Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Oberlin College Should Divest Now from Israel
Pelham Curtis, Maya Miller, Jonas Nelson, and Olivia Wohlgemuth December 8, 2023

In the late 1970s, Oberlin College students organized a divestment campaign. The College had adopted a policy stating that it would not invest in companies that had 10 percent  or more of their worldwide sales in South Africa or in companies that did not comply with the Sullivan Principles. Students...

Editorial Board Encourages Students to be Conscious of Holiday Spending
Editorial Board December 8, 2023

It is no secret that the Oberlin student body is politically active. One only has to walk around campus or listen in on a conversation in the morning Azariah’s Café line to realize that students care about the electoral world. Our strong opinions were evident this November when student populations...

Burton Hall is a popular dorm for students.
Disorganization In Housing Process Contributes to Lack of Community
Daisha Bouknight December 8, 2023

As an incoming first-year, one of the main things about Oberlin that stuck out to me was their commitment to inclusivity and emphasis on community. On the front page of the Housing Selection section of the Office of Residence Life’s webpage, it states that “Oberlin College & Conservatory considers...

Response to Open Letter from Oberlin’s Jewish Students: Jewish Americans Are Not Monolith
Micah Margolis, Letters To Editors • December 8, 2023

An open letter was published three weeks ago from a group claiming to speak for Oberlin’s Jewish students in the title of their article (“Open Letter from Oberlin’s Jewish Students,” The Oberlin Review, Nov. 17, 2023). While they might speak for themselves, they don’t reflect the feelings of...

Response to Open Letter from Jewish Students
Edna Josell, Letters To Editors • December 8, 2023

In response to the letter by seven Jewish students alleging to represent the entire Jewish student body of Oberlin, I would like to present a perspective that I am confident is held by far more. I will begin by stating the obvious: their letter demonstrates a complete lack of empathy toward those who...

Open Letter from Obies for Israel
Marshall Engel , Chair, Obies for Israel • December 8, 2023

We are Obies for Israel, a new Jewish group in the process of getting chartered at the College. We have a three-part mission. Firstly, we create a safe space for Oberlin students who care about Israel and who support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Secondly, we support education...

Oberlin Continues Performance Tradition of Handel’s Messiah
Nicolas Stebbins, Senior Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

In 1837, seven Oberlin students petitioned faculty on behalf of sacred music and created Oberlin’s Musical Union, one if the first choirs composed...

Students in Djembe Orchestra rehearse a piece for their upcoming performance on Dec. 5.
Oberlin’s Djembe Orchestra Breaks Musical Boundaries
Nicolas Stebbins, Senior Staff Writer • December 1, 2023

The Oberlin Djembe Orchestra, created by Visiting Instructor of West African Drumming Weedie Braimah in the fall of last year, asks students...

Cleveland Jazz Scene Serves Unique Purpose For Oberlin
Lyric Anderson, Conservatory Editor • December 1, 2023

As of 2023, the jazz scene in northeast Ohio could be described as small but mighty. There are a few venues in the region solely dedicated to...

Conservatory Library Shelves
Navigating Contemporary Repertoire Selection
Nicolas Stebbins, Senior Staff Writer • November 15, 2023

Musicians face a daunting task when they select music for a concert. Pulling from an ever-expanding pool of repertoire, they must whittle a musical...

Albert Herring
Stephanie Havey Explores Britten’s Only Comedy as Social Commentary in Her First Oberlin Opera
Chris Leimgruber, Distributor • November 3, 2023

From Nov. 2–4, the Oberlin Opera Theater will present Benjamin Britten’s satirical comedy Albert Herring. This production features the Oberlin...

Third-year students attend Mocktails & Mingle to practice networking skills.
Junior Runway: Third Year Prep Week Spreads Resources for Third-Year Internship Seekers
Adrienne Sato, Senior Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

This week, Oberlin Student Senate hosted Junior Runway: Third Year Prep Week, a series of workshops and events aimed at preparing third-years to apply for and be successful in internships. Organized by Third-Year Class Representative Natalie Dufour with support from the Center for Career Exploration...

