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Established 1874.

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Every Afghan is My Family: Watching From Afar as My Home is Under Siege
Arman Luczkow, Opinions Editor • August 20, 2021

The past few weeks have seen devastating developments for many Afghans. As U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban surged across the country. It wasn’t long before the Afghan government collapsed and the president fled. On Sunday, Aug. 15, the Taliban seized the capital city of Kabul. To...

Delayed Housing Assignments Are Latest ResEd Misstep
Editorial Board August 20, 2021

Ask any Obie how they feel about the Office of Residential Education, and they’ll probably recount numerous pent-up grievances. ResEd’s laundry list of mishaps from the past year includes their inability to reconnect students with their belongings, RAs feeling unsupported during COVID-19, and students...

When My ZIP Code Matters Most: An International Student’s Story With Financial Aid
Noah Hamaoui August 20, 2021

“Dear Noah,  We’re sorry to inform you that Oberlin cannot change your financial aid package,” wrote the Oberlin Office of Financial Aid in an email to me. I’ve heard this speech so many times that I could probably recite it by heart. In Zoom calls with the Office of Financial Aid in December...

More Support Needed to Counteract Crunch-Time Culture
Reginald Goudeau, Columnist • August 13, 2021

Crunch-time culture is rampant throughout Oberlin, but the three-semester plan and the lack of breaks and administrative support, combined with still rigorous class schedules, has worsened Oberlin’s toxic culture around work. The only way to combat this inevitable challenge is through a mix of self-care...

It’s Okay to Take a Mental Health Day
Sydney Rosensaft, Columnist • August 13, 2021

The hectic rush of college life and the process of learning to balance everything yourself is taxing on student mental health. It often seems impossible to find space to prioritize yourself and take time to rest. Especially this past year, it has been particularly difficult to find a break between the...

Oberlin’s COVID-19 Policies Unclear, Insufficient
Desmond Hearne Morrey, Columnist • August 13, 2021

During the summer semester, there has only been one confirmed case of COVID-19 on Oberlin’s campus. This achievement, while impressive, is perhaps boosted by the fact that the College has discontinued its testing regimen. It’s difficult to find something you’re not looking for.  When the Office...

Discouraging COVID-19 Testing Won’t Mitigate Spread of Anxiety
Editorial Board August 13, 2021

The summer semester has breezed by in terms of COVID-19 mitigation. For the most part, life on campus this summer has been unaffected by the pandemic, despite the fact that, for the rest of the world, the pandemic never ended. The seemingly post-COVID-19 dreamland of Oberlin was brought back to reality...

You’re Not Being Tricked: Put the Mask Back On
Peter Fray-Witzer August 6, 2021

Things are starting to get dicey again.  Everyone is talking about it: the radio station I listen to as I drive to work,  “JAM’N 94.5, Boston’s #1 for Hip-Hop,” had a call-in segment about the fact that mask orders might be returning. My blood boiled as callers griped about how they’d...

New Faculty Healthcare Plan Lags Behind Competitors
Kirk Ormand, Nathan A. Greenberg Professor of Classics • August 6, 2021

Oberlin College faculty were recently informed that we will all be moved onto a Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan, a high-deductible plan, in direct contradiction to the recommendation of our Compensation Committee. In an email that went out to faculty and in the July 9 Campus Digest, we were told, “The...

Returning to Music, Despite Hectic Schedules
Sydney Rosensaft, Columnist • July 30, 2021

Although Oberlin is well-known for the Conservatory’s music, the musicality of College students is sometimes overlooked. The majority of people I have met at Oberlin play an instrument — with varying levels of skill and frequency, of course. Some students are more serious and have bands, whereas...

Finding Masculinities That Work For Me
Desmond Hearne Morrey, Columnist • July 30, 2021

I was a sophomore in high school the year that former President Donald Trump was elected. In retrospect, it’s clear that a lot of the boys that I hung out with were struggling with depression. They spent our lunch hour playing video games and telling me why they supported Trump. Most of us dressed...

Quit Your Job
Editorial Board July 23, 2021

You should quit your job. Or at least consider it. If not your job, then maybe a club or co-curricular activity, or take that one awful class pass/no entry. Seriously — you’re probably doing a lot of work right now, and that can get overwhelming. It’s hot, you’re in school during the summer,...

