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Please let us know if you have any feedback, corrections, or comments for the Review! See the list below for staff contact information. If you prefer snail mail, letters may be addressed to: Wilder Box 90, 135 West Lorain Street, Oberlin, OH 44074.

For all published commentary, please contact [email protected] and see our content submission guidelines for letters to the editors.

Editors-in-Chief : Contact

Anisa Curry Vietze
Katherine MacPhail

Managing Editor : Contact

Kate Fishman

Production Manager : Contact

Ivy Fernandez Smith

News Editors : Contact

Ella Moxley

Gigi Ewing

Opinions Editor : Contact

Kushagra Kar

This Week Editor: Contact

Nico Vickers

Arts and Culture Editors:  Contact

Anna Farber

L. Joshua Jackson

Sports Editors: Contact

Zoë Martin del Campo

Khalid McCalla

Photo Editors : Contact

Mallika Pandey

        Madison Olsen

Web Manager : Contact

Anokha Venugopal

Production Staff

Drew Dansby

Christo Hays

Jimmy Holland

Arman Luczkow

Allison Schmitt

Alexa Stevens

Grace Smith

Olive Hwang

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