The Oberlin Review

Diwali: A Photo Essay

Kushagra Kar, Production Editor

November 15, 2019

Living thousands of kilometers away from family, the food you’re familiar with, and the language you’re used to– everything can be just slightly overwhelming. The part that is most difficult though, is missing all the traditional holidays that you’ve experienced for years and have always taken for granted. So when Diwali came to Oberlin last Friday, South Asians dressed in their salwars and kurtas and gathered in Shansi House. In Hindu mythology, Diwali marks the day that Lord Rama returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years in exile, culminating in a war against the 10-headed Ravana. Today, we celebrate the occasion with fireworks, food, and family festivities, sparing no expense in mak...

Let’s Celebrate, Together

Booker C. Peek, Emeritus Associate Professor, Africana Studies Department

October 5, 2018

There is a celebration in Oberlin this weekend worthy of at least a moment’s note, as Oberlin College inaugurates its first black and second female president in its history, Carmen Twillie Ambar. Some 250 years ago, America’s founding fathers were men of towering courage and intellect, but they saw no need to free blacks or compensate Native Americans fairly, if that had been possible. Nor did they perceive the wrong inflicted upon white women by subjugating them, not allowing them to vote. However, the founding fathers of Oberlin College — in the midst of a nation insensitive and complicit in its inhumane treatment of others — did take an amazing stance by becoming the first college to admit women and blacks. Oberlin...

Double-degree saxophonist Nathan Rice performs a solo during Tuesday’s Celebrating John Coltrane Concert. A group of jazz musicians represented Coltrane’s diverse repertoire with dynamic interpretations of his music.

Coltrane’s Life Work Honored in Student Concert

September 26, 2014

Late jazz legend John Coltrane would have been proud Tuesday evening when a collective of Jazz majors assembled at the Cat in the Cream to pay tribute to the saxophonist with a celebratory performance featuring many of his works. The student musicians skillfully captured Coltrane’s dynamic and colorful repertoire, and more importantly, their candid performance displayed the enrapturing effect of Coltrane’s music. Michael Odé, a Conservatory sophomore Jazz Percussion major who organized the...

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