The Oberlin Review

For fifty years, Afrikan Heritage House’s in-person Soul Sessions have been filled with energy as the community comes together to perform, express themselves, and support each other. Now, virtual Soul Sessions share the same goal.

Soul Session Verzuz Retains Community Through Virtual Performance

October 9, 2020

With much of the Afrikan Heritage House community off-campus, and others socially distancing on-campus, residents have to take concerted steps to build Umoja. The Black community at Oberlin College did just that by translating the 50-year tradition of Soul Session to the digital space, sharing Black expression and creativity both on and off-campus. In June, a Soul Session was held completely via Zoom and despite some technical complications, it was a successful start. After arriving on campus, A-...

(From left) College sophomore Alison Kronstadt, College sophomore B.J. Tindal, College first-year Joseph Farago, College first-year Zachariah Claypole-White, College first-year Nina Austin, College first-year Annika Hansteen Izora and College sophomore Hannah Rosenberg perform a piece together at the OSlam! Showcase last Tuesday. The slam poetry event aimed to promote solidarity and accessibility in spoken word.

Slam Poets Deliver Honest, Moving Performances in Accessible Environment

April 25, 2014

As the lights dimmed, the excited chatter of faculty and students filled the tiny Lord Lounge in anticipation of Oberlin’s OSlam! Poetry Showcase on Tuesday, April 22. Three illuminated microphones sat in wait for performers. Abruptly, the chatter burst into explosive applause as the group members appeared on stage and the show began. Part of Oberlin’s slam poetry group’s mission involves creating a space where art can be shared and accessible in a safe environment, a goal which it definitely...

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