The Oberlin Review

Hackneyed Songwriting Plagues Eskimeaux Set

Danny Evans, Arts Editor

September 4, 2015

Despite enthusiastic stage presence, solid audio and an obviously practiced four-piece lineup, Eskimeaux, the recording project of New York-based musician Gabrielle Smith, did not impress at the ’Sco last Friday night. As the headliners of this year’s orientation show, Smith and her live bandmates Oliver Kalb, Felix Walworth and Jack Greenleaf squandered their opportunity to win over a room packed with incoming first-years by failing to stand out from hordes of similar lo-fi rock acts. Based on Smith’s older records, she might have played a set that would fit snugly into the ambient and drone genres, or at least contain trace elements of these styles. Disappointingly, the songs she offered adhered more closely...

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