The Oberlin Review

It Gets Better Promotes Hazardous Quietism Among At-Risk Population

Benjamin Morrison, Columnist

March 11, 2011

I should preface this article by saying that I think Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, a suicide-prevention project for LGBTQ youth, is saving lives. I have no evidence for this except common sense and Savage’s anecdotes. Given how young It Gets Better is, such evidence will have to suffice. It Gets Better may also be killing people. Perhaps this language is too strong, but the implications of the project’s message and its very title are unacceptably dangerous to LGBTQ youth in situations of life-threatening violence. In his speech last Thursday, Savage said that It Gets Better grew out of a wish to speak to LGBTQ youth experiencing bullying and harassment in order to reduce suicide rates among that population....

Savage Refutes Accusations of Prejudice

Rosemary Boeglin, News Editor

March 4, 2011

Dan Savage, founder of the It Gets Better Project and author of sex column “Savage Love,” gave what he referred to as the “spacey Theraflu version of his speech” to a crowd of students Thursday in Finney Chapel amidst concern from some student LGBTQ activists. The It Gets Better Project began as a YouTube video of Savage and his husband telling their story to LGBT youth. After posting their video, they waited. The response was, according to Savage, overwhelming. By the fourth day, there were 500 video responses. Since then, over 10,000 videos have been linked to the YouTube site. According to the campaign website, the aim of the project is to reach out to queer youth and show them what the future may ...

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