Residential Education is currently preparing for fall move-in, when the College will welcome one of the largest incoming first-year classes in recent history.
ResEd Asks Students to Live Off Campus Amid Housing Shortage, Delays
Gigi Ewing and Kush Bulmer August 20, 2021

After several missed deadlines in releasing housing assignments this semester, Residential Education is now asking returning students to live off campus to accommodate the largest number of students Oberlin has ever had on campus. On-campus housing assignments for returning students were initially promised...

This summer, Oberlin College began work on the Sustainable Infrastructure Project, which will ultimately create geothermal wells to help move the College closer to its 2025 goal of carbon neutrality.
Expansion of Sustainable Infrastructure to City Unclear as Project Continues
Eric Schank, Production Staff • August 20, 2021

When the College launched the Sustainable Infrastructure Project, it advertised that the project would expand to include the broader City community, such as City government buildings, churches, public schools, and other community spaces. However, at this time, the College does not plan to broaden the...

City Addresses Community Equity Needs Through Social Equity Working Group
Nina Auslander-Padgham, Staff Writer • August 20, 2021

The City of Oberlin, under the leadership of City Manager Rob Hillard, launched a Social Equity Working Group in March 2020, to address various equity needs in the Oberlin community. After the initial research and data collection phase, the project is now turning its focus to specific actions that will...

Former Librarian at Vanderbilt University Valerie Hotchkiss was recently named the next Azariah Smith Root director of libraries.
Oberlin Welcomes New Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries, Valerie Hotchkiss
Katie Kunka, Production Editor • August 20, 2021

The College has appointed Valerie Hotchkiss as the new Azariah Smith Root director of libraries, according to a Tuesday Campus Digest email. Hotchkiss’ appointment is long-awaited, as the position has been vacant since October 2020.  Prior to her appointment, Hotchkiss worked for five years as...

Oberlin College recently raised $80 million in Certified Climate Bonds for its Sustainable Infrastructure Project.
Oberlin Raised $80 Million in Climate Bonds to Fund Sustainable Infrastructure Project
Ella Moxley, News Editor • August 20, 2021

The College raised $80 million dollars for the Sustainable Infrastructure Project through climate bonds this July. Oberlin is the second institution of higher education in the U.S. to use climate bonds to fund sustainability projects on campus, after Stanford University. The College announced the acquisition...

Security Notebook
August 20, 2021

Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021 4:30 p.m. AVI Foodsystems staff reported a bat trapped in a window in the dining room at Talcott Hall. A Campus Safety officer and maintenance technician responded and removed the bat.  11:00 p.m. Officers and Oberlin Fire Department members responded to a fire alarm at...

Sophie Aaron’s “Love in the Time of Corona” Research
Sophie Aaron’s “Love in the Time of Corona” Research
Sophie Aaron
Latest Episode
This week's show is a special episode about Juneteenth, made up of segments by The Weekly team: Nina Auslander-Padgham, Eric Schank, and Casey Troost. First, Nina and Eric present a segment on the Oberlin Juneteenth festival, how it is different this year, and address potential town and gown tensions as more students participate in the parade. Afterwards, Nina Auslander-Padgham interviews Annessa Wyman, an Administrative Assistant at the College, about her personal involvement in planning Juneteenth festivities for the last decade. Finally, Casey Troost's segment is on the history and meaning of Juneteenth with interviews with African American locals: Ms. Margaret Christian, honoary Juneteenth board member and local historian; featured poet LaTonya Fenderson Warren; Valerie Lawson, chairperson of the Juneteenth executive board; Adenike Sharpley, professor of Dance at Oberlin; and Shelley Shepard. This episode originally aired on WOBC Oberlin, 91.5 FM, Oberlin College and Community radio at 3:00 pm EST on August 2nd, 2021.
Comic: Dishes Dilemma
Comic: Dishes Dilemma
Danny Valero, Illustrator
Comic: Thinking Outside the Box
Comic: Thinking Outside the Box
Danny Valero, Illustrator
Student-directed play Let Them Eat Chaos will be showing in the Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater this Saturday and Sunday.
Let Them Eat Chaos Explores Isolation and Human Connection on Stage
Lilyanna D’Amato, Senior Staff Writer • August 20, 2021

This weekend, the Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater will host a production of Let Them Eat Chaos, welcoming audiences for an in-person and student-directed play for the second time since the onset of the pandemic. Directed by College third-year Cyril Amanfo, the play is based on Kate Tempest’s genre-bending...

