The Oberlin Review

Radical Activism Divides LGBTQ+ Community

Cyrus Eosphoros, Columnist

September 18, 2015

Even more than the average Obie, I hang around a lot of radical queer activists, online and off. It means I get to live with the weird duality of often being the furthest left in a physical room while being the closest to a thing to a conservative as soon as I open Twitter. I have noticed a trend in the people avowedly left of me toward queer separatism with a twist. Unlike the lesbian separatists of the ’70s and their otherwise queer ilk, no one seems to be able to get away with demanding a literal, physical isolation in 2015. Instead, there’s an implicit requirement that to be actually, legitimately queer, one must withdraw monastically from society. A queer person can be accused of being complicit in their own...

Equality Movement Must Push Beyond Marriage

Sophie Kemp, Contributing Writer

November 14, 2014

On Nov. 6, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ban on marriage equality in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee. Now, before we all stand around singing along to “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and flaunting FCKH8 apparel, it’s important to have a discussion about the direction in which the mainstream movement for marriage equality is going. I think if you were to walk around Oberlin’s campus and ask people about their thoughts on marriage equality, the issue would have overwhelming — if not complete — support. Before the Sixth Circuit ruling, I was convinced that there was near-universal support for marriage equality. We live in a society that is progressively warming up to accepting...

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