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County Suffers from Worsening Heroin Epidemic

County Suffers from Worsening Heroin Epidemic

March 3, 2017

Once a secondary concern to police and anti-drug activists in the region, heroin addiction in Lorain County is reaching record highs. Now, local law enforcement is grappling with the devastating consequences of addiction and increasing rate of overdoses. Oberlin Interim Police Chief Michael McCloskey said he noticed an influx of heroin overdoses beginning in the early 2000s and exploding in recent years, especially in the county at large. “We’ve been touched by [heroin addiction] in Oberlin...

Police Chief Juan Torres Resigns Abruptly

Olive Sherman

February 3, 2017

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Following an abrupt departure by former Oberlin Police Chief Juan Torres, City Manager Robert Hillard is now tasked with finding his replacement. Torres originally planned to leave in April due to a family member’s illness back in Virginia, but was forced to resign in late December as the situation escalated. Lieutenant Michael McCloskey, Torres’s second in command, has been serving as the city’s interim police chief since Torres’s unexpected departure. “If he moved [his resignation] forward in the way that he did, I can only assume it’s more imperative that he take care of his family right now instead of waiting until April,” City Councilmember Kelley Singleton said. As city manager, Hillard bears...

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