Professors in the REEES and MENA departments have adapted curriculums and hosted events to respond to conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.
Academic Departments Address International Conflict
Ava Miller and Kayla Kim December 8, 2023

In the wake of continuing international conflict in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Oberlin faculty has addressed educating the greater College community in various ways.  On Feb. 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized “special military operations” in Ukraine. Russian forces...

City Council Update for December 4
Yasu Shinozaki, News Editor • December 8, 2023

Council Votes to Put Charter Amendments on Ballot Oberlin City Council met Monday for a regular meeting. Council President Bryan Burgess was absent, so Council Vice President Kelley Singleton presided over the meeting. All other Councilmembers were present. City Council voted unanimously to put several...

International Oberlin Faculty Share Experiences in U.S.
Karthik Ranganadhan, Senior Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

Within Oberlin, international students and faculty bring experiences to the classroom that are distinct from their domestic counterparts.  Many faculty who now teach at Oberlin grew up in circumstances very different from the U.S., often studying languages other than English in their high schools....

Oberlin Offices Partner with Good Knights of Lorain County
Lily Nobel, Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

This November, Oberlin donated 300 beds and dressers to Good Knights, a nonprofit organization based in Lorain that seeks to provide beds to those in need, particularly children. The project was facilitated by Facilities Operations, the Office of Residence Life, and the Office of Energy and Sustainability...

Cybersecurity Training Combats Technological Threats
Yasu Shinozaki, News Editor • December 8, 2023

On Nov. 13, the Center for Information Technology released a short online training course on safeguarding against cybersecurity threats to students and faculty. The course, which consists of short videos and tests, was provided by Wizer, a company that specializes in cybersecurity training and remains...

World Headlines
Maddy DeCardy-Torris, Layout Editor • December 8, 2023

Israeli Army Surrounds Southern Gaza, Khan Younis 60 days into the Israeli incursion into Gaza, Israeli forces have surrounded and invaded Khan Younis, the second largest city of the Gaza Strip. Marking the next phase of the ground offensive against Hamas, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, the chief...

Peter McPoland headlines Solarity on Saturday.
Time to Clock in: Welcome to Solarity Inc.
Eloise Rich, The Bulletin Editor, Web Manager
Latest Episode
This week's show is a special episode about Juneteenth, made up of segments by The Weekly team: Nina Auslander-Padgham, Eric Schank, and Casey Troost. First, Nina and Eric present a segment on the Oberlin Juneteenth festival, how it is different this year, and address potential town and gown tensions as more students participate in the parade. Afterwards, Nina Auslander-Padgham interviews Annessa Wyman, an Administrative Assistant at the College, about her personal involvement in planning Juneteenth festivities for the last decade. Finally, Casey Troost's segment is on the history and meaning of Juneteenth with interviews with African American locals: Ms. Margaret Christian, honoary Juneteenth board member and local historian; featured poet LaTonya Fenderson Warren; Valerie Lawson, chairperson of the Juneteenth executive board; Adenike Sharpley, professor of Dance at Oberlin; and Shelley Shepard. This episode originally aired on WOBC Oberlin, 91.5 FM, Oberlin College and Community radio at 3:00 pm EST on August 2nd, 2021.
Oberlin Review Comic 12/8/2023
Oberlin Review Comic 12/8/2023
Molly Chapin, Layout Manager and Illustrator
Oberlin Review Comic 11/17/2023
Oberlin Review Comic 11/17/2023
Molly Chapin, Layout Manager and Illustrator
Pipeline plays in the Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater this weekend.
Pipeline Inspires Conversations Surrounding Race-Centered Struggles in Students
Sadie Howard, Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

This weekend, the Oberlin Theater Department will put on five showings of Dominique Morisseau’s Pipeline, directed by Professor of Theater and Africana Studies Caroline Jackson Smith and held in the Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater. Pipeline also serves as the senior capstone project for College fourth-year...

Julia Kwon led a quilting workshop on Dec. 1.
Julia Kwon Leads Quilting Workshop, Creates Art With Themes of Gender, Ethnicity
Chloe Boccara, Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

On Friday, Dec. 1, artist Julia Kwon led a collective quilting workshop in Peters Hall. Students gathered to each sew a work that Kwon plans to add to a patchwork quilt. Kwon primarily works with the medium of textiles to comment on social issues related to her identity as a Korean-American woman. She...

