The Oberlin Review

Reflections on Gloria Steinem: Feminism Struggles Against All Oppression

Katy MceGhee and Shannon Ikebe

March 4, 2011

Gloria Steinem has reminded us of why we are feminists, and why everyone should be. Feminism, she has passionately appealed to us, is about us all, about the very nature of the society which we are continually in the process of creating and recreating. It is our duty (and our joy!) to use the tools and values of feminism, which both draw from and contribute to all other struggles against oppression — based on class, race, sexuality and gender identity. It is our duty to be constantly inspired and self-reflective, allowing us to understand and combat what we are otherwise compelled by oppressive forces to be and to do. Being a student at a politically progressive institution, you may have heard about the patriarchy....

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