An Astrological Crossword



1 Celestial body. 

8 One of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals; proud, 


9 The Cancer symbol. 

10 A well-accessorized constellation. 

11 The most organized sign. 

14 A December sign, abbreviated. 

16 All eyes on them. 

18 This sign determines your basic, core identity. 

20 Birth _____. 

21 The society where astrology originated. 

24 A popular astrology app. 

26 Two-faced. 

27 The planet of the mind.


1 Something’s a little fishy.

2 The aloof creative of the zodiac. 

3 Sign of the stubborn.

4 Tells you what’s happening daily, annually, or 

anytime in between.

5 The heavens split into 12. 

6 Of the tides; ruling your moods. 

7 The workaholics of the zodiac. 

12 The sign that determines how you’re perceived 

by others.

13 Soul, spirit, and mind.

15 Associated with Capricorn. 

16 This crossword author’s sign. 

17 What planets do, “___it” 

19 An emotional summer baby might have this as 

their sign. 

22 You should make sure you’re astrologically 

compatible with this person. 

23 A country where astrology has remained 

culturally popular, from ancient times to now.

25 A Chinese zodiac sign associated with 

resourcefulness, spelled backward.