Avery Russell co-organized SOSHA’s “Words of Healing.”
SOSHA Hosts “Words of Healing” Coffeehouse Event
Kathleen Kelleher, Senior Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

Survivors of Sexual Harm and Allies, a student-led organization dedicated to advocacy and support for survivors of gender-based violence and sexual harm, hosted “Words of Healing: A Coffeehouse Event” this past Tuesday night at the Cat in the Cream. The event was created for survivors and their allies...

Plane rides offer a chance for people to engage with media.
Flight Flicks: Surviving Liminal Spaces on Planes
Chloe Ko, Arts & Culture Editor • December 8, 2023

Transitional states are often ideal for experimentation, seeking out the novel, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Airports and planes are an exception. In such a brief span of time, with chaos in the minds of fellow travelers and inevitably inadequate preparation — no matter how many times you...

Stand-up comedians performed at the ’Sco last Friday.
ObieSUCC Gives Students Comedy Education
Sumner Wallace, Production Editor • December 8, 2023

The Oberlin Stand Up Comedy Coalition, better known as ObieSUCC, put on their third ChicagOberlin show last Friday, Dec. 1. Students headed to the ’Sco to laugh with talented, up-and-coming Chicago comedians, as well as student performers trying their hand at stand-up.  ChicagOberlin was created...

Rayna Moxley December 8, 2023

I have killed many before you breakfasts, I do my work best in the morning, though you rise first -my banishment, my bane, burnished red tipped by white like the mountains of Crete. A paintbrush dipped, we dot the cosmos / this abysmal rabbit hole. I am sure death is no worse. The creature...

Weekly Crossword
Weekly Crossword
Ryan Beatty December 8, 2023

Across 1. Jimmy’s imperative is to bleed this 8. Holy land for ancient and Latter-Day saints 12. Hall of famer, or eater of aluminum 13. \She served, he ___\ 14. Pure ecstasy  15. First responders 16. Hated strip from The Far Side 18. Performers at many a rave 19. Not quite sketches 20....

Crossword Answers 12/1
Crossword Answers 12/1
Kate Martin December 8, 2023

Liz Burgess houses kittens in the back of Ginko Gallery.
Community Action To Save Strays Works to Control Feral Cat Population, Houses Cats in Oberlin
Sydney Collinger, Staff Writer • December 1, 2023

Behind the seemingly endless litters of kittens that make their way through the Ginko Gallery’s back room is Liz Burgess, OC ’73, a foster parent for neonatal kittens in Oberlin. Her experience with cats spans approximately 20 years, and her initial interest was sparked when a cat was killed in front...

2023 Wrapped appears on Spotify users home pages.
In Increasingly Separate World, Spotify Wrapped Connects Us
Lucy Curtis, Arts & Culture Editor • December 1, 2023

Many people, including myself, woke up on Wednesday morning to find this year’s Spotify Wrapped available on their phone. If you’re an avid music listener like me, this was quite exciting. There is something thrilling about seeing all sorts of statistics about your music listening lined up next to...

Heidi Freas
Heidi Freas: Nursing Home Owner, Rotarian, Youth Mentor
Ava Miller, News Editor • December 8, 2023

Heidi Freas was born and raised in Oberlin. She is a third-generation owner and operator of Welcome Nursing Home along with her sister Jill. Freas graduated from Oberlin High School in 1993 and is an alumn of Wittenberg University and Washington University School of Medicine. She has a clinical background...

Karen Schaefer: Community Member, Environmental Journalist
Ava Miller, News Editor • December 1, 2023

A longtime resident of Oberlin, Karen Schaefer has been a reporter for radio, print, and broadcast television for 30 years. She has worked for WCPN-Cleveland, Environmental Health News, Daily Climate, and as a freelancer. She’s had pieces published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Oberlin News-Tribune,...

