Splitting Hares: A Crossword of Homonyms



1. Rough bath sponge
7. Small piece of metal that supports walls
11. What a dog offers in response to “Shake!”
14. Appeal to
15. Trash guy
17. Tactics in Vicksburg and Leningrad
18. Crowned with bones
19. Greeting of a landlocked mariner
21. Infantry or Navy flag bearer, abbr.
22. Gershwin’s Tee- ___-Um-Bum-Bo
23. Nicholas II was the last
26. Empowering Andra Day lyric

29. Copycat, or more like a copy primate
32. Target of college donation solicitations, singular
33. Classic adventure; literature’s greatest characters come together in popular graphic novel and on-screen, abbr.
34. The tree in The Little Prince wearing a feather ____
37. Deny
39. U.S.’s largest third-party health care administrator
40. Swipe right to spark a romance, minus the e
41. The novel and movie ____ Girl
43. Central Mexican civilization that existed before the Aztec Empire
44. A rat’s dwelling
45. Rub away a mistake
49. Net earnings of God’s visionaries
54. Old McDonald’s refrain


1. Smooth cotton thread used in gloves and stockings
2. Vegetable tear-jerker
3. Fate of the witch in Hansel and Gretel, plural 4. Around the World in Eighty Days protagonist
5. Padded defensive jacket, often worn under armor 6. Early Greek epic poet known for his novel use of didactic poetry
7. Largest and most populous island in Denmark
8. Badger, mole, gopher
9. Biblical word for “to”

10. Metric unit of volume equal to ten liters, abbr.
11. Bright spot in the sky caused by the refraction of moonlight
12. Contents of a tavern mug
13. Tie the knot
20. Year Michelangelo started David, Roman numerals
24. stereo input, abbr.
25. Players assume roles of characters in a fictional setting, abbr.
26. Where Obies go to enjoy nature
27. Underfoot decoration
28. Photo, painting, tableau
29. An adjacent objection
30. Indigenous people of California
31. Tea of a British noble
35. Consumed
36. Gun show highlight
38. Tall, imposing
42. NBA slam-dunking legend
44. Small village in Iran that was the suspected site of a missile manufacturing plant
46. Technical term for “eye boogers”
47. EPA rule requiring documentation of the diffusion of air pollutants
48. Chlamydia, for example
49. ’80s hair staple
50. Solemn ceremony, of passage
51. Accidental remark
52. Slime
53. Nonpro t organization for the study and preservation of caves in America
54. A doctor’s degree in education
55. Shakespeare villain, Richard