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Ed Helms, OC '96.

Ed Helms, OC ’96, Comedian, Actor, Trustee

March 15, 2019

Ed Helms, OC ’96, is a renowned comedian and actor, and is a member of Oberlin’s Board of Trustees. He is best known for his work on the American hit TV show The Office, his recurring roles on The Daily Show, his role in The Hangover trilogy, and his voiceover work in films like The Lorax and Captain Underpants. Helms visited Oberlin last weekend for the board’s quarterly meeting and took some time out of his schedule to speak with students in the Arts and Creative Professions Career Commu...

Ed Helms, OC ’96, and Daniel Radosh, OC ’91, returned to campus Sunday to give a convocation titled “What’s the Point of Comedy?
(And other pointless questions),” which featured a frank discussion of satire, its boundaries and its current role in American

On the Record with Ed Helms, OC ’96, and Daniel Radosh, OC ’91

April 7, 2017

Ed Helms, OC ’96, and Daniel Radosh, OC ’91, hosted this academic year’s final convocation Sunday night, “What’s the Point of Comedy? (And other pointless questions).” Helms, whose most iconic roles include an outlandish Andy Bernard on The Office and an equally obnoxious but fun-loving Stu in The Hangover trilogy, is an actor, comedian, producer, writer and musician. After graduating from Oberlin, Helms’ multifaceted skillset led him to a job as a correspondent for several years on The Daily...

Student protestors surround Board of Trustees Chair Clyde McGregor as he makes his way to last night’s board retreat. Students expressed frustration that the trustees have not involved students in
their sessions.

Senate Calls for Student-Rep Task Force

March 3, 2017

Upon entering the Wright Laboratory of Physics hallway, trustees appeared stunned at the sight of over 150 students silently protesting the Board of Trustees’ initial rejection of Student Senate’s request for student representation on the board. Most trustees declined to comment upon entering the meeting with Student Senate last night, but many other administrators and staff in attendance said they were impressed with the protest organized by Students Building Community Power — a recently...

Aoife O’Donovan’s trio performs at the Cat in the Cream Tuesday night as part of the American
Roots residency program. Ed Helms established the program in 2013.

Residency Program Adds New Focus on Songwriting

November 4, 2016

Aoife O’Donovan arrived in Oberlin this week to lead a Conservatory songwriting masterclass Monday as part of the American Roots residency program, wrapping up her stay with a show at the Cat in the Cream Tuesday. Songwriting is a relatively recent addition to the masterclass program. However, as Dean of the Conservatory of Music Andrea Kalyn was eager to point out, the program represents a rich integration of media integral to the field of music. “Songwriting has a long and vibrant traditio...

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