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Senate Prioritizes Financial Accessibility

Senate Prioritizes Financial Accessibility

November 21, 2014

While less controversial than its last announcement regarding the financial aid policy changes, the administration’s most recent email has still left some students reeling. This past Friday, the student body received the message that last April’s proposed changes to the financial aid policy — which were previously postponed until the fall of 2015 — would be rescinded indefinitely. Some of the more noteworthy policy changes were the proposals to “adjust [the financial aid of OSCA members] accordin...

Self-Awareness, Humor Can Make Oberlin Approachable

CJ Blair, Columnist

November 7, 2014

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Oberlin is known globally for its art programs, liberal views and political activism. But what about its sense of humor? If this is a school that does so much good for the world, why are its students often labeled unreachable and intimidating by outsiders? There’s room for debate about that, but I’m inclined to say that it’s because Oberlin students tend to take themselves too seriously. There’s hardly a school out there as distinct as Oberlin. Why, then, are we hesitant to have a sense of humor about ourselves? While a proposal to laugh at ourselves may sound odd, I’ve seen it applied in extremely productive ways at other colleges. Over fall break, I visited a friend at the University of Chicago. Though...

SFC Responds to Stipend Concerns

Student Finance Committee

October 31, 2014

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To the Editors: Last spring, the Student Finance Committee voted to allocate fewer stipended hours than requested by The Oberlin Review, among other organizations, than in previous years. In order to ensure that the student body is accurately informed, the SFC feels compelled to respond to recent criticisms of this decision published in the Review (“SFC Cuts Hurt Quality, Accessibility of Publications,” The Oberlin Review, Oct. 3, 2014). We welcome all comments, questions, criticisms and ideas that help improve the quality of life on this campus, but we are concerned when opinions are framed as facts and not all the information is presented. Some of the problems that the Review found with the SFC’s decision i...

Open Letter: Co-op Savings Essential

Bob Weiner, Class of 1969

October 31, 2014

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Dear President Marvin Krislov: You must be flooded with everything, but as a co-Clinton administration official with you, I do want you to know that I’m an old Oberlin co-oper (I was the system treasurer!), and I agree that the savings for co-op members need to stay to help them with college. They helped me in a critical way. My father, who was covering my tuition, died between my freshman and sophomore year, and my uncle picked up the family wish to get me through school with tuition. But that was it for money. So I joined a co-op my sophomore year. I had to pay for all expenses other than tuition and room, and the savings from being in a dining co-op — and working to earn them, first as the meat buyer and then...

Solarity Aims for Organizational Accessibility

Solarity Aims for Organizational Accessibility

October 10, 2014

In response to a recent increase in membership, the student leaders of Solarity, an organization that strives to unify the student body through large-scale music and dance productions, have made a number of structural and aspirational changes to their organization. Solarity’s co-chairs, College seniors McKenzie Smith and Juliana Ruoff and College junior Ben Lebovic, hope that these changes, which include the division of labor among a larger number of student members, will improve the...

Funding Favors Privilege

Tyler Sloan, Sports Editor

October 10, 2014

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Financial support is an issue that club sport athletes must face almost daily, and the lack of funding they receive limits the accessibility of these organizations. Although the Student Finance Committee finances the teams somewhat generously each year, with 18 percent of the Student Activity Fund dedicated to the 21 club sports teams via the Club Sports Council, the funding mechanism isn’t exactly functional. For example, each year the women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, the Preying Manti, is given its percentage of that 18 percent of the Student Activity Fund. Yet, when it comes down to it, captains are forced to front money for a substantial portion of the team’s expenses. While the College covers expenses for tra...

SFC Cuts Hurt Quality, Accessibility of Publications

Editorial Board

October 3, 2014

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At Oberlin, journalism falls largely outside the scope of any department and thus into the hands of student publications. We strive to report on issues that matter, helping students remain informed and empowering them to serve as voices for change within their community. But a recent financial decision endangers all that. This week, the Review Editorial Board is partnering with the editors of Wilder Voice to call attention to recent policy changes by the Student Finance Committee that threaten student journalism at Oberlin. The Committee’s recent budget cuts not only limit our organizations’ accessibility, but also are the result of the SFC’s willfully ignorant and biased decision-making process. In what we feel ...

College Fiscal Plan Edges Out Low-Income Co-opers

Taylor Field, Staff Writer

October 3, 2014

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At this week’s Board Night in Oberlin’s co-ops, representatives of OSCA’s Board of Directors introduced a caucus based on the covert changes made to Oberlin College’s financial aid policy last semester, reopening discussion on the detrimental impact these changes will have on co-op accessibility. The policy, which originally did not adjust financial aid based on a student’s choice to live or dine in OSCA, changed without warning last semester to read, “If you choose to live or dine in a co-op, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.” On April 13, after extensive student protests, College President Marvin Krislov announced in an email to the student body that the policy change would be delayed...

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