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Kim’s Grocery & Carry-out has stayed open during the COVID pandemic.

Struggling Downtown Businesses Receive Financial Assistance, Support

May 9, 2020

Since Ohio announced its stay-at-home order on March 22, most of Oberlin’s small businesses have lost their steady sources of revenue. Many are currently unable to pay rent or compensate their employees. In an effort to temporarily cover expenses, some businesses have taken advantage of a new loan program instituted by the City of Oberlin, while others are looking to the federal Paycheck Protection Program. “Our business dropped almost 90 percent. We used to get a hundred tables, almost 120...

The Epicurean: Hidden Hometown Treasures

Matt Segall, Columnist

December 12, 2014

This is a biweekly column highlighting our local culinary scene. Restaurant reviews, research, interviews, recipes and more will all come together in order to identify what makes the Cleveland experience unique. For the most part, eating out in Oberlin is not a memorable experience. That’s why, in my coverage thus far, I have focused on dining establishments outside of Oberlin. We are lucky to be in an area with such a rich history, which is quickly achieving national recognition not just for food, but for art, music and sports — we’re looking at you, LeBron. Get out to Cleveland and take advantage of what the city has to offer! However, even in the small town of Oberlin, there are some standout dishes that des...

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