Libni López speaks at the Community Candidates Night at the First Church in Oberlin.
Libni López: City Council Member- Elect, Community Organizer, Therapist
Kayla Kim, Managing Editor • November 17, 2023

Libni López is a therapist who focuses on bilingual therapy and helping trans individuals with gender-affirming care. From 2017 to 2023, he worked with the College as a program fellow for the Multicultural Resource Commons and a bilingual therapist at the Counseling Center. He now owns his own private...

From left to right: Jasper de Boor, Sarah Ying Ma, Max Ball, and Drew Dansby at the Fischoff Competition in May 2023.
Poiesis Quartet: Fischoff Grand Prize Winners
Emir Efe November 15, 2023

Quoted as an “emerging young ensemble to watch” by the Hyde Park Herald, the Poiesis Quartet was formed at Oberlin College and Conservatory during the fall semester of 2022. The members of the quartet are Conservatory fourth-year violinist Sarah Ying Ma, Conservatory fourth-year violinist Max Ball,...

Susie Ibarra plays Kulintang Gongs
Susie Ibarra: Composer, Percussionist, Interdisciplinary Sound Artist
Lyric Anderson, Conservatory Editor • October 27, 2023

Susie Ibarra is a Filipinx composer, percussionist, and sound artist. Many of Ibarra’s projects focus on both cultural and environmental preservation around the world, such as glacial sound mapping in Greenland, and effects of desertification as told by underrepresented female voices in Morocco. From...

Maíra Vianna in a Bibbins Hall classroom.
Dominique Arciero and Maíra Vianna: Singer-Songwriters, Producers, and Audio Engineers
Nicolas Stebbins, Senior Staff Writer • September 29, 2023

Dominique Arciero is a singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. After performing with her two sisters in a band called the Lunabelles, Arciero turned to writing and recording her own music. She has created award-winning records and collaborated with many prolific musicians.  Originally from...

Kari Barclay
On The Record With Kari Barclay: Assistant Professor of Theater, Intimacy Choreography Scholar
Calvin Ray Shawler, Staff Writer • December 1, 2023

Kari Barclay is a director, playwright, and assistant professor of Theater at Oberlin College. Barclay wrote and directed Stonewallin’, which was performed at Oberlin in spring 2023. Barclay has studied the rise of intimacy choreography for around seven years, and shares their thoughts and experiences...

Anna Aubry
On The Record With Anna Aubry, OC '21: NYC-Based Actor, Writer, Comedian
Lucy Curtis and Chloe Ko November 17, 2023

Anna Aubry, OC ’21, graduated with a degree in Theater, receiving Highest Honors and the Nash Drama Award. She is currently a cast member on Brooklyn Comedy Collective’s What Made You Laugh and will soon join Upright Citizens Brigade’s Lloyd Night. Aubry recently performed Doom Tank, a one-woman...

Julius Bailey
On The Record With Julius Bailey: Author of Philosophy Behind Modern Hip-Hop
Nikki Keating, Editor-in-Chief • November 10, 2023

Julius Bailey is chair of the department of Philosophy and Religion at Wittenberg University, as well as director of both the African & Diaspora Studies and the Justice, Law & Public Policy programs. Bailey, a cultural critic and theorist, presented his lecture, “Hip Hop and Bad Faith Democracy,...

Ryley Steggall poses for media day.
In The Locker Room with Ryley Steggall, Track Sprinter, Dual Event Champion
James Foster, Sports Editor • December 8, 2023

Second-year Ryley Steggall has always been fast. Since she was little, every coach she had found ways to showcase her speed, whether it was stealing bases on the softball field, streaking past defenders on the soccer pitch, or sprinting past her competition on the track.  In her first year at Oberlin...

Steadman-Shockley practices racquetball.
In The Locker Room with Homer Steadman-Shockley, Ohio’s Top Collegiate Racquetball Player
Andrea Nguyen, Sports Editor • November 17, 2023

Homer Steadman-Shockley is a third-year College student who is the top college racquetball player for the region including Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. His record currently stands at 25–5. Steadman-Shockley has been playing racquetball on and off ever since he was 8 years old. For 11 years, before...

