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2017-2018 Staff

Eliza Guinn is a fourth-year French and History double major. She's a copy editor and this year she's also working as a writing associate for the History department.

Hi! My name is Jackie Brant. I'm a second year from Houston, Texas. I am a Philosophy and Law and Society double major and intend to pursue criminal law. I was a columnist my freshman year for The Review and am now one of the Ops Editors. I also am on the Oberlin Women's Soccer team and the Philosophy Majors Committee.

Hi, my name is Maddi and I am a 3rd year English major. I enjoy a casual cup of coffee in the morning, and occasionally peruse through a collection of goat photos that I have on my phone. In my free time, I dabble in soccer, and play for the Oberlin Women’s soccer team. Oh, I guess I should mention this, I’m also in charge of finding all of the pretty advertisements you see in the Oberlin Review.

Nathan Carpenter is a second-year Environmental Studies major from Portland, Oregon. He began writing for the Review in fall 2016 and became Opinions Editor a year later. He is a fervent supporter of the Oxford comma and pronounces gif the right way — with a hard 'g'.

My name is Monique Newton and I'm a fourth year double major in Politics and Law and Society with a minor in Africana Studies. I am the Business Manager of the Review this year. In addition to filling out timecards for the Review I'm also a member of the Track and Field team and a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellow. Some of my hobbies include watching Andrew Luck throw touchdowns, throwing...

Hello! My name is Madi Mettenburg. I’m a third year Politics/Creative Writing double major and a production assistant at the Review. When not swapping hyphens for semicolons and destroying any evidence of written air quotes, I play violin, knit, wait in the DeCafe line, and sleep. Likes: people, places, and things

Hi my name is Lucy (she/her/hers) and I'm a third year Biology major and I'm the This Week Editor for the Review. My dog came to visit the office and now everyone likes me.

Hi! My name is Julie Schreiber and I'm one of the Sports Editors for the Oberlin Review this year! I'm a third-year politics major and rhetoric and composition minor, and in addition to the Review, I spend my time playing for the Oberlin Field Hockey team, working at the 'Sco, and making lentils in Tank. This semester, I have a newly developed fondness for statement pants, and I'm always having a good...

Hugh Newcomb is a fourth-year chemistry major and a photo editor. He likes the mountains and driving and taking photos.

Gwennie is a senior English and History double major with a minor in Comparative American Studies. In addition to copy editing at the Review, Gwennie also plays on the women's soccer team, runs on the women's track team, and leads the History department's Writing Associate program. A passionate lover of puppies and baby goats, Gwennie can be found at The Local when not in class or pursuing her many o...

Elena Hartley is a fourth year Geology and Chemistry major. She's currently the Art Coordinator and (substitute) Chief Layout Editor at the Synapse. This is her first year working as a layout editor for the Review and is super excited to join the crew! In her spare time, she collects lovely rocks, draws comics and hones her Smash Bros skills.

Hi! I'm Ananya Gupta. I'm a second year and currently haven't decided my major, but am leaning towards Environmental Studies and/or English. I'm one of the Arts and Culture editors at the Oberlin Review. I write a lot of poetry and play badminton on occasion. Can be found stocking up on Nutella.

My name is Alexis Dill, and I'm a sophomore English major from nearby Avon, Ohio. This is my first year as news editor of The Review, and I also play on the softball team here at Oberlin.

Mikaela Fishman is a third-year visual arts major. This is her first year working for the Review as web editor. She prefers InDesign to WordPress but alas, here she is.

Mason Boutis is a junior English major with an entirely undecided concentration. They spend most of their time drinking coffee with their pup, Beatrice, and if they're not doing that, they can likely be found working at Swerve or camped out in Slow Train. They love running and rock climbing, and will always go for a hike if given the chance.

Parker Shatkin is a second year Studio Art/Russian and Eastern European Studies double major and the Arts Section Layout Editor.

Victoria Albacete is a fourth year English and Biology major with a Hispanic Studies minor. She's currently serving as the Production Manager and has worked with the Review as a copy editor since fall 2015. Outside of the office, she enjoys curling up with stacks of books from the OPL, hoarding tickets and receipts to doodle on in her bullet journal, and drinking endless mugs of yerba mate from her...

Daniel Markus is a fourth-year Biochemistry major. He is currently the Managing Editor after starting as a Staff Writer in fall 2016. He enjoys writing album reviews and creating the crossword, and and his favorite character is the semicolon.

Courtney Loeb (they/them) is a second-year production staff member who, in a time when all else is uncertain, at least knows where to place a comma.

Sydney Allen is a junior English major news editor. She is also on the lacrosse team, a Writing Associate, and is an assistant editor for The Wilder Voice. Besides the lacrosse field, Burton basement is one of her favorite places on campus.

Giselle Glaspie is a third-year Environmental Studies major with a passion for grammar, cats, trees, and other basic things. All of her friends know she is from Vermont because she talks about it all the time. Hobbies include skiing, sledding, and long car rides.

Bryan Rubin is a fourth-year Environmental Studies and Politics major who started working for the the Review as a staff photographer in 2014, and became one of the photo editors in the fall of 2015. I take photos, that’s what I do — but it doesn’t mean I have any good headshots!

Christian Bolles is a fourth-year Archaeological Studies major. His tangential interest in movies had him writing reviews of them for the Review starting in fall 2015. When he became an arts editor in late spring 2016, the movie reviews didn't stop, because justice never sleeps. He enjoys writing fiction, which he promises doesn't work its way into his journalism. Most of the time.

Auden Granger is a third-year Comparative American Studies major with a concentration in Identity & Diversity. They are passionate about disability justice and 'crip' activism. When not working as a copy editor at the Review, they can often be found researching the representation of disability in popular media, particularly comics. As academic as this may sound, in application it largely means ...

Melissa Harris is currently one of the Editors-in-Chief at the Review and is a fourth-year History and English major. She began as a staff writer in 2014, then became a production editor in fall 2016 and a news editor in spring 2017. Her guilty pleasure is doing The New York Times crossword puzzle, even if she's mediocre at it. She's also a podcast junky and proud of it.

Kendall Mahavier is a senior politics and economics double major. This is her second year working at the Review on the production staff. She is eternally grateful that the Review has updated its style to include the Oxford comma, the greatest of all commas.

Established 1874.