinder. Some hate it, some love it. You find yourself aimlessly swiping, not really paying attention, and might even accidentally Super Like someone. Then you match with that one person you’ve had a crush on since the beginning of your first year. What now? Lucky for you all, we crowdsourced answers...

Modern Music Guild Hosts Experimental Music Workshop
Leela Miller, Senior Staff Writer • December 9, 2022

Oberlin showed off its vibrant electronic music scene last Friday when New York-based interdisciplinary artist, composer-performer, and improviser eddy kwon performed on campus. kwon’s concert included two parts: a solo piece that explored music as ritual, incorporating elements of movement, spoken...

Students Bring Crochet Into Classrooms: A Photo Essay
Students Bring Crochet Into Classrooms: A Photo Essay
Dlisah Lapidus, Arts & Culture Editor • December 9, 2022

If you’ve attended a 9 a.m. Politics seminar or a 1:30 p.m. Environmental Science lecture, you may have seen a classmate or two pull out a skein and some needles. Perhaps you’ve looked over at the person sitting beside you, their eyes glued to your professor, while an entire scarf emerges out of...

Digital Platforms Cultivate Shared Vocabulary Among Students
Dlisah Lapidus, Arts & Culture Editor • December 9, 2022

The term “meme” was coined by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as a cultural parallel to the agency biological genes have over their reproduction. The theoretical claim is that memes are carriers of cultural information that can replicate, transfer, and evolve and are also subject to...

David Fausnaugh
David Fausnaugh: Newly Appointed Oberlin Public Library Director
Ava Miller, Senior Staff Writer • February 3, 2023

Earlier this month, David Fausnaugh was hired to serve as the Oberlin Public Library’s new director. He chose to relocate to Oberlin for a variety of reasons, including proximity to family and appreciation for the City’s espoused values. This interview has been edited for length and clarity....

Cindy Milstein
Cindy Milstein: Queer Jewish Anarchist, Activist, and Writer
Sofia Tomasic, Senior Staff Writer • December 9, 2022

Cindy Milstein, a queer Jewish anarchist, activist, and writer, came to Oberlin last Friday to talk about their latest work, an anthology they edited titled There is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Could...

Dr. Porchia Moore, Assistant Professor of Critical  Museum Studies at the University of Florida
Dr. Porchia Moore, Assistant Professor of Critical Museum Studies at the University of Florida
Nikki Keating, News Editor • December 2, 2022

Dr. Porchia Moore is assistant professor and rotating program head of critical museum studies at the University of Florida’s School of Art + Art History and an activist-scholar in museums. Her work focuses on critical race theory as a tool for interrogating museums and the narratives they construct....

Music Journalist and Bassoonist Stephanie Manning
Music Journalist and Bassoonist Stephanie Manning
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

Stephanie Manning is a fourth-year Conservatory student pursuing Bassoon Performance with a dual concentration in Arts Management and Journalism. She is a frequent reporter for Cleveland Classical, an online publication that aims to support classical music in northeast Ohio. She plans to continue music...

Solomon Leonard by Conservatory Pond
Solomon Leonard, Jazz and Hip-Hop Violist
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • September 23, 2022

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, second-year Viola Performance major Solomon Leonard engages with a variety of musical genres inside and outside of the Conservatory. Leonard studies and performs in both the Classical and Jazz divisions at Oberlin, and participates in one of the Performance and Improvisation...

Courtney-Savali Andrews
Q&A with Courtney-Savali Andrews, Professor of Ethnomusicology
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • September 16, 2022

Courtney-Savali Andrews, OC ’06, is the newly appointed assistant professor of African American and African Diasporic Musics in the Conservatory. This semester, her courses include Introduction to African American Music, an interdisciplinary course that blends music history, ethnomusicology, and Africana...

Oberlin College Lanes served as the set for Lorber’s short film.
OTR: Lola Lorber
Cal Ransom, This Week Editor • February 3, 2023

Lola Lorber, OC ’13, created a film on the Oberlin College Lanes during her senior year, titled Love of the Lanes. combining personal essay and documentary. The film explores the camaraderie built through bowling and the joys of having space for the College and community to come together at the campus...

Ivy Fu experiments in the TIMARA makerspace.
Ivy Fu, Multimedia Artist and Graham Grindlay Grant Recipient
Maeve Woltring December 9, 2022

Ivy Fu is a fifth-year double-degree student majoring in TIMARA and Art History major. Throughout her years at Oberlin, she has created, conducted, and installed myriad multimedia projects, including Trace, an augmented-reality installation and Junior TIMARA recital that synchronized a scripted story...

Issa Okamoto sings at her high school graduation.
Issa Okamoto, College First-Year, Social Media Influencer
Celia Perks November 18, 2022

College first-year Issa Okamoto is a social media influencer who has gained 370.1 thousand followers on TikTok and 22.3 thousand followers on Instagram. Okamoto has been involved with music for the majority of her life, specifically in opera and theater, and has hopes of being in the Conservatory for...

John Pont was recently hired as the new head coach for Oberlin football.
In the Locker Room with John Pont, Oberlin Football's New Head Coach
John Elrod and Kayla Kim February 3, 2023

On Wednesday, Feb. 1., John Pont became the new head coach for Oberlin football, replacing Steve Opgenorth, who coached the Yeomen for two seasons. Pont came from Indiana University, Bloomington, as an offensive analyst and performance assistant and also worked in various positions at the University...