Last weekend’s student-organized natsu matsuri was originally planned to take place in the Science Center Bowl, but its location was moved to the Root Room due to a forecast of rain.
Students Organize Oberlin's First Ever Natsu Matsuri
Maeve Woltring, Arts & Culture Editor • August 20, 2021

Oberlin held its first ever natsu matsuri in the Root Room on Saturday, Aug. 7. Natsu matsuri, which translates to “summer festival,” are held by Japanese and Japanese-American communities in the late summer. They originated in urban communities that would hold memorial services for the people who...

Makers Market: The Cornucopia of Student Craft
Makers Market: The Cornucopia of Student Craft
Maeve Woltring, Arts & Culture Editor • August 13, 2021

Last weekend, Maker’s Market in the Science Center Bowl hosted an array of students’ artistic works. Tables lined the grass in the Science Center Bowl, each one showcasing the time and care Obies dedicate to their crafts. The event was an opportunity for students to sell their work to the Oberlin...

The Suicide Squad, a long-anticiapted sequel of the 2019 Suicide Squad, hit theaters and HBO Max on Aug. 6.
The Suicide Squad Ups The Ante(Hero) with Gore and Gunn(s)
Kushagra Kar, Editor-in-Chief • August 13, 2021

James Gunn really just rammed through the gates of the superhero genre with a spectacular explosion of death and crassness. Indubitably the showstopper of the summer, The Suicide Squad (2021) sheds the botched legacy of the Frankenstein’s monster that was David Ayer’s Suicide Squad (2016) and launches...

On Aug. 6 and 7 the ’Sco hosted a two-day experimental music festival, marking the first in-person, masks-up concert of non-student performers in the venue’s history.
Angel Ultra Fest: Masked Up and Full Force
Lily D'Amato August 13, 2021

Last weekend the Dionysus Disco hosted its first ever Angel Ultra Fest, a two-day music festival featuring nine experimental, hip-hop, R&B artists, and house DJs. Artists included DJ Macro, SiDAKA, Tama Gucci, Staysie Atoms, Blake Saint David, Sydfalls, TWEAKS,, and Yesterdayneverhappened...

The Aliens, opening on Aug. 6, marks the first-ever student directed production to air on the stage of the Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater.
First Student-Directed Play Debuts in the Wurtzel Theater
Eric Schank, Production Staff • August 6, 2021

After a semester of preparation, students are returning to the Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater for the first time since the onset of COVID-19. The Aliens, directed by College third-year Clara Zucker, will open on Aug. 6 and kick off a series of three plays showcasing the directing skills of students in...

On July 31, the performer credited with revitalizing Northeast Ohio’s Burlesque scene lit up the Solstice stage — Oberlin students will not be soon forgetting the name Bella Sin.
On The Record with Bella Sin, Burlesque Superstar
Maeve Woltring, Arts & Culture Editor • August 6, 2021

This past Saturday, Burlesque superstar Bella Sin graced the Solstice stage in Oberlin’s Heisman Club Field House. Sin is an on icon of Burlesque, a type of variety show that involves elaborate dance and intricate and erotic costumes. Sin was declared one of “Cleveland’s Most Interesting People”...

On the Record with Deesha Philyaw, Author of The Secret Lives of Church Ladies
On the Record with Deesha Philyaw, Author of The Secret Lives of Church Ladies
Nico Vickers, Managing Editor • July 30, 2021

Author and columnist Deesha Philyaw came to campus on Monday to discuss her new collection of short stories, The Secret Lives of Church Ladies. Since its publication in September  2020, the collection has won the 2021 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, the 2020 Story Prize for Fiction, and the 2020 Los...

On the Record with ThiNi Thai Chef Aon Krittathiranon
On the Record with ThiNi Thai Chef Aon Krittathiranon
Sander Ferrazza July 23, 2021

Aon Krittathiranon is the chef at ThiNi Thai, a Thai restaurant located at 18 Carpenter Court, right behind the Feve. Krittathiranon moved from his hometown of Chiang Mai after befriending Feve owners Matt and Jason Adelman by coincidence on their trip to Thailand. Krittathiranon and the Adelmans hit...

Vice President and Dean of Students Karen C. Goff will begin her tenure at Oberlin on Sept. 20, 2021.
Off the Cuff with Monique Burgdorf, Assistant Dean of Students
August 6, 2021

Assistant Dean of Students Monique Burgdorf wears many hats. Currently, she serves in the Center for Student Success as a liaison primarily to low-income and first-generation College students. She also works as an advisor for the Student Help And Resource Exchange program. Burgdorf’s work has become...

