Crossword: Around the World in 105 Days



1. Trump proposal

4. Describing something obtained unfairly

9. ___ culpa

10. Portuguese negative

11. Czech town where Pilsners come from

15. Ruling Polish political party (acronym)

16. Lion’s home

17. Cowboy’s tool

18. Writing system without vowels

19. Assistant Secretary in charge of doomsday prepping (acronym)

20. German cardinal direction

22. Short for uneven (first four letters)

24. Cultural capital of Brittany in France

28. City in Israel known for its French Jewish population

31. Capital of Cabo Verde

32. April 15th celebration of important milestone in the Deaf community

33. Type of Buddhist or Hindu temple

34. Capital of Togo

38. Large body of salt water

40. Scrapes by 

41. Important German river

44. Milk’s favorite cookies

46. British secret military group in WW2 (acronym)

47. Type of beer with higher alcohol content

49. Southern Italian city that gives its name to a type of pizza and ice cream

51. Iranian province where the word Persian comes from

52. Mountainous region of Northern Morocco

53. Pacific atoll and capital of Kiribati. Site of the Battle of _____ during WW2 

54. Scottish English for a cut of beef


1. Type of blood test (acronym)

2. Conservative American political think tank (acronym)

3. The current space force (acronym)

4. International group that wants less nukes

5. One of the global financial capitals

6. Internet slang for whoever starts a thread

7. Between now and the finish

8. Sound of a snake (one letter, repeated)

10. Capital of Chad

12. Do Re Mi Fa So ___ (sung nice and long)

13. Middle English form of to spy, also a type of award

14. French Vikings? Where?

21. A student before Oberlin (usually) 

23. Angolan liberation group

24. Not so short Corsican dictator

25. Direction (acronym)

26. Caribbean capital named after French guy named after French village

27. Woody and Buzz

29. The Black and ____ in Ireland

30. Not naa

33. The only Polish city most people know

35. Plant which is a key ingredient in gumbo

36. Short, high-pitched sounds, especially as emitted by an animal

37. Classes to help people learn English

39. Pop band from Orange County, California with a cult following but limited mainstream success

42. Type of Jewish dance involving a circle

43. Dumbo’s tools

45. To place down

48. Not the truth

50. German fascist paramilitary group (acronym)

51. Do Re Mi ___.