Maggie Balderstone at a game against Penn State Behrend.
In the Locker Room with Maggie Balderstone, Basketball Captain, Student Photographer
Andrea Nguyen and Delaney Fox December 9, 2022

Third-year Sociology and History major Maggie Balderstone is captain of the women's basketball team. When they’re not on the court, they’re working as a student photographer for Oberlin Athletics. Their photos can be seen on, as well as their Instagram account: @mmbphotography15. This...

Walter Moak at the NCAA Division III National Championships.
In The Locker Room with Walter Moak, Oberlin Cross Country’s National Championship Runner
James Foster, Staff Writer • December 2, 2022

Walter Moak is a second year on the cross country and track and field teams. Most recently, he competed at the NCAA Division III Cross Country Championships under an at-large bid, the first Oberlin men’s team athlete to run in this event since 2015. Moak ran the 8-kilometer in freezing Michigan weather,...

Yuuki Okubo dribbles past an opponent.
Men’s Basketball Ends 35-Year Drought Against Wooster
John Elrod, Contributing Sports Editor • February 3, 2023

The Oberlin men’s basketball team made history last Saturday at Philips gym, defeating The College of Wooster — a perennial powerhouse in the NCAC — for the first time since 1988. The game went down to the wire, finishing with a 71–68 victory for the home team. The Yeomen started out the contest...

The Kansas City Chiefs will compete against the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Sunday.
Fans Anticipate Kansas City, Philly Super Bowl Faceoff
Chris Stoneman, Senior Staff Writer • February 3, 2023

The biggest American sports game of the year is once again upon us. In less than two weeks, the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles will go head to head with the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs to determine the next kings of the National Football League in the 57th iteration of the Super Bowl. This year’s...

Andy Murray competed in a nearly six-hour match in the 2023 Australian Open.
Australian, U.S. Open Night Sessions Detrimental to Players
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • February 3, 2023

From top-seeded players getting eliminated before the quarterfinals to complaints about the quality of tennis balls in play, the 2023 Australian Open was riddled with surprise and controversy. Among these are the negative repercussions of night sessions, once again playing a major role in conversations...

Kids and parents participated in Track or Treat, one of the community service events organized by SAAC.
Oberlin Athletics Receives NADIIIAA Community Service Award
James Foster, Staff Writer • February 3, 2023

Oberlin College Athletics was recognized for its community service efforts this past semester with the NADIIIAA Array of Projects Award, which is given each year to a school that interacted with and helped its community in many different ways. Over the 2021–22 academic year, Oberlin students participated...

Kayla Kim poses with a statue of Brutus Buckeye at The Ohio State University
in October 2020.
Sports Journalism As Told By Editor on Autism Spectrum
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • December 9, 2022

Two months ago, I was formally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, concluding years of questions, tests, consultations, and confusion about who I was and why I had always felt so different. My reflections on my new diagnosis helped me answer a question that I’ve had since I started contributing...

Several students watched the Japan vs. Croatia World Cup game.
FIFA World Cup Builds Community, Connections
Juliana Gaspar, Arts & Culture Editor • December 9, 2022

The FIFA World Cup soccer tournament kicked off year 22 on Nov. 20 and has brought unlikely connections and community to Oberlin’s campus. Walking through the Science Center in the last few weeks, one might see jerseys plastered on open laptops, hear an isolated cheer echo through the mostly silent...

Graduating Athlete Reflects on Life at Oberlin
Zoe Kuzbari, Contributing Sports Editor • December 9, 2022

If it’s your first — or maybe second — year of college, you might be wondering about all the dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, and ins and outs you should know about Oberlin Athletics. As you navigate your new home here in Ohio, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned along my way as a fifth-year...

Jack Povilaitis and Max Anastasio commentate from the press box.
Oberlin’s Student Commentators Talk Reviewing Games
Andrea Nguyen and James Foster December 9, 2022

Maybe you’ve seen them in the press box, dressed up in berets and suits for soccer games, or maybe you’ve recognized their voices on livestreams. For whatever the occasion, you’re watching fourth-years Jack Povilaitis, Max Anastasio, Oliver Ripps, and John Schooner in action as student commentators...

Track and Field competed at the Case Western Reserve University Spartan Holiday Classic.
Oberlin Track and Field Dominates at Case Western Classic
Chris Stoneman, Senior Staff Writer • December 9, 2022

This past weekend, the Oberlin College track and field teams kicked off their seasons in impressive fashion at the ninth-annual Case Western Reserve University Spartan Holiday Classic, blowing opposition out of the water and setting records in the process. Fourth-year thrower Iyanna Lewis was the...

Oberlin’s swimming and diving teams competed at the Midseason Invite.
Swim Shatters Oberlin Records in Midseason Invite
Andrea Nguyen, Sports Editor • December 2, 2022

The Oberlin swim and dive team was extremely successful at its Midseason Invite, which took place at the Robert Carr Pool in Philips Gym and spanned three days. The Yeowomen took home first place, and the Yeomen placed second out of 12 competing teams. The team made 27 top 10 times, broke four school...

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