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The NEXUS pipeline, which was recently approved for construction by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, will be running through the southernmost part of Oberlin.

City Council Rejects NEXUS Offer For Easement

November 3, 2017

City Council held an emergency meeting Saturday, deciding to reject a $3,500 offer from NEXUS for means of access. The offer would have given NEXUS the legal right to use city property without owning it, granting the company the ability to begin building its pipeline. The Oberlin Community Bill of Rights, which was created in 2013, prohibits the creation of infrastructure relating to fracking in the city. City Councilmember Bryan Burgess added that the city also does not have authorization to...

Students gather in small groups during a meeting last Saturday to plan a response to the rise in tuition. The groups drafted a series of demands that they feel would make the school more financially accessible.

Students Protest 4 Percent Tuition Hike

April 24, 2015

On Saturday afternoon, College senior Zachery Crowell shouted out to a Wilder Bowl full of sunbathing students to encourage them to participate in a meeting to organize students against the College’s planned four percent increase next year in total cost of attendance. Within the first five minutes, Crowell had five students. Ten minutes later the meeting had thirty. “We are one of the most expensive academic institutions in the entire world and because of this we have much less racial and...

Council member Bryan Burgess, Council Vice President Sharon Fairchild-Soucy and Council President Scott Broadwell participate in a Council meeting on Monday. At the meeting, Council, divided between those who think City Manager Eric Norenberg should be replaced and those who believe he should stay, decided not to release its goals for Norenberg.

Polarized Council Decides Against Releasing Goals

April 10, 2015

City Council decided at Monday’s meeting not to release the projected goals for City Manager Eric Norenberg, whose resignation was requested by four out of the seven City Council members in January. Instead, the Council opted to hold a seventh private executive session to discuss the goals that were brought forward in lieu of a conclusive vote on Norenberg’s dismissal. According to the written agenda for the meeting, the Council had planned to approve the goals and make them public. But when...

The North Coast Toast Truck serves food outside of Mudd library in the fall of 2013. Oberlin City Council is debating a new ordinance which would establish regulations to allow food trucks in Oberlin.

Council Considers Creating Food Truck Ordinance

February 27, 2015

The City Council is currently refining a potential new ordinance that would allow food trucks to legally operate in Oberlin for the first time. “The ordinance has to go through three readings by the City Council,” explained City Manager Eric Norenberg. “It’s already been through its first, and the last time it was tabled for discussion. The next time we’ll look at [it] will be March 2, where we’ll hear from the Planning Commission and the public and give more opportunities for editing.” If...

Groups Collect Signatures for Legal Marijuana

Katherine Kingma

February 13, 2015

ResponsibleOhio, a large and well-funded group pushing for the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in Ohio, listed the city of Lorain as one of 10 suggested growing locations around the state in ballot language released this past Monday. The group is one of many marijuana legalization organizations in Ohio. However, proposals regarding what weed legalization should look like vary, with many organizations raising questions about who should be able to grow, sell or use and for what reasons. Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis supports legalizing marijuana for all adults, and representative Tonya Davis emphasized the personal, rather than financial, benefit to legalization. “Right now, marijuana is...

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