’Sco Welcomes Maximum Capacity for Coco & Clair Clair Concert

Last Friday night, the ’Sco welcomed iconic Atlanta pop duo Coco & Clair Clair, and easily reached its new 300-person capacity. While many students have expressed disappointment over the ’Sco’s meager Splitchers attendance, the concert’s stellar turnout suggests campus attitudes toward the ’Sco are changing, reaffirming its integral role in College nightlife.

Hailing from the suburbs of Atlanta, singers Taylor Nave and Claire Toothill originally connected over Twitter and decided to formally found Coco & Clair Clair after singing together at a house party. Shortly after, the duo began publishing original music over SoundCloud, where lo-fi hits like “Bugs” and “Pretty,” which flaunt rarefied celebrity lifestyles and wild nights out in East Atlanta, first started attracting media attention. One of their most recent singles, “Pop Star,” was released in 2020 and has become a favorite on TikTok.

While the young artists mostly label their discography as pop music, they’re wary of confining themselves to one genre. In an interview with Pure Nowhere, the band defines their music as “demon glam rock.”

“We don’t hold back,” Toothill said to Pure Nowhere. “Sonically it’s pop but with the energy you typically get in rap … it’s a mix.”

College third-year Tali Braun, who started booking artists as a promoter for the ’Sco this summer, observed that many students were thrilled when they learned that Coco & Clair Clair were coming to campus.

“I heard a lot of buzz the day before, which was super cool,” Braun said.

It was the first ’Sco concert this academic year, and students turned up in droves. At one point, the staff even had to send students away. At least 400 people attended the event over the course of the night.

“We had a much better turnout than expected,” said College fourth-year and ’Sco promoter Joaquim Stevenson-Rodriguez. “We were expecting quite a big show, but the line around the corner before the doors opened was a nice surprise.”

Inside the concert, students danced with their friends and met new people. Attendees enjoyed listening to Coco & Clair Clair and singing along to their songs with friends.

“Their song ‘Pretty,’ I think is one of their most popular songs,” Braun said. “My friend and I didn’t realize we knew all the lyrics randomly, and [the event] was super fun.”

College second-year Lila Liebeskind had a different experience at the concert.

“It was pretty wild,” they said. “I think a couple people fell over. There was a [mosh] pit and a lot of tall people were in it, so it felt kind of intimidating. I don’t think I actually heard their music over the sounds of other people.”

The concert saw the largest crowd, and the most spirit, the ‘Sco has seen all semester.

“[It was] nice to see so much energy from the crowd, Coco & Clair Clair, and to watch them feed off of each other,” Stevenson-Rodriguez said,

’Sco bookers are responsible for securing hotel accommodations for the artists, making sure the green room is set up, reserving the venue, and coordinating with concert sound.

Since many first- and second-years are new to the ’Sco, the staff hope that the lively and fun atmosphere that the ’Sco had before COVID-19 will continue to come back as the year progresses. The ’Sco has an event next Saturday featuring Kari Faux, a rapper from Arkansas.