Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Gaydar Can Promote Harmful Stereotypes

Gaydar Can Promote Harmful Stereotypes

Eliza Greenbaum September 15, 2023

I had the perfect line planned for coming out. I was sitting with two friends in the school cafeteria. We must have been about fourteen at the time. I had recently gotten a haircut that made my curls look...

Overly Complex Language Impedes Productive Learning Environment

Muhsen Al-Dajani September 15, 2023

I am a prospective Law and Society, Philosophy, and Politics major. I have participated in many Dungeons and Dragons games, Model United Nations competitions, and at least one moot court meeting. Needless...

Protests against Issue 1 vote started as early as May.

Discontent in Republican Leadership Evident in Issue 1 Vote

Hanna Alwine, Opinions Editor September 15, 2023

In the last few weeks of July and the first week of August, my Instagram feed began to fill up with posts about an Ohio Special Election. Quickly glancing through my timeline, I was repeatedly prompted...

Standard Summer Employment Deserving Respect Among Student Body

Cecily Miles, Columnist September 8, 2023

Oberlin College’s reputation for its cooperative and noncompetitive culture precedes it. Prospective student message boards and admissions forums attest to these characteristics on campus, while the...

Comic: Students Return to Campus

Comic: Students Return to Campus

Molly Chapin, Layout Manager and Illustrator September 8, 2023

Creative Writing department in Peters Hall

Oberlin Should Better Support Creative Writing Department

Anna Wenzel September 8, 2023

When I began looking for colleges to apply to about two years ago, there was one criteria at the top of my list: the school needed to have a creative writing program, preferably a major. Creative writing...

Facilities moved clubs’ belongings over the summer.

Facilities Must Communicate With Student Groups During Construction

Editorial Board September 8, 2023

Over the summer, Oberlin continued its Sustainable Infrastructure Project, which focuses on converting buildings to the district hot water system and installing electric heat pumps and geothermal wells....

Mainstream Feminism Still Centers White Women

Avery Russell, Columnist September 8, 2023

I, like millions of teenagers across the U.S., went to see Greta Gerwig’s film Barbie this July. I loved the pastel pinks, wittiness, and Margot Robbie — I found it an extremely fun watch. However,...

Out of state students should take a page from Midwest handbook.

Oberlin Can Learn from Midwestern Kindness

Selena Frantz, Columnist September 8, 2023

If you spend more than a few hours walking around Oberlin’s campus, you will likely start to notice a strange phenomenon. It’s not outwardly obvious, though once you notice it, you probably won’t...

Affirmative Action Promises to Affect Generations of Prospective Students of Color

Ella Powell, Opinions Editor September 8, 2023

Higher education institutions have consistently set up challenges for students of color. Especially in predominantly white institutions, there tends to be very little access to resources and support systems,...

Comic: Caps in the Air

Comic: Caps in the Air

Molly Chapin, Layout Manager and Illustrator May 19, 2023

The staff of the Review celebrate Ananya Guptas birthday in 2019.

Leaving Oberlin: Senior Looks Ahead, Alum Looks Back

Kushagra Kar and Ananya Gupta May 5, 2023

Looking Ahead, With Trepidation Despite more than a year of saying I’m ready to leave and growing excitement for the next phase of my life, I realize that maybe I’m really scared about closing the...

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