Off the Cuff with Amanda Bloom, DrugsCo Instructor
July 30, 2021

In preparation for Solstice, the joint Solarity and Drag Ball event happening on Saturday, Oberlin Students for Sensible Drug Policy hosted a trip-sitting workshop to train students on how to support individuals using recreational drugs. College third-year Amanda Bloom, co-chair of Oberlin SSDP, is co-teaching...

Donica Thomas Varner
Off the Cuff with Donica Thomas Varner, Former Vice President, General Counsel, & Secretary
July 2, 2021

Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary Donica Thomas Varner has worked at Oberlin for four years managing a variety of the College’s legal needs. Varner has helped the Board of Trustees and senior staff navigate issues around minimizing legal risk during the pandemic, Title IX compliance, navigating...

College third-year and field hockey defender Eli Modahl.
In The Locker Room with Eli Modahl, Field Hockey Captain and Intern for the Office of Environmental Sustainability
John Elrod August 20, 2021

College third-year and field hockey defender Eli Modahl is looking forward to intercollegiate competition in field hockey for the first time in two years. To stay connected with her team, Modahl has participated in team activities on campus and even trained for a half marathon while away from Oberlin...

College third-year and thrower on the track and field team Zac Ntia.
In The Locker Room with Thrower and Bonner Scholar Zac Ntia
John Elrod August 13, 2021

College third-year and thrower on the track and field team Zac Ntia has not been able to compete since students were sent home from campus in March 2020 due to COVID-19. Recently, he has had to adjust to Oberlin’s three-semester plan and all the changes of the summer semester. Still, he is highly motivated...

College second-year on the field hockey and lacrosse teams Vanessa Baker.
In The Locker Room With Vanessa Baker, Future Professor, Lawyer, and Politician
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • August 6, 2021

College second-year Vanessa Baker is involved in a variety of activities on campus. She has worked as a trainer for the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct program and Peer Advising Leader since the fall of her second-year, on top of being a dual-sport student-athlete on the field hockey and...

Editor-in-Chief Kushagra Kar.
The Review Gets Fit With Kushagra Kar, Editor-in-Chief
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • August 20, 2021

Not many people can balance the stresses of being a college student and co-Editor-in-Chief of Oberlin’s newspaper of record — unless you’re rising College third-year Kushagra Kar. This week we speak with Editor-in-Chief Kar on how he finds time for wellness in between classes and publishing a newspaper...

Young Kush Bulmer skateboarding.
The Review Gets Fit With Kush Bulmer, Production Editor and Senior Staff Writer
Zoë Martin del Campo, Sports Editor • August 13, 2021

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dip in both mental and physical health. The Review staff is ready to give you all the health, wellness, and fitness advice you’ll need to rebuild your own self-care practice. This week, we speak with skater, Production Editor, and Senior Staff Writer Kush...

Canadian soccer player Quinn winning a gold medal at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Quinn: Beacon of Hope for Transgender and Non-Binary Athletes
Zoe Kuzbari, Senior Staff Writer • August 13, 2021

Canadian soccer player Quinn made history at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by becoming the first openly transgender and nonbinary athlete to win a gold medal. Rising College second-year and field hockey and lacrosse player, River Schiff, says that he is inspired by Quinn and their accomplishments and...

Second-Years Are Hopeful About A New Year
Zoe Kuzbari, Senior Staff Writer • August 6, 2021

COVID-19 restrictions last fall and spring – including policies like the three-semester plan – made it difficult for Oberlin’s athletes to bond with their teammates. With fall sports’ pre-seasons starting next month, athletes are itching to get back on campus and be back with their full teams.  Rising...

Student-Athletes Prepare For Fall Season
Zoe Kuzbari, Senior Staff Writer • July 30, 2021

With the summer semester coming to an end, fall sports teams are looking to start amping up their practices for preseason and gearing up for the fall 2021 season. It’s been over a year since fall sports teams have played an in-season game and coaches and student-athletes alike are ready to get back...

Sha’Carri Richardson winning the 100m at the US Olympic trials.
Sha’Carri Richardson Ban Is Unfair
Zoe Kuzbari, Senior Staff Writer • July 23, 2021

Earlier this month, track star Sha’Carri Richardson tested positive for marijuana, leading to a one-month suspension from the Tokyo Olympics. Richardson was the favorite for a gold medal in the 100-meter dash. The 21-year-old tested positive in the state of Oregon — where marijuana is legal —...

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