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Administration Has Duty to Provide Legal Aid to Students

Henry DuBeau

February 16, 2018

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This article is part of the Review’s Student Senate column. In an effort to increase communication and transparency, Student Senators will provide personal perspectives on recent events on campus and in the community. When Student Senate first included questions about legal aid in our spring 2016 referendum, we found that about one in seven students has required some form of legal assistance during their time at Oberlin. Given that even “minor” legal issues can have a devastating impact on a student’s academic performance and mental health, this data gave us senators cause for concern. For a few years now, Student Senate has advocated for the establishment of a student legal aid office at Oberlin to account for th...

National Political Climate Inspires Push for Legal Aid

Sydney Allen, Production Editor

February 10, 2017

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Student senators are campaigning for the College to provide free legal aid to students who need it by fall 2017. The push by Senate began in fall 2015 but has recently gained increased urgency with the Gibson’s Bakery arrests and Trump’s immigration plans highlighting the need for litigation services on campus. “How can you expect to be a full-time student and have a healthy mental health, academic performance, etc., while trying to come up with thousands of dollars to retain an attorney?” said Josh Koller, College junior, Student Senator and Legal Aid working group co-chair. The Legal Aid working group, originally founded in fall 2015 by Koller and former Student Senate Liaison Megs Bautista, OC ’16,...

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