1. When a rock can’t roll, it’s a ______.

9. 3.14 percent of sailors are pi-______.

13. Sheep’s disgust.

14. Greeting from the ocean.

16. Friend or _____. 

17. What to yell to get the attention of a landowning farmer.

18. Eight-legged cat.

22. How does the mathematician close on a house with her partner? She ______. 

24. The bird who lost the flying race was a real ______ loser. 

25. Peruvian bean.

26. Most effective profession at getting clients to open up, plural.

30. Dorothy’s favorite letter.

32. A farmer’s stitch.

33. The kind of osteology that gets under your skin.

35. When a seamstress laughs too hard, she gets a ______ in her side.

36. Sweet potato’s declaration of being.

37. A lightbulb’s favorite metal.

39. The Americans who struggle most with bills, abbr. 

40. A primate

41. A musical term to refer to oneself.

42. Sherlock Opera singer, Adler.

44. Deep purple feathers.

48. I can’t believe I have to hem this ball gown! It’ll take ______ long. 

49. Legume Pursuit.

50. Expression of a Spanish optometrist.

51. I don’t like German sausages. They’re the ______.

52. How do spiders design their webs in the digital age? 

54. From ear to ear. 

56. Greeting from above.

57. A group of individuals who share, abbr. 

58. I took my bike into the shop for a repair but when I got it back, the handles were on backwards! It was really ______.

60. If you like pancakes, the ______ is serving an all-day Brexit. 

61. I overheard the nurse say I had to get a vaccine in my ear. I wish I wasn’t in ________. 

62. When you hit someone too many times with a paintball gun, he ______. 

63. Physical education. 


1. What happens if you don’t pay your exorcist? 

2. When said once, expression of pain. When said twice, expression of excitement. 

3. Excommunicated secular cousin of AD.

4. ____ sign. 

5. In___ of a toilet, British people go to the loo.

6. Document of identification in Idaho.

7. Dawn and dusk are ______ in and ______ out.

8. Political jokes are all fun and games until it’s time to ______ one.

9. Football-playing sheep.

10. Although the bridal shop workers were helpful, it was to no ______. 

11. The loudest sport; it makes such a racquet.

12. It has its ups and downs.

15. Successful courtship “______-hoo!”

16. I ______ how to throw a boomerang but then it came back to me. 

19. Alternative offer when bartering over a marble slab.

20. A habit of being late.

21. What the mathematician was waiting for. 

23. To project feeling in text.

27. To steer away from a big sneeze.

28. Initials of Route 6A in Cape Cod 

29. House shoe made from a banana peel.

30. Handy GPS function measuring efficiency.

31. Provider of womb and board.

34. My friend said she didn’t like my mascara. ______ out! 

37. A musical cat that takes no breaks. 

38. Distaste for saucers.

41. You can’t search for a lighter on Google because it only gives ______.

43. A horse’s denial.

45. Washing out tie-dye is so messy you could call it ______.

46. A woman with poor aim, abbr.

47. The building was taller than the trees — it was really overwh_____ing. 

49. Baseball player’s favorite cake.

51. ____na Ryder. 

53. If an American spy defects from the ______, then Soviet. 

55. Cheer for the Ancient Egyptian Sun God.

58. The same word as 41. across, repeated twice for internet humor.

59. Gentleman of the round table, abbr. 

60. After missing a cosmetology exam, she had to do a make-______.