Audrey Weber
In the Locker Room with Emily Ferrari and Audrey Weber, Co-Captains of Women’s Swim and Dive
Daisha Bouknight November 10, 2023

Emily Ferrari and Audrey Weber are both fourth-years and captains of the women’s swim and dive team. Weber is from the Cayman Islands, majoring in Anthropology, Hispanic Studies, and Latin American Studies and Ferrari is from Cooperstown, NY, majoring in Environmental Studies and Biology. Throughout...

Off to Racing: Indoor Track and Field Season Underway
Off to Racing: Indoor Track and Field Season Underway
Micah Rodriguez, Staff Writer • December 8, 2023

On Dec. 2, the track and field teams began their seasons at Case Western Reserve University for the 10th Annual Spartan Holiday Classic. The spotlight was on the sprint and field teams at this event, with many members of the distance teams still recovering from the cross country season.  Starting with...

“Night of Champions” poster is displayed.
Mega Championship Wrestling, Local Professional Indie Circuit
Ella Erdahl, Production Editor • December 8, 2023

World Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling are the powerhouse companies of the wrestling world. However, they are not the only places where you can get a fill of professional grappling. Independent circuits around the country put on countless shows that have the same action-packed bouts, often...

The Huskies beat the Ducks for a spot in the College Football Playoffs.
Sports Weekly Updates, Week of 12/8
Rodrigo Llaguno and Micah Rodriguez December 8, 2023

College Football Playoff Committee Makes Selections, Garners Controversy After each conference finishes its regular season, the College Football Playoff Committee comes together to decide which teams performed the best in their respective leagues. Those selected go on to a four-team playoff to determine...

Anastasis Spyroglou dribbles mid-game.
Winter Sports Break Records, Win Big Over Thanksgiving Break
Rodrigo Llaguno, Senior Staff Writer • December 1, 2023

Over Thanksgiving break, four Oberlin teams were busy bringing home victories and shattering school records. The swim and dive team had an invitational a week before the break and broke three school records, some of which were set in the ’90s. Also, the women’s and men’s basketball teams cruised...

Problems with the NFL Fining System
Micah Rodriguez, Staff Writer • December 1, 2023

This season, fines in the NFL are being handed out at an all-time high rate and players, both current and former, are beginning to express their concern. With 8:11 left in the first quarter of the Detroit Lions’ Week 11 matchup against the Chicago Bears, Lions quarterback Jared Goff handed the ball...

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc chases Red Bull’s Max Verstappen for the race win in Las Vegas.
Formula 1 Finishes Record-Breaking Season
Karthik Ranganadhan, Senior Staff Writer • December 1, 2023

On Sunday, Nov. 26, the 2023 Formula 1 season ended with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates. Formula 1 is one of the world’s premier open-wheel racing leagues, in which 10 teams compete with two cars and two drivers per team. The competition travels around...

What Does The Future Look Like For Ohio State Fans?
Kayla Kim, Managing Editor • December 1, 2023

Ask any football fan about rivalries in college football, and most will bring up one: the rivalry between The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. For any Ohio State fan, including myself, “The Game” against Michigan is a day comparable to, or even bigger than, a major holiday. Before...

Oregon vs. Oregon State took place Nov. 24.
Sports Weekly Updates: Week of 12/1
James Foster and Andrea Nguyen December 1, 2023

Michigan Outlasts Ohio State in “The Game” This year, during college football’s Rivalry Week, the embattled Michigan Wolverines took on the Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI. The annual showdown between the two titans, dubbed “The Game,” is often one of the most anticipated...

Shiva Senthil is the men’s basketball head coach.
Oberlin Coaches Earn Prestigious Accolades
Rodrigo Llaguno, Senior Staff Writer • November 17, 2023

In team sports, a head coach plays one of the most important roles. Leading a team through good times, bad times, or even in the offseason, it’s a head coach’s job to make the team successful  and push athletes to the best of their abilities. The Oberlin Athletics Department recruits coaches who...

Gotham wins the NWSL Final.
NWSL Playoffs Filled with Tension, Drama
Ryley Steggall November 17, 2023

This year, two of the NWSL’s most iconic lesbians played their final game against each other. The OL Reign’s Megan Rapinoe and NJ/NY Gotham FC’s Ali Krieger both played in an incredible, action-packed game that ended with Gotham winning their first NWSL Championship. A bittersweet ending, of course,...

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