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This Election is Life or Death for Senior Citizens

Booker C. Peek, Professor Emeritus of Africana Studies October 28, 2020

Our Congressman Jim Jordan said on Fox TV this Sunday morning that his and President Trump's most important and urgent goal is to open up everything instantly — all schools, jobs, entertainment, etc....

Breonna Taylor Event Creates Space for Collective Dialogue, Support

Darielle Kennedy October 23, 2020

As Student Senate’s Race Relations and Equity Liaison, one of my missions is to put the voices of oppressed people at the forefront when addressing issues that impact their communities the most. I want...

Without Breaks, Students Struggle to Sustain Engaged Learning

Editorial Board October 23, 2020

Current students have never before experienced an Oberlin October without a fall break — and we don’t want to whine, but it’s harder than we expected. While normally midterms would be followed by...

Jazz, Jasper, and Jeremiah cuddle as they nap in the backroom of Ginko's.

Ginko’s Gallery Making Efforts to Reduce Stray Kitten Issue in Oberlin

Sydney Rosensaft October 23, 2020

The craft store Ginko Gallery & Studio’s back room is usually filled with people, eagerly waiting to cuddle a newborn kitten. Petting a kitten lowers a person’s heart rate to provide stress relief,...

Khalid and Zoë Decide Everything: Rodent Rampage

Khalid McCalla and Zoë Martin del Campo October 23, 2020

These opinions do not reflect the views of The Oberlin Review staff. However, we are amazing and knowledgeable about many things, so we’re glad that you trust us to settle these debates.    Question:...

Mahallati’s Past as an Apologist for Crimes Against Humanity

Deljou Abadi, Director, Iranian Refugees’ Alliance, Inc. October 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: This statement is part of a broader conversation about allegations brought against Professor of Religion and Nancy Schrom Dye Chair in Middle East and North African Studies Mohammad Jafar...

Keep Fighting for a Better World Despite COVID

Ella Pike October 21, 2020

People materialize onto the screen for my 9:00 a.m. Greek History class. Connecting to audio, they turn on their cameras, heads bowed within seconds to stare at their phones. By 9:05, two people have turned...

Make Election Day a Campus Holiday

Student Senate October 21, 2020

Dear Educational Plans and Policies Committee and Educational Policy Committee, We write today to ask that Oberlin College and Conservatory cancels classes on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020, considering...

What Does A Trump Victory Really Mean?

Booker C. Peek October 21, 2020

"Trump Has Won A Second Term!" will read the headlines in America and throughout the entire world some time after Nov. 3. If that becomes our world, all Americans should rejoice over the fact Trump won’t...

David Brunberg’s Concerns Over Westwood Section Have Been Addressed

Audrey Kolb, President, Friends of Westwood Cemetery October 21, 2020

In his letter, Let Us Lift Our Memorials Above Ground, Mr. Brunberg raised some legitimate concerns about the maintenance of, and regulations around, section S of the Westwood cemetery; but they are concerns...

Hiring Mohammad Mahallati Against Oberlin’s Mission and Vision

October 9, 2020

Editor’s Note: This statement was originally sent in an email to President Carmen Twillie Ambar on Oct. 8 and was signed by 56 family members of the victims and former political prisoners, as well as...

Statement in Response to Allegations of Covering Up Iranian Executions

Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, Nancy Schrom Dye Chair in Middle East and North African Studies and Professor of Religion October 9, 2020

Editor’s Note: This statement is in response to accusations made by Kaveh Shahrooz and Lawdan Bazargan. Read the Review’s news coverage here.  I feel deeply for the ongoing suffering of family...

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