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Students Need More Data

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April 5, 2019

Since the launch of the ongoing Academic and Administrative Program Review, transparency has been an oft-repeated concern of Oberlin community members — and for good reason. The AAPR is the first comprehensive analysis of Oberlin’s finances and was created to address the College’s structural budget deficit. As a recent report from the AAPR steering committee reminded us, their work “is an ambitious effort that touches almost every part of the institution.” This breadth of responsibility, understandably, comes with considerable apprehension. However, as the Review reported following the initial public rollout of the AAPR’s areas of recommendation on March 13, AAPR leadership has taken important steps toward...

New Supercomputer to Enhance Data Processing

New Supercomputer to Enhance Data Processing

September 25, 2015

The College’s new supercomputer, SCIURus, is now open in the Science Center for student and faculty research, reasserting Oberlin as a leader in supercomputing capability among liberal arts colleges. The College installed SCIURus in May 2015, replacing the Science Center’s previous supercomputer, Beowulf, from 2005. After a month of assembly and a summer of beta testing, the computer cluster, consisting of nearly 200 terabytes of storage and 36 processors, each with 256 gigabytes of random ac...

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