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Who's New?

Who’s New?

September 11, 2015

CES Faculty Support Divestment from Fossil Fuel

Committee on Environmental Sustainability

May 1, 2015

To the Oberlin Community: Faculty members appointed to serve on Oberlin College’s Committee on Environmental Sustainability unanimously support the student proposal that Oberlin College divest its holdings in the enumerated corporations whose operations are particularly counter to the College’s greenhouse gas emissions goal. In 2004, Oberlin College adopted a comprehensive environmental policy that called for a move towards zero net emissions of greenhouse gasses. The Committee on Environmental Sustainability was created through a motion by the General Faculty of Oberlin in 2006 with the express purpose of overseeing implementation of this environmental policy. In that same year the College was the first of its...

A brass quintet performs Lutosławski’s “Mini Overture” in Warner Concert Hall. Associate Professor of Trumpet Roy Poper (left), Assistant Professor of Trombone Lee Allen, Visiting Professor of Tuba Denis Nulty, Professor of Horn Roland Pandolfi and Trumpet major and Conservatory senior Luke Spence played with precision and poise during this installment of the Faculty Chamber Series.

Faculty, Students Join Together to Perform Stirring Chamber Music

November 7, 2014

The Brass, Piano and Percussion departments combined forces this Sunday to present a quirky program of 20th-century music. This installment of the Faculty Chamber Series took place in Warner Concert Hall and included performances of music by Lutosławski, Gershwin and Bartók. The first piece on the program, Lutosławski’s “Mini Overture” for brass quintet proved to be an exciting gambit. The ensemble performed the piece’s complex rhythmic figurations admirably, with only the occasional...

Selections of art hang in the lobby of the Richard D. Baron ’64 Art Gallery as a part of the faculty exhibit titled BYWAY. The artists employed various media to comment on contemporary political and ideological ideas.

BYWAY Highlights Cohesive Array of Faculty Art

October 10, 2014

“The Future is in the Lobby” is an appropriate title for the first piece of art to welcome visitors into the Richard D. Baron ’64 Art Gallery for the faculty exhibit BYWAY. Assistant Professor of integrated media Julia Christensen’s 3-D printed sculpture exemplifies the innovative talent of Oberlin’s own professors. The exhibition, which features Christensen’s work and that of other Art professors Don Harvey, Pipo Nguyen-duy, Kristina Paabus, Donna Coleman, Sarah Schuster, Susan Um...

Composer-in-residence Chen Yi visited Oberlin this week to give lectures and master classes and hear students perform her music. She and her husband, Composer-in-residence Zhou Long, are applying to teach composition at the Conservatory.

Chen, Zhou Among Final Candidates for Composition Department Position

September 26, 2014

The shrill whistle of a piccolo cast an eerie, mysterious mood for the opening of Composer-in-Residence Chen Yi’s lecture on Sept. 22. This tranquil solo began like a loon call on an open lake but was quickly interrupted by thunderous percussion. The contrast in the dynamics and texture of these disparate instruments was a bold move and demonstrated the uniqueness of Yi’s compositions. Both Yi and her husband, Zhou Long, also a composer-in-residence at Oberlin, spent the week giving master...

Understated Opening to Standing Ovation: Faculty Recital Kicks Off Series

Jarrett Hoffman, Staff Writer

September 12, 2014

Around 9:30 p.m., Sept. 4, Conservatory faculty members emerged from the backstage of Warner Concert Hall to a near-rockstar reception. A swarm of students had gathered in the hallway around the hall’s exit to shower their professors with whoops of adoration for the strong performance that they had just given, a concert of Mozart and Brahms quintets to open this season’s Faculty Chamber Music Series. Rarely performed — a forgotten third-stringer getting called up for the big game — the first work on the program was Mozart’s String Quintet No. 2 in C Minor. This piece was no slouch, however, and was certainly up to the task of kicking off the series. It is one of Mozart’s six “viola” quintets, each...

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Shane McCrae is the department’s newest addition. McCrae gave a reading of poems from his latest collection, Forgiveness Forgiveness, to a rapturous audience of students on Wednesday in the Hallock Auditorium.

Shane McCrae Debuts Vulnerable Poetry Collection

September 12, 2014

In a charming office of the iconic Yellow House on Tuesday morning, Shane McCrae, Oberlin’s newest assistant professor of Creative Writing, asks if it would be all right if he ate string cheese during his interview. An unconventional breakfast, perhaps, but one expects nothing less from an addition to one of the quirkiest departments on campus. His public introduction was no less engrossing: McCrae read selections from his most recent compilation of beautifully violent poetry, Forgiveness Forgiveness, in Hallo...

Love and Loss in Three Tongues: LeFebvre’s Performance Wows Crowd in Warner

Daniel Hautzinger, Staff Writer

February 7, 2014

English, German, Italian, gibberish: Associate Professor of Singing Timothy LeFebvre can do them all. In a diverse Jan. 31 recital in Warner Concert Hall, with Professor of Instrumental Accompanying James Howsmon on piano, LeFebvre demonstrated his facility with all these languages, as well as his impressive voice and sensitivity to text. LeFebvre’s song is like a father’s strong, comforting hand tucking a child into bed. His voice has a substantial weight behind it and the capacity for great power, but the strength is comforting rather than intimidating. The first half of the program demonstrated that quiet potency especially well. Handel’s arias “Where’er You Walk,” from the opera Semele and “Frondi tenere…...

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