The Oberlin Review

Charge the Real Domestic Terrorists

David E. Sonner

March 11, 2011

To the Editors: What a joy it was to read that the state of West Virginia has enacted anti-domestic terrorism legislation (The Oberlin Review, Feb 11, 2011). To quote from the article, "Under West Virginia law, acts of terrorism are described as acts that are 'likely to result in serious bodily injury or damage to property or the environment,’" or influence the conduct or policy of government by 'intimidation or coercion.'" Clearly then, it is the duty of West Virginia law enforcement officers and of West Virginia's justice system to identify, track down, capture, indict, try, convict and imprison all the rotten bastards who are guilty of such crimes. What a joy to muse on this inspiring sequence of events a...

Isabelle Rozendaal, the Oberlin College senior whose protests against mountaintop removal have put her at odds with coal giant Massey Energy Company.

Oberlin Student May Face Domestic Terrorism Charges

February 11, 2011

College senior Isabelle Rozendaal and four others were arrested last January for protesting mountaintop removal mining at Coal River Mountain in Marfork, West Virginia. Though criminal charges against them have been dropped, the “Marfork Five” still face a civil suit that may require them to pay up to $75,000 in damages to Marfork Coal Co., a subsidiary of Massey Energy Co. According to legal support for the Five, Massey’s tactics in the case could also be a foreshadowing of a domestic terrorism...

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