Clair Wang

Sophie Aaron’s “Love in the Time of Corona” Research

Adapted by Nico Vickers, This Week Editor


College fourth-year Sophie Aaron completed her Sociology honors thesis project striving to find out what Oberlin’s social and hookup culture looks like in the world of COVID-19. Aaron distributed an online 63-question survey from February through late March. Aaron received responses from 90 students to complete this research, and used 75 students’ responses to inform her research. Despite the anonymity of the survey, some students were still worried about their responses leading to their dismissal from campus. Aaron suspects that students with the most information to share did not answer the survey at all. All participants were Oberlin students in their second, third, fourth, and fifth years, and all were over the age of 18. 

Below are excerpts from Aaron’s thesis, edited for length and adapted for this article. Neither Aaron nor the Review condones any violation of ObieSafe guidelines as described in this article. All participants are completely anonymous with self-chosen pseudonyms.

CHAPTER 1: COVID-19, the Three-Semester Plan, and Pods
CHAPTER 2: Hook up Culture & Sexual Projects Before & During COVID-19
CHAPTER 3: Ritual Retelling and Status

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