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Higher Ed Must Recognize Community Responsibilities in Vaccine Rollout

Eilish Spear March 5, 2021

Due to power outages resulting from record low temperatures in Houston last week, Harris County Public Health announced on Monday that it had 8,430 doses of coronavirus vaccines in broken freezers that...

Steps Toward Liberation: A Reflection on Conservatory Missteps

L. Joshua Jackson, Arts & Culture Editor March 5, 2021

“The paradox of education is precisely this, that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which [they are] being educated.” — James Baldwin The Conservatory’s...

Khalid and Zoë Advise Everything: Dastardly Dishes

Khalid McCalla and Zoë Martin del Campo March 5, 2021

Desperate Daughter says, “My dad is the nicest guy in the entire world. He’s genuinely my best friend. I would not be the person I am without him — he’s an incredible human being and an inspiringly...

Ohio Legislature Must Repeal House Bill Six

Sofia Herron Geller and Caroline Lee March 5, 2021

As students at Oberlin, many of us feel passionate about mitigating climate change, protecting our environment, transitioning to renewable resources, and defending the integrity of democracy. House Bill...

Conservatory Controversy Exposes Shortcomings, But Overshadows Vital Programming

Chris Jenkins, Associate Dean for Academic Support March 3, 2021

Editor's note: This letter addresses a controversial flier for the final recital in the Conservatory’s Black History Month series “Celebrating Black Artistry.” I’d like to make three points...

The Texas Snow Storm: Another Deadly Wake Up Call

Madison Olsen, Photo Editor March 3, 2021

An entire state’s electrical grid failed overnight during last month’s deadly winter storm, leaving at least 4.5 million Texans without electricity, unable to meet basic needs, and unprepared for...

Conservatory Apology Shows Oberlin Isn’t Listening

Reginald Goudeau, Columnist March 3, 2021

During my short time as a Review columnist, I’ve written a lot about tone-deaf and unhelpful interactions I’ve experienced at Oberlin. Recently, I was working on a piece highlighting my journey to...

Kosher Halal Co-Op, 1990.

Killing Uniqueness: Goodbye, Kosher Halal Co-op

Naeem Mohaiemen, OC ’93 February 26, 2021

In One Oberlin’s path toward growth and profitability, the current administration possibly feels that all that is small, irregular, quirky, and unprofitable is a barrier to “modernity.” As I have...

Comic: Chronicle of a Winter Foretold

Comic: Chronicle of a Winter Foretold

Clair Wang, Cartoonist February 26, 2021

Contract Grading System Key to Equitable Learning

Arman Luczkow, Columnist February 26, 2021

Once, as I meandered about King Building — as one did in pre-COVID times — I overheard two professors discussing grades. They were confused about why their students were so eager for an A, constantly...

Don’t Let Ohio Go Red: Looking to 2022 Statewide Races

Marisa Kim February 26, 2021

After nearly two years of constant horse-race coverage, a divisive Democratic primary, the long nights watching John King maneuver through his Magic Wall, and the following violent melodrama over unfounded...

College Should Mandate Coronavirus Vaccinations

Sumner Wallace February 26, 2021

On Feb. 10, the College sent out an email via ObieSafe asking students to fill out a survey indicating their interest in being vaccinated this spring. While the College has yet to announce a full plan...

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