Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Post-Grad Careers Jeopardized by Three-Semester Plan

Arman Luczkow, Opinions Editor October 8, 2021

When COVID-19 first sent students scrambling back home in March of 2020, I was devastated. Although it had taken me a while to feel at home in Oberlin, by my second year I’d come to love the...

Every Afghan is My Family: Watching From Afar as My Home is Under Siege

Arman Luczkow, Opinions Editor August 20, 2021

The past few weeks have seen devastating developments for many Afghans. As U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban surged across the country. It wasn’t long before the Afghan government collapsed...

Delayed Housing Assignments Are Latest ResEd Misstep

Editorial Board August 20, 2021

Ask any Obie how they feel about the Office of Residential Education, and they’ll probably recount numerous pent-up grievances. ResEd’s laundry list of mishaps from the past year includes their inability...

When My ZIP Code Matters Most: An International Student’s Story With Financial Aid

Noah Hamaoui August 20, 2021

“Dear Noah,  We’re sorry to inform you that Oberlin cannot change your financial aid package,” wrote the Oberlin Office of Financial Aid in an email to me. I’ve heard this speech so many...

More Support Needed to Counteract Crunch-Time Culture

Reginald Goudeau, Columnist August 13, 2021

Crunch-time culture is rampant throughout Oberlin, but the three-semester plan and the lack of breaks and administrative support, combined with still rigorous class schedules, has worsened Oberlin’s...

It’s Okay to Take a Mental Health Day

Sydney Rosensaft, Senior Staff Writer August 13, 2021

The hectic rush of college life and the process of learning to balance everything yourself is taxing on student mental health. It often seems impossible to find space to prioritize yourself and take time...

Oberlin’s COVID-19 Policies Unclear, Insufficient

Desmond Hearne Morrey, Columnist August 13, 2021

During the summer semester, there has only been one confirmed case of COVID-19 on Oberlin’s campus. This achievement, while impressive, is perhaps boosted by the fact that the College has discontinued...

Discouraging COVID-19 Testing Won’t Mitigate Spread of Anxiety

Editorial Board August 13, 2021

The summer semester has breezed by in terms of COVID-19 mitigation. For the most part, life on campus this summer has been unaffected by the pandemic, despite the fact that, for the rest of the world,...

You’re Not Being Tricked: Put the Mask Back On

Peter Fray-Witzer August 6, 2021

Things are starting to get dicey again.  Everyone is talking about it: the radio station I listen to as I drive to work,  “JAM’N 94.5, Boston’s #1 for Hip-Hop,” had a call-in segment about...

New Faculty Healthcare Plan Lags Behind Competitors

Kirk Ormand, Nathan A. Greenberg Professor of Classics August 6, 2021

Oberlin College faculty were recently informed that we will all be moved onto a Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan, a high-deductible plan, in direct contradiction to the recommendation of our Compensation...

Returning to Music, Despite Hectic Schedules

Sydney Rosensaft, Senior Staff Writer July 30, 2021

Although Oberlin is well-known for the Conservatory’s music, the musicality of College students is sometimes overlooked. The majority of people I have met at Oberlin play an instrument — with varying...

Finding Masculinities That Work For Me

Desmond Hearne Morrey, Columnist July 30, 2021

I was a sophomore in high school the year that former President Donald Trump was elected. In retrospect, it’s clear that a lot of the boys that I hung out with were struggling with depression. They spent...

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