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College junior Haven King-Nobles and College sophomore Leo Hochberg protest outside Oberlin’s McDonalds as part of a nationwide movement against the chain.

College Students Join McDonald’s Boycott

May 4, 2018

Members of Oberlin Animal Rights held a two-hour protest and posted flyers outside Oberlin’s North Main Street McDonald’s Monday to protest inhumane animal conditions and food sourcing as part of a nationwide campaign against the franchise. Although OAR’s effort was a small, three-person protest, the national mission of the campaign is to exert pressure on McDonald’s and convince the chain to adopt stricter regulations for suppliers in their treatment of chickens. “We’re working in conjunction with...

Animal Rights Activists Speak on ‘Eco-Terrorism’ Branding

Robin Wasserman, News Editor

December 14, 2012

Will Potter, journalist and author of the new book Green is the New Red, and animal rights activist Jake Conroy spoke Monday on government and corporate oppression in relation to animal rights activism. Conroy, who spent three years in prison after organizing against animal testing at Huntingdon Life Sciences, discussed his experiences in the prison system. The event was sponsored by Oberlin Animal Rights. Potter emphasized that the influence of corporations has allowed nonviolent actions of the environmental movement to be branded as “eco-terrorism” by the government and media. He described how the FBI threatened him after he began handing out leaflets against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a corporation that performed...

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