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Oberlin Should Consider Social Entrepreneurship Program

Bara Watts, Director of Entrepreneurship

February 7, 2020

 Do you want to find a way to reduce college debt, effectively sort recyclables, or support teens recovering from addiction? Help international students compete at U.S. colleges, support English-as-a-second -language-learners become fluent, build community for neurodivergent individuals, grow local environmental engagement among high school students, or build advocacy to radically change economic inequality? These are only a handful of the goals that inspire the entrepreneurial ventures students and alumni developed this Winter Term in the LaunchU Bootcamp and Pitch Competition. See a pattern? These Oberlin entrepreneurs are tackling big social and community problems. Per the program’s motto, they are actively w...

The editorial board of On Second Thought, Oberlin’s new undergraduate history journal, lay out a strategy for the new

New Research Journal Challenges Convention

November 22, 2019

Under the leadership of Assistant Professor of History and Comparative American Studies Tamika Nunley, a four-student editorial board is launching On Second Thought, a research journal designed to publish “unorthodox” historical research by Oberlin students. The journal’s origins lie with Nunley, who envisioned On Second Thought as an opportunity for students to explore and expand the conventions of historical writing in a less demanding setting than undertaking an honors thesis. She hopes it ...

Our Case For Oberlin

Editorial Board

April 19, 2019

 Today marks the end of a three-week-long campaign of All Roads Lead to Oberlin events, meant to encourage admitted high school students to enroll in Oberlin’s class of 2023. So far this month, over 660 high school students have visited campus to see if Oberlin is the right fit for them, according to the Office of Admissions. Prospective students have stayed overnight with current students in dorms, visited classes, and asked their most pressing questions at the All Roads Academic Department Fair. Although this Editorial Board has often been critical of decisions made by the administration and other campus leaders, we want to step back in this final week of admissions frenzy and make the case for attending Obe...

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