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David Kris

Off the Cuff with David Kris, Security & Surveillance Expert

March 6, 2020

David Kris held a session titled “Surveillance and Hate” in Hallock Auditorium this past Tuesday. Kris is the founder of Culper Partners, LLC. He was the Head of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division under the Obama administration. He has also served as senior advisor to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, and he worked as a federal prosecutor for eight years. Since 2011, he has worked as the general counsel of Intellectual Ventures and later became the deput...

Alum Comments on National Security Panel

Cynthia Stewart, OC '73, and Oberlin resident

April 24, 2015

To the Editors: I attended the Navigating National Security symposium at the Apollo and read the interviews with five of the panelists in last week’s Review (“Off the Cuff: Navigating National Security: Intelligence Gathering in the Information Age,” The Oberlin Review, April 17, 2015), and it seems to me that there are a few questions that didn’t get asked, especially re: Edward Snowden. I was surprised that none of the panelists seems to have seen the movie Citizen Four, which features, if memory serves me, James Clapper, director of National Intelligence, stating under oath in at least two congressional inquiries that there was no bulk collection of American data going on. Question one: Given the above...

Panelists discuss contempory issues of national security, during Navigating National Security: Intelligence Gathering in the Digital Age, at the Apollo Theatre on Thursday.

Off the Cuff: Navigating National Security: Intelligence Gathering in the Information Age panelists

April 17, 2015

Seven security experts spoke at the Apollo Theatre on Thursday on a panel titled Navigating National Security: Intelligence Gathering in the Digital Age. Five of the panelists, Jennifer Sims, OC ’75, Robert Jervis, OC ’62, Judith Klavans, OC ’68, Diana Wueger, OC ’06, and Joe Alhadeff, OC ’81, spoke with the Review about the PATRIOT Act, data and Edward Snowden. Do you think the PATRIOT Act should be extended, modified or allowed to exist? Jennifer Sims: I think it ought to be exten...

Immigration Coverage Ignores Racialized History

Sam White, Opinions Editor

October 10, 2014

In the time since August, when 18-year-old Michael Brown joined the rapidly growing ranks of Black men unlawfully killed by police, several long-overdue discussion topics have graced the media’s spotlight: police brutality, institutional diversity and representation, officer accountability and, above all, the prevalence of systemic racism in 21st-century America. When a disturbingly similar shooting in nearby St. Louis took the life of Vonderrit Myers on Wednesday, many news outlets were quick off the mark in continuing these crucial conversations. Yet the mainstream media has largely failed to extend these analytical frameworks to another primetime news context where they’re no less necessary: immigration reform. For...

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