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Heidi Brown, OC ’93, Investigator

Gabby Greene, Staff Writer

March 2, 2018

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Heidi Brown, OC ’93, is a former journalist for Forbes Magazine in Russia. She covered the Russian business environment after the collapse of the Soviet Union and has written extensively on Russia’s oligarchs and governmental corruption. She now works for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as an investigator. Brown delivered a talk on Russian politics, titled “Beyond the Oligarchs” in King Building Monday. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.  What drew you to Russia’s business scene? I did not have any interest in business or being a business journalist when I was at Oberlin or when I decided to commit to journalism as a profession. After I graduated, I went to New York, and ...

LaunchProgress Sees Success in Primary Season

LaunchProgress Sees Success in Primary Season

September 19, 2014

Luke Squire and Poy Winichakul, both OC ’11, are trying to upset the political status quo. Just over a year after starting LaunchProgress, a non- profit and political action committee devoted to electing young progressive candidates to public office, the two Oberlin grads are seeing the fruits of their labor as the 2014 election cycle heats up. The two students chaired the Oberlin College Democrats together and taught an ExCo on civic engagement to try to bring some of their politic...

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