Christo Hays

College fourth-year and Environmental Studies major Christo Hays has worked for the Review for two and a half years. Originally from Cambridge, MA, Hays is a production editor and has also contributed to the Arts & Culture and News sections as a writer. After graduating, Hays will be taking off on a series of road trips and is hoping to hit the Pacific Northwest, Montana, and parts of the South.

On the topic of darts, you’ve been named the worst dart player at the Review? Do you have any comments on this?


I do have a response. I say that the record shows that the last time we played, which was literally last weekend, I smoked Olive. I smoked Olive and I smoked everyone there. I wiped the board. So if anyone says otherwise, they’re lying and I’m actually the best darts player at the Review.


What is something you miss from before COVID-19?


I guess something I do miss, it wasn’t always that fun, but I enjoyed it ’cause it sort of capped off every week, was when you were on duty to wake up really early on Friday mornings, and the sun hasn’t even risen yet. And then just walking over to Burton Hall and then the handmade edits on the final read-throughs. You never got enough sleep before that ’cause it was usually a late night before that, but I miss it because it was just like after staring at your computer for hours on end the night before, you get your clipboard, you pulled up your paper and you just mark your final things and then it’s done. I enjoyed that. There was like a good, sort of quiet, tired, camaraderie about coming in at that hour and finishing the whole thing.


Any tips for future production editors?


Ask the people who’ve been there for a while questions. When I joined, I was kind of scared. I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, I should just know, like you hired me already. I should just know the style guide or whatever.’ But of course my coworkers were like, ‘yeah, no, of course’ and would give me a quick answer and save me some time. Just ask questions and everyone there is super nice. They’ll help you. 

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