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Hillard Should Maintain Commitment to Warfield

A.G. Miller, Pastor, Oberlin House of The Lord Fellowship

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: I am writing in response to “Sergeants Oppose Oberlin Police Chief Hire” by Jodi Weinberger that appeared in The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram on Oct. 7, 2017 about three sergeants’ opposition to the Oberlin City Manager’s choice of Clarence “Ryan” Warfield as the police chief of the Oberlin Police Department. I serve as pastor for Ryan Warfield and his family. Ryan and his family have been active members of our congregation for the past 15 years. I and others encouraged him to apply for the position of police chief. Ryan, born and raised in Lorain, is a 24-year officer in the Elyria Police Department and has a stellar reputation in the Lorain County community. He is clearly committed to reac...

Police Chief Juan Torres Resigns Abruptly

Olive Sherman

February 3, 2017

Following an abrupt departure by former Oberlin Police Chief Juan Torres, City Manager Robert Hillard is now tasked with finding his replacement. Torres originally planned to leave in April due to a family member’s illness back in Virginia, but was forced to resign in late December as the situation escalated. Lieutenant Michael McCloskey, Torres’s second in command, has been serving as the city’s interim police chief since Torres’s unexpected departure. “If he moved [his resignation] forward in the way that he did, I can only assume it’s more imperative that he take care of his family right now instead of waiting until April,” City Councilmember Kelley Singleton said. As city manager, Hillard bears...

Local Arrest Raises Police Bias Concerns

Local Arrest Raises Police Bias Concerns

December 2, 2016

In response to the arrest of Oberlin resident Brae Chamberlin, 21, students silently protested outside the Oberlin Police station Nov. 22, claiming local police acted with racial bias when arresting him. Chamberlin, who is Black, and Justin Montique, 23, were skateboarding in the street in front of Agave Burrito Bar and Tequileria on the evening of Friday, Nov. 19 when a police car drove up to them. After issuing a warning and then discovering Chamberlin and Montique skateboarding in the street...

Local Officer Cleared of Charges

Louis Krauss, News Editor

September 30, 2016

Oberlin Police Chief Juan Torres said he would not pursue further action in response to a report of local police harassment. City residents Monique Brooks-Cochran and her fiancé Arvis Townsend, who are both Black, filed the complaint after officer Bashshar Wiley allegedly harassed and monitored their family over the last four years. Townsend, who has been arrested five times and had 49 encounters with Oberlin Police between 2012 and 2016 for charges including drug possession and robbery, complained that Wiley would frequently park his patrol car in front of his house for no reason and go out of his way to serve him warrants, sometimes doing so in the middle of the night. “It’s like every time he sees me he’s...

Oberlin PD Restructures Force

Louis Krauss, Staff Writer

October 2, 2015

City Council unanimously approved the Oberlin Police Department’s plans to restructure its format by increasing the number of sergeants and reducing the number of lieutenants last Monday. The revision calls for the increase from three to four sergeants and the reduction from two to one lieutenants. Sergeants typically only work night shifts, but the change would create a daytime shift for one of the sergeants. The plan would also allow new officers to work closely with sergeants in a mentorship and training program. Chief of Police Juan Torres, who joined the Oberlin Police Department last August, said he believes the restructuring is a needed adjustment. “I had to bounce [the idea] off the staff and community...

City of Oberlin Appoints New Police Chief

City of Oberlin Appoints New Police Chief

September 4, 2015

Oberlin announced the hiring of new Police Chief Juan Torres following a national search to fill the position this summer. Torres joins the department after serving with the Alexandria, VA police department for 24 years in four different positions, most recently as police chief. The Virginia native was hired through an extensive process of gathering community input, narrowing down candidates and interviewing the top nominees, City Manager Eric Norenberg said. A panel consisting of community members,...

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