Anisa Curry Vietze

Did you have any adverse experiences that you would like to expand upon?

  • “I have had a large falling out with parts of my family who have not been following COVID-19 guidelines and do not care about getting people sick.”
  • “In October, four members of my extended family, including both of my grandparents, got coronavirus. My grandpa had to go to the hospital, and within two weeks he was dead. This has been hard on my family, as we have lost a number of people, including young people, to other causes in the past few years.”
  • “Hearing everyone complain about gaining weight in quarantine was very triggering because many people were so open about the way they hated that their body looked something like mine, and gaining weight during quarantine myself these conversations made me feel more insecure.”
  • “It has been very difficult to live with my mom while at home. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells all of the time. She can get really angry at really small things, and I have to adjust my life to avoid her anger. I feel like I’m in high school again.”
  • Treatment for my mental and physical health has been difficult with everything being virtual. It has been hard to coordinate appointments and after-care because I can’t actually see providers in person.”
  • I had COVID-19 and am still suffering from chronic fatigue.”

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