Discover Weekly with Akira Di Sandro, OC ’20, (working with Elaine Wu College fourth-year)

Discover Weekly with AppleSidra and chibi aki airs Fridays 11 p.m.–12 a.m. on WOBC.

What is your show about, and how did you choose your content?

Discover Weekly was actually more of my co-host’s idea where we showcase a guest every week and interview them on their playlisting and music-listening habits. The interviews are either masked and in-person or via Zoom. We usually end up playing anywhere between four and eight songs from their Spotify or other streaming service interspersed with conversation about memories associated with these songs or other topics related to the music. We listen to the music they choose together and then replace that part of our recording with an MP3 of the songs. We mostly chose to do this as our show because we are nosey (hehe) and wanted to know what our friends were listening to.


Is there a particular format you follow? What is your recording process like? 

We usually start with an introduction and check-in question for our guest. Then we just kind of let it go wherever it takes us! We take turns editing our show on GarageBand and sometimes Audacity every week. 


What has been a challenge you faced while broadcasting this semester? A success?

Surprisingly enough, the hardest part of broadcasting has been remembering to listen to our show live! It’s kind of embarrassing, but we spend a lot of time prepping our show, so once we submit it for the week, it’s easy to forget to listen to it.

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